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  • A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Licensed Adoption Agency As of August 22, 2006, Adopt-A-Child was registered as an NGO in the Russian Federation 1-800-246-4848 Please Call us for More Information Adopt-A-Child, Inc is a full service, non-profit licensed adoption agency founded in 1992

  • We were one of the first U.S agencies to receive our accreditation from the Russian Federation in September 2000

    International Adoptions Russia - Russian Adoption Medical Services ...
    Dr. Eric Downing answers medical questions about adoptions from Russia, and
    provides both a long list and a hand-picked short list of Russian adoption sites.

  • Adoptions from Russia - Russian Adoption Medical Services and | This page is maintained to focus on medical issues related to adoption from Russia

  • At this site you may obtain information about , and links to other Russian adoption resources

  • For those considering adoption from Russia, please start with The "" is the largest collection of websites expressing an interest in Russian adoption that you are ever likely to see

  • Otherwise we have medical links, general Russian links, charity links, kids links, hotel-travel-weather-webcam links and even fun stuff

  • or see site Our Medical Services Services may include correspondence regarding special concerns and questions, email correspondence with your personal physician if requested, review of Russian medical documentation of a child, medical examinations

    Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption
    Russian adoption site includes comprehensive information as well as chat.

    Commonwealth Adoptions International - Adopting Russia, China ...
    Serves families in the State of Arizona as well as families throughout the United
    States who wish to adopt internationally.

  • Adventure Russia Adventure Russia, part of our Russian adoption program, is designed to promote older children adoption by allowing families to spend time with a school-age child in Russia prior to committing to an adoption


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    International Adoption Agency :: Child Adoption Services Adoption ...
    Licensed, not-for-profit adoption and humanitarian agency which places children
    from China, Russia, India, Guatemala, and Vietnam in homes all over the United ...

  • - Children's Hope International adoption agency is an accredited child adoption agency for Russian adoption

  • Russia adoption authorities have accredited a limited number of international adoption agencies to legally do Russian adoption

  • If you are contemplating a Russian adoption, we hope you will contact us for further Russian adoption information

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    Licensed, non-profit child placing agency. Offering adoption alternative including
    domestic (caucasian and minority) and international adoption programs.

  • beaconhouseadoption060125 Beacon House is pleased to be an accredited agency by the Russian Federation for international adoptions from Russia

  • Beacon House has been involved in hundreds of Russian adoption placements over the past few years, and has an experienced staff waiting to provide the personal attention you want for your Russian adoption! Beacon House is a not-for-profit, private child and infant adoption agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing domestic adoption, and services from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Guatemala

    Adopting From Russia - Russian Adoption Information
    General information based on experiences of people who have already done so.

  • Search Russian Adoption websites Search provided by

  • The most popular items in the bookstore: The best single, concise source of Russian adoption information is John Maclean's for $23.06

    Three Rivers Adoption Council: A full service adoption agency ...
    A full service adoption agency whose goal is to find every waiting child a
    permanent family.

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    Russian Adoptions - Adopting From Russia - Russian Adoption How to
    An overview of adopting from Russia. Russia's adoption requirements are laid out
    as well as information on needed paperwork.

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  • General Requirements for Russian Adoptions Requirements are flexible

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    Adoption-Baby Adoption - International Adoption - Adoption Agency ...
    Provides access to thousands of resources addressing all aspects of adoption.
    Extensive coverage of international adoption issues.

    Russian Embassy: Adoption
    The legal requirements after adoption finalization, as well as a list of accredited
    agencies are provided.

  • REQUIREMENTS FOR ISSUANCE OF NEW PASSPORTS TO ADOPTED RUSSIAN CHILDREN In accordance with the Russian legislation expired Russian passports may not be renewed

  • To obtain a new Russian passport adopted parents should submit to the Consulate (either in person or by mail) the following documents: for a new Russian passport (copy attached); old passport of the adopted child; two identical passport size pictures of the child; money order for $100 payable to the Embassy of Russia (cash or personal checks will not be accepted); prepaid return envelope “Express Mail” or “Fedex”

  • to 5.30 p.m.) fax: (202) 939-8909 Our mailing address: Russian Consulate 2641 Tunlaw Road, N.W., Washington, D.C

