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Many thanks to Bobby Tanzilo for his help in the translation of this section 



(Treville - photos by GP Morano, 2005)

The Covo was "born" in the '70s in Treville,  
a small italian village of the Province of Alessandria. 
Treville is located on one of the highest hills (310 m)  
of the Low Monferrato, near Casale Monferrato 
It's a land of wine, sun and "jarticioch".... 
An old popular song often sung by our grandmothers 
was dedicated to its artichokes  (see netx pages) 
Someone says:    
"What you find in this village without fun,  
with few young people, with four houses,    
hot in summer and very cold and foggy in winter...  
and with too many mosquitos... "   
For us, hardened lovers,  in the '70s had become  
"The center of the world"