Main Characters
from the Campaign AC 996 - AC 1000

Here are listed most of the PCs appeared in our Campaign, between AC 996 and AC 1000.

Active PCs Inactive PCs NPCs
Galdor John Patrick Amlaith
Elessar Thor Frangiossa Gildor
Argos Aktar Falayan
Thorwald Rompiscudo
Vladimir Ulianov
Heinrich Oderbry

John Patrick

A Ierendian Priest of Protius, son of a Darokinian immigrant who had worked in the Guard in Ierendi until he was prosecuted for taking bribes, and moved to the Guard of the Roister Island (Roister actually had no Guard, but the Tribunal used to promote unwanted people to nonexistant positions in Roister or in other minor islands).
The young John lived among the native Makai, learing their rites and traditions, and studying to become a druid. When he turned 18, John left Roister and went to Ierendi, where he became a Priest of Protius within the People's Temple.
During a voyage in the Alasiyan desert, John learned of Al-Kalim's history, and is currently trying to find historical proof of it, and to determine if and how his Immortal patron was involved.

Galdor Nolmendil

Galdor son of Aldir, sometimes known as Galdor the fair or Galdor Nolmendil, was a young elven wizard from Rifllian whose natural affinity for magic was enhanced by the long study he undertook while recovering from serious illness he suffered during his childhood.
While his power was considerable and constantly growing, he had a wicked sense of humour and a self-serving attitude which were growing even faster. This led him to his fall, as his betrayed companions captured him and left him bound and locked into the treasure chamber of the Temple of Pflarr, which collapsed a few hours after they left.
During his rather short, for elven standards, life, Galdor joined the Mages' Guild of Specularum, reaching full membership, and was initiated to the dying cult of the Magi of Usamigaras, in the Lost City of Cynidicea.

Thor Frangiossa

A renegade and exiled dwarf from Highforge, Thor earned the nickname "Frangiossa" (Thyatian for Bonebreaker) for his strenght and brawling prowess. He befriended Galdor and John Patrick when the two were exploring the lowest reaches of the Cruth Mountains. He joined them in their quest in the Alasiyan desert, but he enjoyed most their stay in Cynidicea, were he got his current wife (a Cynidicean human) and his last bad habit (smoking psychotropic herbs). He left the group with his friend Aktar, heading north through the Northern Reaches.
His current whereabouts are unknown, but he and Aktar are said to be wandering through Vestland and the steppes of Ethengar, joining raiders or armies as mercenaries.

Aktar Falayan

This unruly Alasiyan is still wanted in the Emirates for crimes of violence against holy men, heresy and for having escaped punishment for those acts. Aktar is easily recognizable for his large two-handed scimitar, a very uncommon weapon. A scimitar closely resembling this one was seen by Amlaith and Galdor in the hands of Vlack, an hobgoblin chieftain in north-eastern Karameikos. Aktar is though to be still travelling with his only friend, the dwarf Thor.


Amlaith, bard of Rifllian, is an half-elf, son of an elf and a traladaran woman. He and Galdor were friends since Almaith was a child, but the bard had no choice but to leave his friend when Galdor betrayed the group. However, as a last token of friendship, Amlaith secretly left Galdor's dagger and spellbook in the treasure chamber before leaving.
Currently, Amlaith is writing his second tome of Hutaakan lore and history, a collage of translations from ancient Hutaakan scrolls he took back from his journeys and of the tales and clues he gathered in the last year.


A successful combination of elven warrior and traladaran priest, Elessar is another half-elf from Rifllian. He is the rising star of the Church of Traladara, having climbed the hierarchy of the church from the rank of novice to that of Vicar of Rifllian in less than three years.
This is due to his accomplishment as the weapon-bearing arm of the Church, but also to the network of supporters he gathered, ranging from the people of the hamlets east of Kelvin he helped during the recent goblin invasion, to the head of the Torenescu family, whose life he saved from the murderous plans of Boris Torenescu, to the young Lord Valen Karameikos, who was protected by the strong cleric when he was hunted by the Iron Ring. This last action earned him the title of Court Lord from Duke Stephan Karameikos III.
Elessar is married with Oksana Torenescu, cousin to Aleksander Torenescu, and is currently travelling on the Princess Ark as Ambassador for both the Church of Traladara and the Grandduchy of Karameikos.

