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Against the stream

Painted with colors of sun
Getting into the fen
Worlds apart from oceans
Wind takes off into
Your home…

Against the stream

Night gazes meet
Like driving beams
Everdeaf scream
Silence thunders
in Your mind


Stiff, distant
Moves me inside
Escape from reality Changes anything I feel Take me take me away From myself take me away
For my soul does not feel anymore
Shake the soul
that feels no more…


Tell me who you are
What you ask for
If you really are
Just show up
I doubt you if you're real But look true when you pretend
Dark your power
Inside me though
I wonder where you hide Fragile eyes
The shade you are
Never reveals
Through my mirror


Laughing Of my state
Like the birds movong to east
Like the birds moving
Seeing Clearer Conditionally fragile mind The rising fog comes dark Rising fog comes dark Summer dreams
Steamy states of mind Childish reborn
Watch the ocean
Always changing
still stays blue
Always changing
still stays blue

Off screen voice

from left entities projections
Pieces of mind

Beat back time
Off screen voice
The blackmail
Holds the way
Off mobile phone
Off screen voice Videoadrifting
No escape
I'm on Internet
I'm trapped in the web
Let me have desires
The surviving ones Communicate
The sane ones
Working on the web control ( I'm ) disconnected… out of the net…

Temporary crisis

Smoothing floors too trodden
Turns boredom to a real,
natural state of existence
Time has got time
It comes with you
This wind drives us
To its opposite change
Time has got time
… It comes with you


In your eyes
I showed you
My truth
In your world
Made of words
Can see nothing but

You don't appreciate
When I say what I think
I fuck myself up
If I do what I feel
I am nothing
In the world of the masks
I am dead

Thanks to your

Escape Joseph !

Island of fear
Soul adrift
Lonely like shade
celebrate your life
Your hung life
In your state of
In your state of grace
With your mockery gaze Come on this way
Without realizing
refusing the real thing
The odd persuasion
From who seeks the truth Lit up your unconscious gaze
In your state of grace….

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