Mask of Usamigaras


This magic item appears as one of the masks worn by the Magi of Usamigaras, though this is made of mithril. The Mask will shrink or enlarge to fit any user.


This Mask is worn by the High Magus of Usamigaras. It is said that it was crafted by Usamigaras when he was King of Cynidicea, and worn as a crown. At present time, it belongs to Auriga Sirkinos, the current High Magus.

Permanent Powers

+2 Bonus to Charisma, +1 Bonus to Saving Throws; Alter Self, Cure Light Wounds & Hypnosis 1/day.

All power are activable only when the Mask is worn. Both bonus are always active, while the spell-like powers are activated by mental command.