The Deck Ran Red

  • . GRADE: A DREAM WITH THE FISHES (director/writer: Finn Taylor; screenwriters: based on a story by Finn Taylor and Jeffrey Brown; cinematographer: Barry Stone; editor: Rick LeCompte; music: Tito Larriva; cast: David Arquette (Terry), Brad Hunt (Nick), Kathryn Erbe (Liz), Cathy Moriarty (Nick's aunt), Patrick McGaw (Don), J.E
  • . Fish probably have better dreams than this stinker
  • . There is one noteworthy scene of a frightened fisherman from the mainland who has to get his boat repaired, that is a scary reminder of how ominously close Communist China is to Taiwan
  • . LONE STAR is the latest film from the great writer and director John Sayles (THE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, MATEWAN, EIGHT MEN OUT, CITY OF HOPE, PASSION FISH and THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH among others)

    God Among Directors: Natural Born Killers
  • . This little lady drowned her father in a fish tank
  • . A LIVING ROOM - NIGHT CU of a home aquarium with fish swimming around

    TV Guide Online: There's Something About Mary
  • . Genre: Comedy; Romance Color or b/w: Color Production Co(s).: 20th Century Fox Released By: 20th Century Fox MPAA Rating: R Parental Rating: Objectionable for children Running Time: 120 Ted Stroehmann Mary Jenson Pat Healy Dom Magda Tucker/Norm Sully Warren Mary's Mom Mary's Stepfather Brenda Joanie Lisa Boss' Brother Detective Krevoy Detective Stabler South Carolina Police Dom's Wife Doctor Zit Face/High School Pal Coconut Guy Petey Friend 3 Car Hood Kid Car Hood Kid Himself Freddie Girl Homeless Man Medical Assistant 1 Pants at Ankles Guy Paramedic Police Officer Renise TV News Reporter Wine Waitress (credited as The Artist Formerly Known as Dockey) Hot Dog Stud Driving Range Sweetie Jonathan Drummer Fireman Pizza House Man Pizza House Woman Joe Bishop Look-Alike Jimmy Prison Warden Bartender Dancer Dom's Kid Dom's Kid Mary's Little Friend Nimord's Cafe Patron Office Assistant Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Patron Hot Club Barkeep Hot Club Barkeep Hot Club Barkeep Boardroom Babe Insurance Spitballer Insurance Spitballer Insurance Spitballer Office Worker Officer Worker Ashtray Babe Camera Hog Cigar Smoker Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Partier Architect Babe Architect Babe Architect Babe Cuban Dancer Cuban Dancer Cuban Dancer Cuban Dancer Cell Block Bitch Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Jail Bird Strip Club Pervert Strip Club Pervert Strip Club Pervert Strip Club Pervert Cordosa Gawker Cordosa Gawker Comic Book Kid Fish Hook Kid Fish Hook Kid Cell Block Masseuse Buttercup Singer Buttercup Singer Buttercup Singer Buttercup Singer Buttercup Singer (credited as Josh Miller) Buttercup Singer Producer Exec

  • info: BISHOP FISH

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    Detective / Mystery Films
  • . The sly, composed Charlie Chan would eloquently spout Confucius-type proverbs, aphorisms, and wisdom in pidgin English, achieved by dropping definite articles and verbs: ("difficult to catch fly with one finger, " "bad alibi like dead fish - can't stand test of time, " "Joy in heart more desirable than bullet, " "must not too soon come to conclusion, " "Perfect case like perfect doughnut - has hole" and "silence is golden, except in police station, " for example), always with a courteous, paternalistic, and inquisitive manner

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    WWWF Grudge Match: Scooby-Doo vs. The X-Files
  • . Withers has been dressing up as the local legend of the Man-Eating Tunafish so he can scare people away from the amusement park while he searches for the lost treasure of Yellowbeard the Peglegged Albino Pirate
  • . "Meet me in the house of horrors." Mulder will go there and find Skinner, Cancer man, and the guy who only shows up when it is dark, and they will relay to him the fact that this is a HUGE conspiracy concerning his father, sister, mother, dog, cat, and fish he had when he was little

    Looking for Robert O. Airchecks
  • . Any of the above for any date old or new, though check with me on "Over the Edge" in case I have the specific program KFAT, Gilroy CA...the great "K-Fat" (up to 1983) * KHIP, Hollister CA...from the "K-Hip" days (mid-1980s) * KNX-FM, Los Angeles...CBS "Soft Rock" or "Mellow Rock" (pre-1983) KWST, Los Angeles..."K-West 106" from 1981-82 KROQ, Pasadena CA...prior to 1987 * KFOG, San Francisco...either as "beautiful" or as their early days with classic rock (up to 1985), especially M.Dung * or "10 at 10" KKCY, San Francisco...the "Eno" transition from KQAK (1985), or their eclectic AoR 1985-87 (especially with Bobby Dale) * KMPX, San Francisco...any music (up to 1982) KQAK, San Francisco..."Jaws" transition from KMPX (1982), Jed the Fish or Tim Bedore KSFO, San Francisco...personality/standards, esp

