Fire (HyperVoxel like)

One day....... a boy at work told me: You can't make a realistic fire in xsi without using Hypervoxel.

Really??! Look here!


Step 1

Press 4........ In Simulate Toolbar select Create>Explosion>From Cylinder

Scale the emitter (Cylinder)

Now select Particles and choose Get>Force>Gravity

Select Particles once more and press Alt+Enter

Deactivate Sparks and Smoke

Go to Emission Tab

Here you can set rate and velocity of particle and Structure

Insert the following values:

Emission Speed 1

Structure Life 2

Particle and Structure Rate 45.............decrease this value for decrease rendering time

Buoyancy 0,5 var 0,1 (force against Gravity)

In Flame Structure Tab:

Evolution Time at 8,5 or 9

Set Vorticity to 12 with a variance of 30

Vorticity is used to create vortices in particles movements. For explosion effects set a higher value

Decrease the Spread to 0,5 and the Smoothing to 0,5

Ok....simulation settings are finished, now we can adjust the shader

Step 2

Select Particles again and go to Modify>Shader

Into General tab you can find RaySteps: this value fixes how accurate shader will be.

The default value is 30 and if you don't want to wait too long for the rendering, just don't exceed this value.

Try with a value of 20\25, the results are good and rendering time isn't that high

Please note that with lower values like 10 or less the simulation jerks along

Now go to Flame tab

Set Emission intensity to 1,3 and select ''Virus'' as turbolence Pattern

Set Itineration to 3 and Decrease Scale to 0,2\0,3

Scale Value settles how little and detailed the Pattern will be

In order to have best results, use a lower value with Virus Pattern

Launch a 100Fps rendering to see the animation

If you settled everything the right way, you will have a fair blaze!

Click Here to see the Animation(200k)


As you can see, there are lots of parameters: you can create different kinds of Fire by modifying these values.

This tutorial is meant to be the beginning of Explosion Shader exploration.