Web Friends of Upper Susa Valley

Welcome to this web site... welcome to Upper Susa Valley. This web site has been made due to the growing need to create a site collecting as many pieces of information as possible on Upper Susa Valley, which should become the main reference for the Valley. As of now the site access is fully free.
Many thanks to Gabriel Swartz. In fact, thanks to its interest for the ancient Upper Susa Valley origins he has helped me a lot and gave me the push to further expand the site Friends of Salbertrand on the Web and turning it into this site, Web Friends of Upper Susa Valley. Many thanks to Leonardo Casavola, too. Hehas translate me the web site. Thanks also to Fabio Bertolotti, who has given me a genial idea on how creating this site.
The site is managed by a single person. Consequently there could me some problems on updating times and on times of event notices. However, I'll do my utmost to limit these problems as much as possible.
Would you like to become Web Friends of Upper Susa Valley? That's easy. Just subscribe to our Mailing List or, people who have texts related to the Valley, can send me them in order I can publish them as soon as possible.
Hoping you can become friends of Upper Susa Valley, have a good look of the site.

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