Sword of Gygar


This weapon seems a great scimitar with a two-handed hilt ornated with a large green gem.


The sword was designed to be used against the Black Count of the Moors by King Gygar, lord of a tiny domain west of Verge. However, agents of the Count interrupted the enchantment twice. The first time, the sword lost all of his powers, while the second time, it was only diminished. But it was too late, and Gygar, who was already old and frail, fell ill and died after a few months. The two swords were lost after the fall Gygar’s domain. The powerless sword was found a century later by an Alasyan warrior, and in 995 AC was seen in possession of Aktar Falayan, an Alasyan outcast. The magic one was captured by goblinoids of the Count’s army, and in 1000 AC was reported to belong to Vlack, an hobgoblin king in north-eastern Karameikos.

Permanent Powers

Two-handed Sword +1, +2 vs magic creatures & spellcasters, produce light at will, +2 bonus to Dexterity.

The ionian gem in the hilt gives Cure Light Wounds, ESP (both reversible).