Thorwald Rompiscudo

Son of a rich family of dwarven craftsmen and merchant from Highforge, Thorwald was nicknamed "Rompiscudo" (Shieldbreaker) after a particularly successful battle agaist the goblinoids in north-eastern Karameikos. This not too bright, but courageous and wise dwarf has travelled for a while with Elessar and Galdor before retiring from adventuring.
He is currently representing his family mercantile interests in Dengar.


Son of a Minrothaddan sea elf and a Callarii girl, this elf has travelled far and wide along the coast of the Sea of Dread. He is still wanted for theft and smuggling in Ierendi and Thyatis. The Callarii decided to rid themself of this troublemaker by naming him as their representative on the Princess Ark, a purely honorary position that will keep him far from the Radlebb Woods for a while.


A skilled archer from the Radlebb Woods, Legolas joined Galdor's expedition to Ierendi. During the escape from the Makalui crater Legolas was crucial in slowing the pursuing lizardmen with his arrows, so that the others could reach the ship that was waiting for them. However, he didn't manage to reach the ship himself, and was never seen again by his comrades.


An elven ranger from the Radlebb Woods, Aldaron spent some years in the Elven Guard of Karameikos. Upon leaving the Guard, he entered the service of Ambassador Shalander of Alfheim. He still occasionally works for the Ambassador, taking care that his messages to King Doriath reach their destination.


Gildor Aldirion is the older brother of Galdor. He is a Sergeant in Duke Stephan's Elven Guard. Gildor used to offer some jobs to his younger brother, as he felt responsible for his comfort, mostly because of Galdor's physical weakness and clumsyness, both traits highly uncommon among the Callarii.

Vladimir Ulianov

Vladimir was a poor traladaran boy hailing from the old fishermen village near Kelvin. His uncles, Pyotr and Stephan, own the fortified farm of Sukiskyn, where Vladimir often worked. He and Stephan joined the group in the expedition to the Lost Valley of Hutaaka.
With the money earned from that adventure, Vladimir was able to substantially improve his family's fortunes. Moreover, Lord Valen Karameikos selected him as chief of his personal guard, so Vladimir was named Lieutenant of the Ducal Guard, and Court Lord. It is superflous to remark that Lord Ulianov has been one the most successful Traladarans in climbing the social ladder.


An half-elf from Yavdlom, this sailor was forced to stay in the Grandduchy of Karameikos when his mates left Specularum while he was still under the effect of alcoholic beverages he had abundantly inbibed the previous night.
Being a magic-user with divinative powers, Toranaga should have been one of the Seers, but he left Tanakumba to escape the Seers' lifestyle, becoming one of the pariah seers.
He joined the group in the expedition to Hutaaka, but due to his greedy and not-too-honest behaviour - especially the theft of some spellbooks from Galdor - he was murdered by his supposed friends during a fight with the gnolls.

Heinrich Oderbry

The younger of the three Oderbry brothers, this tall and overweight hattian conjurer enjoys the protection of his older brother Alfric, one of the most important members of the Church of Karameikos.
He is a bounty-hunter, and during the spring of AC 1000 he was hunting some dangerous criminals, suspected of having directed the goblin raids against the loggers' camps east of Kelvin.
He joined the group in the pursue of Golthar, the Iron Ring minor leader who had masterminded the goblin uprise, but was unable to capture him, as the yellow-robed mage found powerful allies in the primitive Traldar, or to find proof of his death when the Temple of Pflarr collapsed, probably killing the Iron Ring men and their Traldar allies.
However, he earned the friendship of Lord Valen Karameikos, so he was given the title of Court Lord and a job as itinerant judge.