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Paolo Ceresa  ripreso durante un'allenamento pre-gara a Cervia 2002, le riprese sono state effettuate con due videocamere (una sul pilota ed una sull'aquilone). Il montaggio con la doppia ripresa mette in risalto la tecnica ed i segreti di questo grande campione.

Video with Digital Split Screen that take the mystery out of the most advanced tricks and tecniques (Axel, Flic Flac and .....).


Per visionare i filmati su PC è necessario installare il codec video DIVX 5.0.2 (per MAC

Please install codec DIVX 5.0.2 to see the videos on PC (for MAC

Bitte benutzen Sie codec DIVX 5.0.2, um das Video zu sehen ( MAC .

Pour voir les vidéo sur PC il faut installer le codec DIVX 5.0.2(pour MAC

Download Video (2'40" - 6,37 Mb)

Di seguito alcuni commenti sul video di Paolo Ceresa dagli amici internazionali

Some comments of international friends


WOW, great, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It`s the best Rev-Video i have ever seen. 
Thank`s Piero and give us more. 

(Volker Ludwig) - männlich 


Piero, What can I say except..... awsome! I'm going to be watching this video many, many times. Very nicely done! The bar for great quadline flying has just been raised a few more notches! The control Paolo has is simply amazing...... Many Thanks for putting this on your web site!!!!

Wadsworth, Ohio


Wow! Very nice! Was that an axel on a quad kite? I've heard of people doing stuff like that, but this is the first time I've seen it. There aren't too many quad videos online. 



Wow, thanks for the nice video. DanW tried describing that "bicycle" trick to me, and now I think after I watch it in slo-mo another dozen times, I might have a clue where to start.

Dennis Fishback 
Location: California


Wanted to find such a video for a long time. 
Thanks a lot.
And the split screen is really a very good system to learn the mystery behind quad tricks.



Hallo Piero

Only one word, great !

Greetings Stefan


Hello Piero, 

after beeing speechless at first due to the revolution video I want to express how amazed I was about this video - especially about the peformance of Paolo Ceresa and the split screen technique of the video itself. Really great work! 
BTW: does Paolo know how many positive responses in this forum his video had caused ? 





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