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    Lawrence Taylor - Drunk Driving Law Center
    Attorney site providing information for attorneys and the public on California's
    drunk driving laws,...

  • :: California DUI Lawyer Resource Center Office Locations: Long Beach ~ Irvine Pasadena ~ Riverside Woodland Hills San Diego The California DUI Lawyer Resource Center is the web's most-visited resource for, criminal, and more, and is provided by the "Dean of DUI attorneys", Lawrence Taylor

  • Taylor is the author of the leading in the field for the DUI attorney and heads a premier firm of DUI attorneys, serving clients in, and

  • The 9 criminal defenseattorneys, who average 12 years of experience and include four former prosecutors, limit their practice to misdemeanor and felony DUI defense exclusively

  • Taylor's drunk driving defense law firm, twice featured in the American Bar Association Journal ( and ) for its specialization and unique technical support, remains the only one by the California State Bar to provide continuing legal education to attorneys

  • The firm of nine attorneys (including four former prosecutors) continues to limit its practice to the defense of drunk driving cases, with a primary clientele in, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino Counties, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada and remains the only one to provide its clients with the free services of its own technical support staff of highly qualified law enforcement, blood-alcohol and license suspension experts to assist in their defense

    Massachusetts Drunk Driving Lawyer - MA DUI OUI DWI Defense ...
    Offering criminal and drunk driving defense services, from offices in Brockton.

  • Massachusetts Drunk Driving Lawyer Russell Matson's Massachusetts OUI Law DUI DWI Defense Don't let your Massachusetts DUI Ruin Your Life! Yes, there is a Massachusetts drunk driving attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your business, who promptly returns your phone calls and emails, and who knows how to get results

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  • Click above to hear an audio message from Mass DUI Attorney Russ Matson

  • Attorney Russell Matson is a recognized authority in the areas of Massachusetts Drunk Driving / DUI law, criminal law, motor vehicle law, registry and driver's license issues

  • Operating Under the Influence of Drugs Charge Information about the Courts that handle Massachusetts OUI cases in MA and Greater Boston New ! Listen to Attorney Matson's for helpful tips

  • Attorney Matson is available for his opinion on Massachusetts OUI laws

  • Email Attorney Russ Matson at This site is a service of the Law Office of Russell J

    San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyers DUI Attorney Kerry L ...
    Criminal defense specialist. Resume and contacts.

  • Steigerwalt is recognized throughout San Diego as a leading criminal defense attorney and is highly respected by members of the city ’s legal community

  • Steigerwalt has been dedicated to practicing criminal defense law in San Diego since 1984 and has over two decades of experience in the field - becoming one of the most well-known criminal defense attorneys in the city

  • He'll review the facts of your particular situation and after consulting with one of the staff attorneys, he will provide you with a fee quote

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    Extensive website presenting balanced information on DUI laws, punishment,
    rehabilitation and politics,...

  • Do not take action based upon this information unless you consult with an attorney or other specialist

    Colorado DUI - Colorado Drunk Driving Defense - US DUI Links
    Drunk driving defense attorney with offices in Englewood, offering services statewide.

  • Sure, I can just fill out the forms and talk to the District Attorney, but in many cases the best choice is to fight

  • The District Attorney prosecutes these types of cases all day

  • If he gets information which may prove you innocent, an attorney can make him give you that information also

  • When you retain me you'll get expert legal help from an attorney who knows how to guide your case through the complexities of the legal system because I've done it numerous times

  • You'll be certain you are being treated fairly by the judicial system because I'll insist: that the District Attorney provide us with the name and address of anyone he plans to call as a witness, as well as copies of every written or recorded statements of their testimony

  • I talk to the District Attorney beforehand to get him to produce his proof and let him know that I will be contesting in court all these points I mentioned

  • As your attorney I will look into all of these things for you so that you will have the best possible case

  • So, if you want an attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your situation, and who fights to get you results, call me today at 303-761-6067 for your free consultation

    Drunk Driving Defense Sites by a dui trial lawyer, dui attorney ...
    Sources for state-specific information and defense attorneys, compiled by Colorado
    attorney James...

