Holy Mace of the Priest-Baron of Volaga


This mace is engraved with holy symbols of the Church of Traladara: the sword laid on the anvil and the shield of Petra.


The Baron of Volaga, a powerful Priest of Petra, crafted this weapon to fight the Black Count of the Moors. The Barony of Volaga was destroyed by the army of the Count in 720 AC, and the Baron was killed. He was laid to rest in a mound on the hills, and his mace was put in his tomb. The holy mace was recoverd by Priest Elessar of the Church of Traladara only in 1000 AC.

Permanent Powers

Horsemanís Mace +1, +2 vs Undead, Cast Bless & Protection from evil 1/day, Cast Detect Undead 1/week, Turn Undead +1 Bonus.

TU bonus is activated by using the mace as holy symbol while turning undead monsters.

Spell-like powers are activated through secret words. If used by anyone who is not a priest of Traladara, the Mace works as a common mace +1, +2 vs Undead

Charged Powers

When a charge is used, the mace delivers double damage to any enemy, but triple damage to undeads. Currently, the Mace has 15 charges. It is rechargeable, requiring the efforts of a 12th level priest and a special quest in Petra's name, involving the destruction of a powerful undead.