The Taymoran Empire

This section of my website is designed to hold as much information as possible about the Taymoran Empire, one of the many nations of Mystara lost in the folds of Time.
Taymora was a nation ruled by Nosferatu Kings, followers of the Immortal Nyx, which prospered before the rise of Nithia, until a group of rogue Nosferatu switched their allegiances to Thanatos, a rival Immortal, and brought about the tragic downfall of their homeland. Taymora was swept away by volcanic eruptions and tidal waves, and its lands are now the floors of the Sea of Dread.

Taymora was mentioned in a couple of canon Mystaran products, the War Rafts of Kron expert adventure module, and The Sea People Creature Crucible.
Later, James Mishler (a.k.a. Mystaros) developed a large amount of material about the Taymoran Empire, introducing such concept as the Necromancer-Kings and the Lychantropic School of Magic, and designing many pieces of history of this nation.

My Taymoran materials accept most of the works by Mystaros, adapting it to fit the canon Mystaran timeline, and shifting the real world counterpart of Taymora from the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations, which have been already used for other Mystaran nations, to the Peoples of the Sea, a group of mediterranean nations that invaded Egypt twice, and might have been the ancestors of the Phoenicians and the Philistines.


Here are listed the new materials produced by me regarding the Taymoran Empire, its history, geography, and inhabitants.

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