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Un ignorantissimo FetalSkinner intervista i loquacissimi Total Rusak

1)Try to introduce your band.

See our website,...indonesian band play in death metal band..

2)What's happening in the band at the moment?

We are ok....

3)what must your fans expect for the next album labelled Total Rusak ?

to like them and can enjoy the music we created...

4)What's the actual brutal bend which do you prefear?


5)What do you mean "be extreme"?

I mean, just be in real with the death metal suppsosed to be...

6)Are you in live acting? ya,sometimes,ready to receive any sponsor to make concert...
7)What is the show which you can still remember in these yars?

some shows in indonesia.

8)How would describe your music?

hard, ok, and acceptable for death metal music's lover.

9)What's bands are big influences for Total Rusak?


10)What does inspire your music? (satan,horror/porno-movies.)

situation which happens around,my country,the truth.

11)Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it?


12)Tell me about the extreme scene of your country.

They have develope more after the reformation in indonesia,we are allowed to express our self with anyway as long as it's not againts the law....

13)Do you know the present extreme scene in italy? 

not really, tell me!!!

14)what do you think about mp3 and internet?

good,world media for comunication.

15)What would the Total Rusak have done in their life if they hadn't themselves?

try to make no war on this earth...

16)Besides treating the our ears brutally, what do the Total Rusak do too?

we are doing normal life like others...
keep on blasting!!!!





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