BlackDog's Word Search Games
Lots of java word search games with different themes including Pokemon, US
Presidents, States, candy, and sports. Holiday word searches have printable games.

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  • How to Play: You will need to have a Java-enabled web browser to play these games

  • Click on a link above to select a game

  • Wait until the game is fully loaded in your web browser

  • The object of the game is to find the words in the jumbled letters

  • Each time you click the 'Scramble Words' button, you will get a completely different game

    BlackDog's Word Games
    All sorts of games, including searches, jumbles, crosswords, cryptograms, tongue
    twisters, riddles, and interactive Java games.

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  • And, don't miss the game

  • Pick a topic below and have fun playing this nifty word game Java applet

  • Lots of different theme sets of words for you to choose from in this fun Java applet game

  • More themes to choose from in this fun Java game

  • Pick a theme game, or go for broke with the big Miscellaneous game

  • Like the classic 'word chain' games

  • Very cool! Like the old favorite word game Boggle, in Joggle you find words in jumbled letters inside a grid

  • It's a very cool game and lots of fun! If you like Joggle and Boggle, you'll love ! Avehay unfay ithway igpay atinlay! How fast can you say them? Say them as fast as you can and then say them again! Like word puzzles? You'll love these classic riddles

  • Word Games to Play Off-Line BlackDog's favorite word game! Learn to type with TypingMaster

  • Come feast on audio and visual treats as you enjoy this stunning, over the top spelling game

    Word Games and Puzzles, Brainteasers, Anagrams, Word Search - A ...
    A puzzle site featuring a new puzzle format each weekday for each month.
    Puzzles are fun, educational, entertaining and are also printable.

  • • Two levels of fun and challenge for ages 9-99 • • Click on a level to play• ENJOY a new word game, word search, brainteaser, trivia game, anagram, cryptogram, crossword and more each weekday! CHALLENGE your general knowledge, vocabulary, spelling, memory, concentration, critical thinking and problem solving

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    Think Technologies Word Search Game
    Is an activeX control that gets integrated into a Web Page.

  • Need a Challenge? The Think Word Search Game The Think Word Search game will give you hours of word-finding fun! With several difficulty settings; the game can be made easy enough for a child to play and hard enough to give even the most intelligent Mensa laureates a brain twisting good time

  • Fully customizable, the Think Word Search Game has several settings options that allow users to customize the gaming experience to their liking

  • Take a look at some of the great features included in the Think Word Search package: Features: • Live Word Search Game-play • Printable Word Search Puzzles • Helpful “Find Word” Feature • Restart Easily with “New Game” button • Includes Base 10, 000 Word List • Fully Customizable Word List • Adjustable Time Limits • Countdown / Count-up Timer • Adjustable Font Sizes • Adjustable Background Color • Hours of Brain-Teasing Fun Game Objective: The objective of the Think Word Search game is to find all of the words on the list within the time limit

  • You can adjust the time limit or choose to play without a timer for a more relaxing game


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    Word search Puzzle Game :: Word Link - Games Free download - Yoogi.com
    An interesting variation of word search puzzles. Free software download.

  • Word Link : Word search puzzle Game Word Link is a variation of words search puzzle in which you have to find as many words as possible

  • You can play the game in two ways

  • Word Link can save an un-finished game, so that play it later

  • The registered version costs only 14.95$ Features Of Word link Simple and nice graphics Two game modes 20 puzzles to try and Unlimited number of puzzles In registered version 1.35 MB $15 (US Dollars) Word Games Other Popular Games Info subscribe to our games newsletter

    Printable Chinese Culture Word Search Game- Chinese Culture ...
    Play this word search game against the clock. Each time you play, there will be
    a different set of words.

  • Puzzles Shop A Fun Educational Website for Teachers and Kids August 19, 2006 Chinese Culture Activities and Games for Kids - Word Search > > > Chinese Culture Word Search Play this word search game against the clock

  • Eight words are randomly chosen from this list of vocabulary words associated with the Chinese Culture: abacus, bamboo, Buddha, compass, dance, dim, duck, dragon, fans, fish, garden, jade, kite, moon, panda, script, soy, sum, Suzhou, tea, teapot, wok, Yixing Phone made just for kids ages 5 - 12! This game or printout requires the

  • So many words! Can you find these vocabulary words within the time left? Search online or print and play later! Other Word Search Games at Apples4theteacher.com ADD, ADHD, Literacy, ESL, Special Ed, Bilingual Ed, Gifted, Health Ed, Early Childhood Education Online Games and Resources for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarten, and Elementary Students Kid Safe Teacher Created Educational Website with Homeschooling Activities First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade and Sixth Grade Materials Copyright ©1999-2006 and by Webstantaneous Web Marketing

    Free Online Games; Internet Poker, Blackjack,Slots, Play Word Games
    Offers free online games to choose from, including poker, blackjack, hangman and slots.

