Staff of Pflarr


A wooden staff, with a four-pointed star on top. It seem to be entirely made of silver. In fact it is made of mithril. Even so, the staff doesn't weight more than a wooden one. The staff is plain, but near the top it is carved to represent a man with jackal head, raising a silver star over is head.


The Staff of Pflarr was the symbol of authority of the Wizard-Priests of Pflarr, a now extinct order of worshippers of the Hutaakan deity. After the death of the last Wizard-Priest at the hands of Traldar raiders, the Staff has been secured by the Hutaakan Clergy. When the Traldar forced the Hutaakans to leave the Temple of Pflarr, the Staff was left in the treasure chamber, and never recovered.

Permanent Powers

Quarterstaff +1, Cast Cantrips (protection from rain, shining eyes, flame, minor light) at will.

Any wizard can discover these powers after two weeks of research, and their use is by thought, not requiring even concentration to keep active.

Charged Powers

Cast the following spells:

The Staff has 45 charges and is rechargeable (by a mage of at least 12th level and a 9th level priest of Pflarr). All powers work as if cast by a 12th level mage. All charged powers require the use of identify spell to be revealed, if the wizard knows nothing of the Staff. To use them, secret words in Hutaakan tongue are required. Forcewave and Firestaff come from "Dragon Magazine".

Breaking the Staff

The Staff can be broken, releasing all of the remaining charges. Damage is 1d6 / 3 charges, decreasing by one die for each 10' from the Staff (this means that the user takes maximum damage, and all other beings and items around him also take damage, according to their distance from the user). A save vs Spells is permitted, halving the damage (the user has no save). Then the user is gated to the Outlands where he (or is spirit, if he is dead) will face the judgement of Pflarr.