DVDlaunch: Clerks Uncensored Review

  • . By some twist of fate, Dante becomes coach for Leonardo Leonardo's little league team, while Randall becomes obsessed with an arcade game he used to play and is "recruited"

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  • . Whether its console, arcade, handheld, computer, or internet..

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  • . 5-27-06 (9:49PM EDT)---- Original Castlevania Arcade Coming To PS2 mentions is going to port the 1988 arcade game Haunted Castle, Akumajo Dracula, to the PlayStation 2 in May 2006 as part of the "Oretachi Game Center Zoku" series
  • . has more information on the original arcade game

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  • . Three blinking, bleeping pinball machines command one whole wall; the shiny Star Trek one, that awkward contemporary hybrid of chrome balls and computer graphics, makes the nearby Centipede video-arcade relic look like a hat rack, poised as it is by the front door


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  • . Adventures of Indiana Jones 1984 TSR missing dice & 3-D figures Adventures of Indiana Jones 1984 TSR +Raiders Lost Ark - msng 1 fig Adverteasing 1988 Cadaco appears complete Adverteasing 1988 Cadaco complete Adverteasing 1988 Cadaco missing timer, orig instr 2 peg Adverteasing 1988 Cadaco Adverteasing II 1991 Cadaco xeroxed instr; complete Adverteasing Junior 1989 Cadaco xeroxed instructions -timer Adverteasing Junior 1989 Cadaco missing orig instr & timer Aerotech -Battletech game 1986 FASA mostly unpunch, but incomplete Africa Korps 1964 AH missing Combat Results Table Aggravation - Deluxe 1982 Lakeside complete;plastic marbles Aggravation - Deluxe 1977 Lakeside complete;plastic marbles Aggravation - Original 1962 CO-5 complete; glass marbles Air Trix 1976 MB complete, but timer broken Airball Arcade Pace Toy Inc
  • . Electric Football 1987 Tudor red+white players+instr;.works Electronic Arcade Mania 1983 MB works; missing 1 die Electronic Battleship 1979 MB Electronic Battleship 1977 MB only missing orig instructions Electronic Battleship 1977 MB parts only; broken Electronic Battleship 1982 MB Electronic Detective 1979 Ideal complete, but doesn't work Electronic Detective 1979 Ideal complete, but doesn't work Electronic Dream Phone 1996 MB missing 1/4 clue holders Electronic Mall Madness 1989 MB works; incomplete Electronic Mall Madness 1996 MB works; only missing 1/42 pegs Electronic Mall Madness 1989 MB works; missing some parts Electronic Name That Tune 1980 Castle Toy Co

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