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Body parts

Italian flag eyes

Italian eyes.
Eyes with the Italian flag.

USA flag eyes

USA eyes.
Eyes with the American flag.

Union Jack eyes

UK eyes.
Eyes with the English flag.

Neil Gaiman's Death eye decoration

Neil Gaiman's Death eye decoration.
A not-so-small swirl under the right eye.

White pupils eyes

White pupils eyes.


Bologna FC team uniform

Bologna FC team uniform.
On the back, the name and number of Mourad Meghni; if you want to create your custom uniform download and modify; after that, you've to override the body~stdMatBaseTextureName.bmp file in the Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Projects/maglia_bologna/ directory, once you've exported the uniform using the Body Shop.

Nerv (female)

Nerv vest.
Female vest with the Nerv logo.

Nerv (male)

Nerv vest.
Male vest with the Nerv logo.

Nerv's pants

Nerv's pants.
Male underpants with the nerv logo.

Teddy pants

Teddy bears.
Male underpants with a lot of teddy bears.

Male Linux shirt

Linux shirt.
The Tux penguin on the front and a GNU slogan on the back.

Neil Gaiman's Death ankh

Neil Gaiman's Death ankh.
Based on an existing clothe, I've only added the ankh (an amulet made of a tau cross with a loop at the top, also called "crux ansata") to the necklace.


Neil Gaiman's Death

Neil Gaiman's Death.
Death. Nothing less.
Shame on you if you don't know who she is (head to your local comic books store and buy at least "Death: The High Cost Of Living" - Gaiman, Bachalo, Buckingham, McKean).

Includes all "Neil Gaiman's Death" pieces listed above.

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