  • DRUNK DRIVING DEFENSE SITES ON THE INTERNET Informative Drunk Driving Defense Sites on the Internet: A directory of sites maintained by Jim Forslund, a DUI defense attorney in Colorado

  • Mail proposed additions to links@colorado-dui.com RECIPROCAL LINKS APPRECIATED Name Index dui attorney, dui lawyer Other Countries dui attorney, dui lawyer Also visit -the first directory of DUI attorneys on the Net

  • How can an attorney help avoid or mitigate the above penalties? Protect your rights

  • A competent attorney will be able to review your arrest and booking records to ensure that proper procedure was followed

  • Depending on the situation, your attorney may persuade the prosecutor that the situation can be corrected, and Court time and money saved, by negotiating a lesser plea rather than pursuing a DUI conviction

  • -Oahu : You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation

  • It is critically important to hire an attorney who has the experience to get a good result

  • Even if you were DUI, a knowledgeable and skilled attorney may be able to help you to 'stay innocent' by avoiding a conviction

    DUIblog: The Great Drunk Driving Fraud
    Comments, news and discussion about unfair and unconstitutional DUI laws.

  • Gibson is not required to appear at his September arraignment; his attorney can appear for him

  • Gibson has repeatedly given indications of his intentions, and has retained a celebrity damage-control attorney rather than a DUI specialist

  • County District Attorney's Office later admitted that he was released on his own recognizance (that is, no bail)

  • District Attorney? Maybe

  • Sometimes, a prosecutor will purposely not file an enhancement if he wants to 'motivate' a defendant and his attorney to plead guilty as charged rather than go to trial

  • In one change in the DUI laws, now even a first-time drunken-driving arrest can result in a felony charge in certain situations, and some defense attorneys think it is targeting the wrong people

  • (Thanks to attorney Troy McKinney of Houston.) Posted by on The following, excerpted from my book ., was kindly provided by Dr

  • A prosecutor with the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office was arrested over the weekend for investigation of driving under the influence

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    DUI Laws
    Small directory of drunk driving defense attorneys, with information about the
    nation's laws.

    Arizona DUI Attorney: Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and all of ...
    Seattle attorney emphasizing drunk driving defense.

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  • We encourage you to explore this website as well as the websites of others who claim to do what we do, and we invite you to speak with either or both of our attorneys prior to making the absolutely crucial decision of who to hire to defend you

  • After careful study of the subject of the charge you face, and a review of the available attorneys and firms that want to represent you, you will be well equipped to make this critical choice

    Los Angeles DUI Attorney, Orange County DUI Attorney - Southern ...
    Huntington Beach. Firm handles drunk driving cases.

    Georgia Lawyers DUI Drunk Driving Defense Criminal Defense Attorneys
    Atlanta firm offering services for criminal and drunk driving defense.

  • Our attorneys and support staff stand ready to assist you in weathering the stressful days ahead as we investigate and challenge your pending charges

  • He "wrote the book" on and is often consulted by other attorneys, the media, and even the courts for his expertise in this very specialized area of law

  • From the moment of arrest, through all phases of trial, and even appeal if necessary, our attorneys and staff specialize in and and will work hard to provide you with thorough and competent representation


    San Jose Attorney, Specializing in DUI Defense
    San Jose criminal defense attorney.

  • Harvard Law School Harvard Law School DUI Attorney Randy Moore Specialist Drunk Driving Law Constitutional Rights Attorney 24 Hour Hotline 1-800-609-1060 Deuce Defender Specialist San Jose DUI Attorney Specialty Drunk Driving

  • DUI Attorney Randy Moore helps people arrested for DUI and cases over the last 20 years

  • Conducted training of DUI Attorneys for National College for DUI Defense at Harvard

  • Few Attorneys in the state have demonstrated a record of success in DUI Jury Trial

  • Many even promote and market themselves as DUI Attorneys without a history of success

  • But you may want to consider it when selecting your Attorney

  • For free personal telephone call with DUI Attorney Randy Moore fill out the on-line interview form

  • Arrested for Driving Under The Influence/DUI? Attorney K

  • It is important for you to have a skilled attorney on your side in order to protect your valuable legal rights

  • Call Attorney Randy Moore for a free consultation regarding the charges against you

    New Jersey Drunk Driving Defense Center - NJ DWI Lawyers, Attorneys
    Drunk driving defense attorney, with offices in Piscataway, offering information
    about drunk driving laws.

