Psionics on Mystara


This article features various suggestions on how to introduce Psionics in the world of Mystara. Since Mystara was originally created for OD&D, it is rather obvious that there aren't many "canonical" sources on the presence of Psionics there. Nevertheless, there are some phenomena that could, at the DM's will, be explained through Psionics. Moreover, should one employ other AD&D 2e settings together with Mystara, it might be useful to have some explanation of the (apparent) absence of Psionics on the planet.

In general, the more a setting is high magic, the less it is high psionic, and vice versa. Mystara is commonly held high magic, so, even when Psionics are used in the setting, its frequency should be lower than on other worlds. Also, while on many worlds Psionics are researched, teached, and learned with mechanics resembling those used for magic, it is not so for Mystara. Here, Psionics are so rare that only few institutions (namely, mystic monasteries and the Yavi Seers) give formal training in the Way.

Following some reasons are suggested for the rarity of Psionics on Mystara, and some advice is given on the nature of Wild Talents and Psionicists of this world.

Mystaran Psionicists


While most Mystaran humans doesn't seem to be different from their kin of other worlds, some of them show peculiarities that might explain why Psionics are so rare on Mystara, and why the presence of Psionicists is known only in a few regions of the planet.

Demihumans & Humanoids

Wild Talents

Mystarans seldom have Wild Talents, and even then they have lesser power in comparison to Athasians. They never have Wild Sciences, and may have only two different Talents (not counting the prerequisites). They also have a reduced selection of Wild Devotions.

The rate of Wild Talents is for standard humans and demihumans is the same as that of standard AD&D campaigns. This means that only one in a hundred Mystaran humans has psionic talent. This rate is even lower for elves and humans of alphatian blood.

Psionicist Kits on Mystara


Savage Psionicists exists on the Savage Coast, among the lizard-kin and the goblinoids. However, they are rare, and they are not clearly distinguished from Savage wizards, or legacy users.


Crystallite kit was introduced in "The Even More Complete Psionicist" by Jon Winter, appeared on Dragon Magazine issue 200 of December 1993, and still available from TSR website (Dragon Magazine back issues). Dwarves and gnomes of Mystara have the potential to be Crystallites, but they cannot be Psionicists without this kit. Also, a dwarf or gnome cannot use a wild talent without the Crystal Focus proficiency, which does not give him the standard bonus, but just allows him to use the power. Differently from Crystallites of other worlds Mystaran dwarves have to choose their primary discipline between Psycokinesis or Psycometabolism, while gnomes have the standard choice.


Sensei are described in "The Will & the Way" (currently available for download at TSR website). They are known on Mystara as Mystics. They belong to monastic orders, but may leave their monastery for long times when needed. Humans, Half-Elves, Rakasta and Tortles might be Sensei, though there aren't many monasteries along the Savage Coast at the time. Rakastan Sensei are the most common, but they are encountered mainly on Myoshima.

Mystics almost always learn these powers as they have the opportunity to do so: Inertial Barrier, Cell Adjustment, Body Control, Body Equilibrium, Fighting Trance, Adrenaline Control, Invisibility, Mind Bar, Suppress Fear, ESP, Catfall, Heightened Senses, Flesh Armour. These powers mimic the various physical and supernatural abilities of the OD&D Mystic well enough, and should allow proper role-playing of the Mystic class.