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Clickando sulle singole lettere si accede alle pagine delle recensioni discografiche, suddivise sulla base delle iniziali dei musicisti e delle band.

Chi volesse sottoporre un CD per una recensione su questo sito, č pregato di contattarmi a questo indirizzo email (ovviamente senza TOGLIQUESTO) o di inviare i CD all'indirizzo pių sotto specificato.

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How to get reviewed

If you are a musician or a band, if you represent a major or independent company promoting British folk, Celtic or guitar music, or for any other reason you think you have something we should be reviewing, please contact us. Send an enquiry to this email (of course, cut NOSPAM) or send review materials to

Alfredo De Pietra

Via San Lorenzo 93

90146 Palermo (Italy)

Please note that:

bulletevery review is just the opinion of its author. This means that I don't guarantee favorable reviews.
bulletI'll do my best to review the materials I receive, so long as they fit within the bounds of our review areas. However, I cannot guarantee that I'll review everything.
bulletIf possible, send us two copies of anything you wish reviewed.
bulletThis web site promotes folk and Celtic music in Italy, and for this reason it's in Italian language: please, don't ask me to translate my reviews in English...after all, it's very easy to find Italians everywhere in the world: you may try to ask the nearest Italian to you! :-)
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