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  • . Salvation/Faith In a tender scene that sums up one of the many themes and inspirations of the film, Elliott and ET hide in the closet, listening to their mother tell Gertie a bedtime story

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  • . Linda was the only person who complained about it because she was pretty much the only recipient." What were the inspirations for some of the Complex/Mooby Board members and their crimes? Kevin says: "Reaching veeeeeery far back, the Mooby Corp

    EMuck - Invited Talk With Mary Kay Bergman
  • . Disney likes to pack their films with celebs to help box office..." >< Next question: >< (Double_D) Do you have any inspirations from other voice artists or actors/actresses? >< >< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, constantly! I had a very hard time with the emotion of sarcasm until..." >< MaryKayBergman says, "I studied the work of a very underrated actress, Helen Hunt...she taught me how to be playfully sarcastic..." >< Mickey says, "What is she best known for?" >< MaryKayBergman says, "I hated the emotion of sarcasm cause of the root: greek for "to tear flesh"" >< MaryKayBergman says, "Helen Hunt starred in Twister and she's the costar with Paul Rieser in Mad About You for TV" >< Mickey nods >< Next question: >< (Double_D) Do you have fun during recording sessions? >< >< MaryKayBergman says, "Always, kiddo!" >< Mickey says, "Do you get together with other voice artists at parties?" >< Mickey says, "And what is it like, if so?" >< MaryKayBergman says, "Well, not "parties" per se..

    The Straight Dope: Did Disney's The Lion King Rip Off Kimba?
  • . But virtually everyone involved denied Tezuka's influence, saying the real inspirations were Bambi and Hamlet (you know, prince avenges father's murder by evil usurper)


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  • . Music is also a fusion of occidental and oriental inspirations while any element of the set helps the artist to perform one of his show

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