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  • . the Truth" By Walter Olson Opinion page, Wall Street Journal, December 23, 1998 The publicists at Disney/Touchstone have been collecting accolades for the purported nuance and subtlety of their new courtroom drama, "A Civil Action." Daily Variety admires its "moral ambiguity" and lack of "clear-cut heroes and villains, " while the Hollywood Reporter finds it "complex" and "sophisticated." To New York Times correspondent Carey Goldberg, the film's version of reality "is not a comfortable or a simple one." If the film really does transcend the good-guy-bad-guy genre, someone forgot to tell the Houston Chronicle (hero John Travolta "duels with two ruthless megacorporations over a lethal chemical spill") or George magazine (action filed after "children have been devastated by industrial pollution")
  • . A company as big as Disney, it seems, can, Gulliver-like, hold named real-life people up to the light and turn them this way and that as scriptwriting whimsy strikes, knowing they're essentially powerless (even the lawyers among them) to stay out of the way of the sport

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  • . Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.'" --, "Von Trier is poking at subconscious safety nets we turn to for reassurance in ways both pretentious and provocative, depending on the predisposition of the beholder." --, "This may be a musical, but don't expect a good time; it's a grim tragedy that's deliberately drab and exceedingly painful to watch." --, "Ultimately, it's a tribute to the power of cinema." --, "Although less developed and satisfying than Breaking the Waves , Dancer in the Dark is ultimately more devastating." --, "Far from unwatchable, this provocative film is still haunting and irritating me days later, and that's probably the best reaction any artist could hope to elicit with his works." --, "It may have some powerful and disturbing moments, but it's otherwise too self-absorbed and pretentious in showing the viewer just how quirky and moving a film it thinks it really is." --, "Von Trier is vicious when it comes to milking the melodrama." --, "The Danish director has made an incredibly dour, music-tinged drama that might break some hearts, but just made me want to break things." --, "Nothing less than a groundbreaking -- and magical -- art house reinvention of a genre that even Disney cartoons have been shying away from in recent years." --, "I make no promises about Dancer in the Dark

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  • . Toad in Disney’s animated version of The Wind in the Willows

    E-FilmCritic - Defending Truth: Slate's Chris Hitchens Does a Hatchet Job on Michael Moore
  • . That would include Citibank (yes, the largest bank in the world is owned by the Saudi royals), and large parts of Time Warner (you know them, the owners of CNN) and even Disney (who refused to let Fahrenheit 9/11 be shown in their theaters)
  • . But hey, good to know the people of CACI are into movies.--- UPDATE #4! This from the IMDB News: Disney Screens New Movie for 'Fahrenheit' Foes The Walt Disney Co
  • . has screened its patriotic documentary America's Heart and Soul in Sacramento for, an Internet-based organization that was set up earlier this month by a politically conservative public relations firm to battle Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 9/11, which Disney rejected
  • . "First, Disney tried to stop the movie from being released, and now it is aligning itself with the very people who are trying to intimidate the movie theaters from showing the movie, " he said
  • . Disney issued a statement maintaining that the new movie, which it is releasing nationwide on Friday, "had nothing to do with Fahrenheit 9/11 and there is no link at all between the two movies."Uh, yes there is


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    WWWF Grudge Match: Mad Max vs. Snake Plissken
  • . If Snake Plissken goes down, the best role Kurt Rusell has left is "Dexter Riley" from those cheesy live action Disney movies

    WWWF Grudge Match: Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Tootsie
  • . Robin Willaims has starred in several high-profile Disney(TM) movies
  • . Dustin Hoffman has not stared in any high-profile Disney(TM) movies
  • . So basically, this is a fight between Disney(TM) and, well, nobody of any importance

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  • . What happened between Miramax and Disney? Miramax was the company that was supposed to release the film, but problems arose due to the fact that Miramax is a Disney-owned company
  • . In an effort to avert the controversy that was starting to brew care of William Donohue and the Catholic League, the Weinstein’s purchased Dogma from Miramax (and thus Disney) for somewhere between $10-14 million and set out to sell it to another company, which ended up being Lion’s Gate Films
  • . The really interesting part of the story is that the Catholic League continued to attack Disney after they had nothing to do with the film, which would indicate that the "protest" had more to do with publicity than anything else
  • . Was the "Mooby boardroom" scene supposed to be a jab back at Disney for dropping the flick? No
  • . Kevin says: "As for my speculation that Disney dropped the film over the 'Mooby' scene, as discussed in 'Entertainment Weekly': that made me laugh
  • . was sort of a cross between Disney and Barney (in the earlier drafts, more Barney, though)

    Greatest Films - Sullivan's Travels (1941)
  • . Incarcerated in a prison work camp as the end result of his misadventures, and as part of an audience of chain-gang convicts watching a screening in a Southern black church of a Walt Disney cartoon (starring Mickey Mouse and Pluto), he retains one final ability - - to laugh

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  • . (The island's real history mostly involves "mass murder, rape and slavery, " she observes, so they'll "Disney-fy it a little bit.") Even the outside predators are not so bad