  • 20007 Attn.: Passport Section REQUIREMENTS FOR ISSUANCE OF NEW PASSPORTS TO ADOPTED RUSSIAN CHILDREN (LOST PASSPORT) T o obtain a new Russian passport adopted parents should submit to the Consulate (either in person or by mail) the following documents: police report; ; two identical passport size pictures of the child; money order for $190 payable to the Embassy of Russia (cash or personal checks will not be accepted); copy of “green-card” or American passport (first page with the photo); prepaid return envelope “Express Mail” or “Fedex”

    Eastern European Adoption Coalition
    Support for families adopting children from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

  • "When I Met You", subtitled "A Story of Russian Adoption"

  • I am not exaggerating when I say that this book gave me goose bumps, as it evoked tender memories of the many hours I have spent in Russian orphanages and the many adoptions in whicih I have been involved

  • Russian words sprinkled throughout the book add interest and are accurately transliterated into English


    Adoption Center of Washington
    Non-profit agency licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia, which places
    children for adoption from Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • is our Russian Coordinator

    Genesis Adoptions - International Adoption Agency - Russian ...
    Licensed, non-profit agency specializing in adoptions from Russia and Kazakstan.
    Includes photo album, news and program details.

    Adoption Associates, Inc. | Domestic Infant & International ...
    Domestic infant placement agency, working with both adoptive and birth parents.

  • is a great agency to consider and now is a great time to start the Russian adoption process

    Adoption Agency - Welcome to WACAP - World Association for ...
    An international and domestic non-profit adoption and child assistance agency.

  • Give to the Russia Milk Fund 4.15.2006 In many Russian orphanages, babies and children like this boy lack the nutrition they need for healthy growth and development

    Home Page - Adoption, International Adoption, Christian Adoption ...
    A licensed Christian agency dedicated to helping families adopt in China, Ukraine,
    Russia, and Vietnam. Stories, staff profiles, and list of references are ...

    International Adoption - Russia
    These pages of the site of the US Embassy in Russia provide updates on adoptions
    from Russia, requirements,and contact information.

  • Parents should calculate a five-day "cushion time" in the validity dates they request when applying for a Russian visa

  • Whereas the American Embassy strives to provide one-day visa service to American citizens who have adopted Russian orphans, we cannot guarantee that such expeditious service will always be possible

  • FY-2002 5836 50 FY-2003 5681 33 FY-2004 5829 20 FY-2005 4594 11 Russian ADOPTION AUTHORITY: The government office responsible for adoptions in Russia is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • citizens should verify the latest requirements with the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate (for contact information for the Russian Embassy and Consulates in the United States, please refer to the last paragraph of this section)

  • The visas should be obtained from a Russian Embassy or Consulate in the U.S

  • or abroad in advance of travel, as it is impossible to obtain a Russian entry visa upon arrival

  • Russian tourist visas are often granted only for the specific dates mentioned in the invitation letter provided by the sponsor

  • Even if the visa is misdated through error of a Russian Embassy or Consulate, the traveler will still not be allowed into Russia before the visa start date or be allowed to leave after the visa expiration date

    My Adoption Links
    Major collection of annotated links covering adoption laws and stories and
    organizations worldwide.

  • He replied "Enough to make a difference." Pages of Interest - links for photolistings, yahoo groups, international/domestic adoption) - Alphabetized list of agencies and facilitators listed in this website - NEW!! Looking for input!! - for Russian adoptions (last updated 8/4/06) - chat boards, inspirational, music, quilts, shopping, photos, web cams - Report from the Buckley Outpost

    Russian Federation
    Offers general country and travel information including entry and exit requirements,
    safety and security, crime, health and transport.

  • Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Washington, DC 20520 Consular Information Sheet This information is current as of today, Russian Federation Americans planning travel to Russian Federation should read, and available on the Department of State web site at June 14, 2006 COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Russia is a vast and diverse nation that continues to evolve politically, economically and socially

  • ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: The Russian government maintains a restrictive and complicated visa regime for foreign travelers who visit, transit, or reside in the Russian Federation

  • The Russian system includes requirements of sponsorship, visas for entry and exit, migration cards, and registration

  • American citizens who also carry Russian passports face additional complicated regulations

  • Dual citizen minors who travel on their Russian passports also face special problems

  • Russian immigration and visa laws change regularly

  • In addition, Russian Immigration officials at times implement laws and regulations governing entry and exit inconsistently, especially in remote areas

  • The Russian government does not recognize the standing of U.S


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