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FetalSkinner intervista Kojo voce degli Spagnoli Tu Carne

1) Try to introduce your band. 
2) What's happening in the band at moment?

The birth of T.C. it's in the year 96, we have 2 full length cds published. "Antologia Del Horror Extremo" (Hecatombe Rec.) and ".Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor!" (Bizarre Leprous Prod.) and some splits and compilations . recently into the band 2 new members to T C. (Cristobal - guitar was himself of the band later of the recording of ".Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor!". the 6 members of the actually line up is: Kojo / throat, Flipi / bass + vocals, Minso / clean bass, Bolinga / guitar, Oso / guitar and Rober / drums + vocals. in these moments we working in the artwork for a some split 7" and compose new songs for a soon next recording.

3) Tell me about the Spanish extreme scene. 

The Spanish scene in this moments are good, and excellent bands with very quality. I can recommend: Gruesome Stuff Relish, Mixomatosis, Velocidad Absurda, Machetazo, Holocaust, Dyspraxia, Haemorrhage, Serrando Codos...

4)How would describe your music? 

Sick, bizarre and insane gore grind with industrial, grind core and crust riffs!

5) What's band are big influences for TU CARNE? 

We listen many different styles of music-k, of all these styles we catch that like us ourselves and we adapt it to the T.C. sound. some of these bands are: Napalm Death, Pungent Stench, Carcass, Sore Throat, Gut, Impetigo, E.N.T., Doom, Gut, Godflesh, My Dying Bride, Cathedral, Anal Cunt, 7 M.O.N., Barcass, Patareni, Exit 13, Agathocles, Rot... and more!

6) What does inspire your music? 

For us the lyrics is a very important part in our songs. I read books of psicokillers, tortures, pain and other sick thoughts. also we are fans of horror, mondo, porn, explotation, gore and brutals genre of films. all of our lyrics is a mixed of this influence.

7) Are you in live acting? 

I when leave to act, I act. I am able an I gave to appear with big oxided knives and to put face of lunatic, but I know which is the limit among the reality and the fiction.

8) What do you mean "Be Extreme"? 

I think that we should not confuse extreme with extremist. you can to be extreme in the kind of to see (and to do) the life, the music, the sex... but himself that not can be extremist with the culture, religion, ideas, political,... thinks for you same, not leave that they manipulate you! for my to be extreme (musically speaking) is to be al limit among the harmony and the noise, the morbid thing and the sick thing, to sing and to vomit words...

9) What's the actual brutal band which do you prefer? 

Ever Agathocles, with the pass of the years the mince core continue more brutal!

10) Someone think that brutal is dying, in my opinion the scene is evolving. What do you think about it? 

I think that the scene to evolved and as change. in these moments any band can do a recording with a very good quality of sound and any label can publish it, even the own band is able autoproduced a cd. That years ago itself not can neither to think. also internet to been a revulsive, you can write, to send songs, to obtain information, in real time and in any part of the world. welcome lovers of the brutal thing to the 21 century.

11) Besides treating the ears brutally, what do the TU CARNE do too?

Aside from T C. we not do very, each one of ourselves has its life, its woman, its children, work. ...etc. we not have too much free time to dedicate to other activities. Tu Carne is a hobby and a kind of disconnect, not our way to live.

12) Do you know some Italian bands? 

About the Italian scene I not know very: Cripple Bastards, Dysmorfic, Bowel Stew (very soon out: Tu Carne / Bowel Stew - split 7"), Woytjla ...

13) Ok guy ,any final comments. 

Ok Giuseppe, thanks for your support and good luck with Stillborn Web'zine. A sincere greeting!

Kojo + T.C.