  • &nbsp Play Free Games Online &nbsp Card Play (Poker & Blackjack) Slot Machine, Word Games Welcome to the free online game section of zdaily.com

  • Play for fun! Available online are casino card play (blackjack, poker and slots), wordknowledge game/search puzzles/quizzes, romance fun, as well as classic favorites such as Pong, TicTacToe, and Battleships

  • ) POLL The most popular zdaily games are Poker, Slots & Blackjack

  • My favorite of these 3: Blackjack Slots Poker I dislike casino games

  • Card/Casino: &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Romantic Games/Puzzles/Psychic: &nbsp &nbsp Slay the dragon to save your true love &nbsp &nbsp Internet Word Games, Puzzles: &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp (words of love, romance and relationship) &nbsp (simple but fun!) Classic Games: &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sink theirs before yours gets sunk

  • &nbsp &nbsp (easy medium and hard difficulty) &nbsp &nbsp POLL My favorite zdaily game (after the big 3 of poker, slots & blackjack): Find True Love Tic Tac Toe Minesweeper Battleships Concentration Pong Checkers Hangman POLL My favorite zdaily word game/puzzle: Word Match Hangman Romantic Hangman Word Jumble Word Search Puzz Love Cryptogram Daily Crossword Sudoku Puzzle Mazes

    Dictionary.com/Fun & Games
    New crossword puzzles and word search games each day.

  • | Advertisement Fun and Games Fun and Games | New puzzles every day! Free Samples of our Premium puzzles! Today's and puzzles are always free

  • new! Can you find them all? Can you crack the code? Solve the phrase by guessing each word Navigate the maze while answering riddles Solve the phrase by attacking aliens in this arcade-like game Arrange lettered tiles to complete the puzzle Play all puzzles from the past 30 days Other Word Games From Our Partners Yahoo! Games Free registration required to play - - Bill's Games WordScram is a word puzzle game! Get instant dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia access from most Mac and Windows programs

  • Benefits

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    Word Search for ESL Students
    Word searches to help students where english is a second language.

  • How to Play (Wait for the Java applet to load.) Click the 'New Game' button, then wait for the words to load

  • If you want to give up, then click 'Solve Game', then wait while the puzzle is solved

  • After you finish, you may click 'New Game' to get another set of words

    Find Free Online Games and other fun games at Pogo.com
    Provider of family-based games for everyone including card, board, word, trivia,
    bingo and casino games with no software installation, plug-ins or long download ...

    DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker allows kids to make crossword ...
    Offers kids puzzles, word search games, and educational games for kids and teachers.

    WordOMatic - Word Search Puzzle Game
    A word search game with elements of puzzle and strategy. Rearrange letters to
    form words.

  • WordOMatic - The Word Search Puzzle Game : Enter your e-mail address to receive our monthly containing game update info, discount offers and news of new games! WordOMatic ($19.95 / £11.60 / €18.45) WordOMatic is puzzle style word search game

  • As letters grow old, they change color; The object of the game is to use all available letters before they become void

  • WordOMatic is an original game belonging to the Word Search genre which includes games like Scrabble®, Boggle® and Jumble as well as modern PC games like Bookworm and Text Twist

  • This is one of the easiest games to learn and play

  • The game knows over forty thousand words from three to six letters

  • WordOMatic knows more than eight hundred words containing ' X '; How many do you know? Maybe it is time to learn some more! " One of the most original and interesting games with words from everything, that I saw

  • " ListSoft.com " I can't get enough of this game

  • I am addicted to Word Games and have quite a few but I like this one best because of all the challenges

  • " A reviewer from Illinois, USA " Superb game, and im only using the demo version


    Word Searches
    Java based word searches on many topics, with random grids so the game will never
    be the same as before.

  • | Send this page to a friend | Send an e-card to a friend The games, will change every time you play them

  • Just press new game and a new grid will be made

  • If you get stuck press solve game

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    A weekly word find puzzle on a variety of subjects.

    Educational Math and Language Games and Logic Puzzles
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    Connections', 'Stack Mates', 'Cell Mates', 'Elimination', 'Math Mates'.

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  • New program! The Internet Scrambled Letter Word Game

    Toon Center family tree word search for kids
    A family safe site with original interactive games and a word search of the sites

    Quia - US State Capitals
    Offers online activities to practice memorization of state capitals using
    flashcards, matching, Cmoncentration and word searches.


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