  • Searching for New Jersey DWI Information, Lawyers, Attorneys, Links, Laws, etc.? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI ) ...is a serious offense in the State of New Jersey

  • While other attorneys claim they "specialize" in defending NJ drivers charged with Driving While Intoxicated, my practice is limited to DWI defense and defense of related motor vehicle violations

  • Remember to give careful attention to the selection of an attorney, as proper representation can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case

  • Attorneys at Law Monmouth Executive Center 100 Willowbrook Road, Building #1 Freehold, New Jersey 07728 (732)-462-7170 (732)-462-8955 / Fax - - All contents © Lederman Law, and Promoted by Website Promotion

    Leading Illinois DUI Attorneys | Illinois DUI Drunk Driving ...
    Services for criminal and drunk driving defense, and personal injury, from offices
    in Wheaton.

  •                           Name:      Email:      Tell us about your problem                                    Or for a   more comprehensive form ARRESTED FOR AN ILLINOIS DUI OR ILLINOIS CRIMINAL CHARGE?   MEMBER,     Illinois DUI Attorneys and Illinois Drunk Driving Lawyers and are strictly enforced, so you need and who can respond effectively to your problems and concerns

  • Failure to obtain highly qualified attorneys such as can cost your freedom and your driving privileges

  •  The outcome of your case depends on your choice of attorneys – attorneys like those at Ramsell, Armamentos & Klis, LLC are the difference you need

    California Criminal Defense Attorneys - CA DUI Lawyers - Los ...
    Law firm, based in Los Angeles, offering services for criminal and drunk driving

    San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer - Escondido, California Drunk ...
    San Diego criminal defense attorney.

  • > Index Have You Been Arrested? Call For A FREE Consultation You deserve one of Southern California's most successful Criminal Law Defense Attorneys - A Lawyer with Over 20 Years Legal Experience Specializing in Criminal Law Fighting a criminal case can be very complicated..

  • An EXPERIENCED Attorney can get many cases dismissed on technicalities and knows how to win in the courtroom

    Pennsylvania DUI Attorneys - Drunk Driving Defense Attorney
    Worcester attorney focusing on drunk driving and licensure matters.

  • P ennsylvania DUI Lawyers ( DUI / DWI / OWI ) Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys Statewide Coverage Toll Free: 1-877-PENN DUI (1-877-736-6384) Direct: (610) 584-0364 For Pennsylvania Cases Call 1-877-PENN DUI or (610) 584-0364 If you are facing a DUI / DAI arrest in Pennsylvania, you need help and you need it now! If your DUI / DAI (Driving After Imbibing) case is pending in Pennsylvania, keep reading

  • Box 70 • 2060 Valley Forge Road Worcester, Pennsylvania Toll Free: 1-877-PENN DUI (1-877-736-6384) Phone: (610) 584-0364 Fax: (610) 584-9595 "Our representation begins where standard legal education ends." Currently with greater advanced training than any DUI Defense attorney in Pennsylvania

  • OTHER QUALITY DRUNK DRIVING INFORMATION SITES | Other Resources: | © 2004-2005, • All Rights Reserved Listings are a paid attorney advertisement and do not in any way constitute a referral or endorsement by an approved or authorized lawyer referral service other than DrunkDrivingDefense.com

    Oklahoma DUI Lawyers - Oklahoma DUI Law
    Oklahoma City attorney offering representation for drunk driving defense.

  • Oklahoma DUI Law Defense Attorney Sifers & Sifers Retired Regent & Member National College for DUI Defense Court Plaza Building, Suite 950 228 Robert S

  • City, OK? DWI or APC? Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorney Charles L

  • Oklahoma DUI Topics: Oklahoma DUI Attorneys Charles L

  • DUI Attorney, C

  • His main focus since 1996, well before becoming an attorney, was in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, and on the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath testing machine

  • We are the Oklahoma DUI State Attorneys you should retain and hire

  • These are: • Intoxilyzer 5000-D: We am certified by Oklahoma as an Operator and Maintenance Supervisor; • SFST (Standardized Field Sobriety Test): We are certified as an Administrator and Trainer; • DRE (Drug Recognition Expert): Trained as an Evaluator; • Blood and Urine Testing: Charles is the only attorney in Oklahoma to complete the 40 hour training • Our Firm Because we have this specialized training , we are the experienced Oklahoma DUI Defense Lawyers YOU need to hire

  • • The attorney you hire to represent you

  • MOST people, including some Attorneys , DO NOT know just how serious and far reaching the consequences of this arrest can be

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