• . June 1 AFI Heroes & Villains on Tuesday will air another in a series of Top 100 shows on CBS June 3 at 8pm EDT, this one highlighting heroes and villains throughout film history

    Grudge Match: Freddy vs. Jason
  • . Danny Bonaduce then comes along and says, "I'll give you $20 for your can of Jooky (tm), to which both horror villains agree and then split the 20-spot 50/50

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . One of the most memorable and famous villains in cinema history Year: Studio: New Line Cinema Director: Starring: , , , , , , - - Genre: + Excellent acting, inventive special effects - The music is mediocre

    Yahoo Movies: Dogma
  • . As the angelic "villains" looking to get back in Heaven, and back at God, the two look to appeal to audiences who want to see what Ben looks like with wings


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    Filmtracks: The Rocketeer
  • . Both the villains and the lead love interest have extended thematic development as well, leading to a remarkably well-rounded score

    Cinescape Corona: Tron 2.0
  • . As long as the heroes of Tron 2.0 are likeable and worth rooting for, and the villains are diabolical, I think we’ll be fine

    Malachi's Movie Reviews
  • . And Peter Lorre, one of my favorite actors, played one ofthe villains

    Inspector Gadget vs. Q
  • . Maybe Penny can sneak into villains' lairs in that cartoon world of hers, but she's in MI6's house now

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    Tiny Toon Adventures episode guide
  • . "Bat's All Folks" -- Plucky as Bat Duck, telling the story of how he worked out his costume, hired Decoy The Pig Hostage, and fought the villains in the Acme Acres Museum of Really Silly Props

    EMuck: Richard White Invited Talk Transcript
  • . from the queue line" >< Next question: >< (Mickey) Do you prefer playing villains or good guys? >< >< Mickey says, "Gosh! It was my question anyway
  • . ;-)" >< RichardWhite says, "Villains are sometimes more fun, cause they're less inhibited - Dinosaur
  • . There are villains that lack a sense of menace, a love interest that never develops anything to make us believe that the two dinosaurs would fall in love with each other and a Lemur mating ritual that had my friend and I scratching our heads, wondering exactly what part of Walt Disney's frozen body the filmmakers were smoking when they came up with that sequence

    Digital Hit's Review of A Bug's Life
  • . The villains are evil and the heroes are heroic



  • . The film gives us the routine set of cartoon heroes and villains
  • . And, in Ruber, the film creates such a one-dimensional villain, who pales beside the more interesting animated villains such as Scar from The Lion King and Rasputin in Anastasia

    Rotten Tomatoes - The Road to El Dorado
  • . They're filler, but so is the movie itself, a cartoon to keep kids semi-happy until the next one comes along." --, "Through a combination of some remarkable animation and complex heroes and villains, this film succeeds not because it co-opts the Disney formula, but despite this." --, "A movie that's kind of cute but rarely anything more." --, 33% Rating: Rotten Avg

  • . The 1960s aesthetics of his lair as well as the portrayal of his henchmen and elaborate planning involving rockets and public deception are also highly similar to various early villains
  • . A high death rate is one of the many things that make this movie resemble films of the genre, such as, as well as the generic genre; another is the Incredible Family's tendency to (at least attempt to) deliberately kill the primary villains, which obviously mimics that of James Bond himself and is a reference to his

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Arthur Davis
  • . The comic strip was famous forelaborately designed villains, such as Flattop Jones, The Blank orPruneface (referred to by Bugs in The Old Grey Hare (Clampett, 1944 and Daffy in Porky Pig's Feat (Tashlin, 1943)), whose physiques matched their monikers @CallCenter