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  • ademic analysis by Linda Schulte-Sasse.
    Vol 2 Issue 11 10 June 2002 KINOEYE E-MAIL UPDATES ARCHIVES COUNTRY ARCHIVES SEARCH HORROR The "mother" of all horror movies Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) In this multi-layered examination of Argento's undisputed magnum opus, Linda Schulte-Sasse analyses the use of gothic spaces and sly references to fascism and the film's eligibility for being "Disney's hidden reverse." Dario Argento has been called the "Italian Hitchcock" and the "Visconti of Violence." Perhaps, but if we must pin a catchy canonical label to Argento, my vote would go to "Disney's hidden reverse, " and Suspiria (1977) is the best reason why
  • . Like Disney, Argento has no interest in realism whatsoever; Suspiria is self-consciously stylised, artificial and, as the first victim will remark in a kind of meta-commentary, "so absurd, so fantastic."] The characters are not psychologically developed, but correspond with folkloric types]: a protagonist on a quest by which she will lose her innocence; helper figures who show the way; and a malevolent maternal trio composed of dance instructor Miss Tanner (Alida Valli), administrator Madame Blanc (Joan Bennett), ] the whiteness of whose name stands in ironic contrast to the "Black Queen" of witchcraft, Helene Marcos, a 19th-century Greek immigrant and now the school's elusive "Headmistress." In a conscious if ironic tribute to Disney, Suspiria is about intense color as much as it is about anything; Argento has commented that "we were trying to reproduce the color of Walt Disney's Snow White ; it has been said from the beginning that Technicolor lacked subdued shades, was without nuances—like cut-out cartoons."] Suspiria is about sound as well, overlaid with a repetitive, frantic and compelling musical soundtrack by the rock group Goblin, whose sound has become a hallmark of some key Argento films

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  • . December 3, 2003 · Weekend box office Despite generally negative reviews, Disney's The Haunted Mansion was the US box office champ for the long Thanksgiving weekend but lost the spot to The Cat in the Hat in the Friday to Sunday span
  • . · Weekend box office Disney's The Haunted Mansion will open on 3, 122 screens today, and insiders believe it may be number one this weekend with a take of at least $40 million
  • . November 20, 2003 · Tour the Haunted Mansion sets in LA El Capital Theatre in Los Angeles will host a "once-in-a-lifetime" behind-the-scenes tour of the real movie sets seen in Disney's The Haunted Mansion , coming out November 26, 2003
  • . For tickets and information, call 1-800-Disney 6 (1-800-347-6396), stop by the El Capitan box office, or visit the
  • . Disney's family movie Brother Bear came in second with $18.5 million

    Willful Infringement
  • . Includes a weblog, history of the movie, and preview.
    FIAT LUCRE PRESENTS WILLFUL INFRINGEMENT A report from the front lines of the real culture wars Produced By Jed Horovitz Directed By Greg Hittelman WITH Lawrence Lessig & Mickey Mouse Carrie McLaren & Public Enemy Don Joyce & U2 Larry Gross & Star Wars Andy Warhol & Mona Lisa Ezra G & DJ Akiko Hot Rocks & The Rolling Stones Pretzel & Critters The movie that Disney does NOT want you to watch! "DJs, artists, teachers, and scholars come together discuss the amazing story of how corporations use legal maneuvering to collect money from people who are ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ Shot and distributed independently, this film examines the idea of intellectual property, an issue brought to the forefront with the advent of the internet and digital technology


  • . John Gorick reports on what's happening in the new Europe Festival Review - 25 May 2006 Mixed media: Antonio Pasolini reports from the Osnabrück Media Art Festival in Germany Feature - 25 May 2006 Disney has just closed up shop on traditional animation, been the subject of a critical documentary and bought up Pixar after an unsteady 2005
  • . Antonio Pasolini offers his neck to Paul Morrissey's Dracula Film review - 8 December 2005 March of the Penguins is a Disney-style exercise in anthropomorphisation of unwitting creatures, says Antonio Pasolini

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  • . Disney followed the success of Mickey Mouse by developing new characters like Donald Duck and Goofy up from supporting roles in Mickey Mouse cartoons
  • . Conditions changed after the success of Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1937) and the Fleischers received money for the eighty minute Gulliver's Travels
  • . According to internal Paramount correspondence, the Popeye shorts were far more profitable to Paramount than Disney's films were to his distributor, RKO

    WWWF Grudge Match: Ross Perot vs. Montgomery Burns
  • . Also, don't count out the Estate of Walt Disney Factor (tm): every attempt Ross Perot makes to appear in public will be invariably hampered by a Cease and Desist Order (tm) from the Estate, who reserve all rights regarding the display and marketing of Dumbo's Ears (tm)
  • . Its true, however, that this image would also involve hords of women, each "stack to the hilt" (as all Disney women are drawn), but this is also an all American trait that needs to resurface FAQ
  • . Ergo, a.t.t-t is not for discussion about Animaniacs , Batman TAS , or Disney Inc., Hanna-Barbera characters, or random- cute- cartoon- that- you- saw- somewhere- once etc
  • . If I wanted cute kids' stuff, I'd > go buy "Sebastian Sings!" and that stuff from Disney ..

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  • . Ring Stats · Created 03/26/1999 · 18 active site(s) · 8 page views today · 23319 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 18 of 18 Search for in Sponsor Ring Site(s) Have you seen the Disney's cartoon show Mighty Ducks; The Animated series shown on ABC in 96/97? If you have I continued their fight with Dragaunus, the Saurian Overlord
  • . Eight Paws Clip Art has a wide selection of FREE clipart featuring some of your favorite animated characters like Spongebob Squarepants, Blues Clues, Disney characters, Powerpuff Girls, Looney Tunes, and many more! Our graphics are perfect for use on your personal webpage

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  • . Saban-Led Group Buys Univision For $13.7 Billion 6/27/06 by Jeff Harris Remember Haim Saban, the guy who was responsible for the music behind many of the 80s iconic theme songs who later emerged as one of the biggest supporters of the anime industry and introduced the world to Power Rangers? Well, he's no longer in that industry (he sold the Saban Entertainment unit, which was merged with Fox Kids Worldwide, to Disney back in 2001), but he continues to be on the lookout for newer media acquisitions
  • . Saban Capital Group, which he founded shortly after the Disney deal was made, is an investor of numerous media outlets, including ProSiebenSat.1 in Germany and Keshet Broadcasting and a controlling stake in Bezeq, both in Israel

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