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    Honest Intellectual Inquiry into Science
  • . The "living fossil" lungfish discovered in 1938, now endangered
  • . A global information system on fish

    The Demon in the Freezer
  • . The building has a line of windows tinted blue-green, like fish tanks

    Catholic Answers: Reincarnation
  • . They tell us that one of their sages said that he, being one and the same person, was born a man, and afterward assumed the form of a woman, and flew about with the birds, and grew as a bush, and obtained the life of an aquatic creature—and he who said these things of himself did not, so far as I can judge, go far from the truth, for such doctrines as this—of saying that one should pass through many changes—are really fitting for the chatter of frogs or jackdaws or the stupidity of fishes or the insensibility of trees" ( The Making of Man 28:3 [A.D
  • . Basil the Great "[A]void the nonsense of those arrogant philosophers who do not blush to liken their soul to that of a dog, who say that they have themselves formerly been women, shrubs, or fish
  • . Have they ever been fish? I do not know, but I do not fear to affirm that in their writings they show less sense than fish" ( The Six Days’ Work 8:2 [A.D

    Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School
  • . Esser Danny Orleans Harry Fishman Jeff Orloff and Howard Orloff Imports Lori & Bruce Fogelson The Pritzker Pucker Philanthropic Foundation Freeman Decorating Company Wendy Muchman & Sol Rajfer Linda & Bill Friend ­ Core Capital Management LLC Amy & Jason Rosenthal Lee Ann & Bob Galowich Steven Sacks & Robin Newberger Linda & Ronald Galowich Hilary & Samuel Sallerson Garvey's Office Products Phyllis & Lawrence Savitt Gibson's Steakhouse Shaw’s Crab House Robin & Phil Goldberg SIMBORG DEVELOPMENT, INC
  • . Michelle & Glenn Holland Vong’s Thai Kitchen Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House Laura & Paul Walder Imperial Service Systems, Inc


    St Benno

  • . Benno, after much prayer, told a fisherman to throw his net into the river as near as he could to where the key had fallen, and, so the story says, among the fish that were caught that day was one which had the key hanging on to one of its fins
  • . Benno, because he is holding a fish and a key

    For All the Saints: Rose-Philippine Duchesne
  • . Until her health failed Saint Elizabeth was tireless in serving the wants of those in need: the princess who made garments for the poor went fishing to get them food and cleaned the homes of the sick
  • . Sometimes she is shown (1) carrying a pitcher and loaf; (2) carrying bread which turns to roses in her lap; (3) with three crowns at her feet, beggar under her mantle; (4) crowned, pitcher in one hand, bird on the other, beggars and cripples in the background; (5) with angels bringing garments to her to give to the poor; (6) crowned among her women spinning for the poor; (7) with a loaf and fishes; (8) in the habit of a Franciscan tertiary; (9) crowned, kneeling before the bishop (her confessor Conrad), who hands her a palm branch, behind him Saint Francis holding shears; (10) girt with the Franciscan cord, she kneels before Saint Francis of Assisi (Roeder)
  • . In art Saint Gregory of Tours has the fish near him, with whose liver he healed his father

    Blessed William of Hirsau
  • . At age 12 she married the dissolute and selfish Denis, king of Portugal
  • . In art, Saint Ulrich is depicted as (1) a bishop enthroned and holding a fish; (2) at dinner with, Saint Ulrich rewards a messenger with a goose leg, which turns into a fish on Friday morning; (3) giving a fish or garment to a beggar; (4) often with his co-patron of Augsburg; (5) riding through the river on his horse as his companion sinks; or (6) with a cross given to him by an angel

  • . The streams abound in fish of almost every Variety

    Asia Minor
  • . Boxwood, salt-fish, barley, millet, wheat, oil, opium, rags, wool, and cotton, hides, galls, wax, tobacco, soap, liquorice paste, figure on the table of exports, but not at all in the proportions becoming the natural advantages of the land
  • . They export fruit, some wine, raisins, olive oil, and mastic, and their sponge fisheries are very valuable

    Canary Islands, The
  • . The wines are exquisite, and together with the fruits, tobacco, and fish, which is good and plentiful, form the principal articles of commerce for export

  • . The two fish swimming in the water signify, besides the fact that they were saved, that all men were transformed into Tlacamichin, fish-people, according to the tradition

    Council No. 02433
  • . Sunday 19th..............................Bishop Charles Grahmann's 50th Anniversary Friday 24th..................................Fish Fry Sat-Sun 25th-26th.......... @CallCenter