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FetalSkinner intervista i Thorwald

1)Try to introduce your band.
Hello Giuseppe,
Well, we started back in 1999, before that date we just played some sort of improvised chaos. Then we started to work on our own music with more or less serious riffing and composition. We recorded one demo. Then there were quite often line-up changes. The present line-up consists of Saky (guitar), Patrik (drums) and me on bass. Some months ago our ex-guitarrist Boris rejoined us, but now as the vocalist. Together we also prepared the stuff on split CD w/Pulmonary Fibrosis.

2)What's happening in the band at the moment?
In April this year we recorded 10 new tracks which we would like to use for some split or something of that sort. We aren't sure yet how it will be, but it's quite possible that it will be released on Roman's Bizerre Leprous Productionagain. Besides of that we also have some other activities, I'm doing some electro/porn/gore in the vein of Libido Airbag on PC at home, it's name is K.O.K.O.T. Saky and Patrik are doing the goregrind band Decomposition and Boris plays guitar in Obliterate. He also plays drums in some next band, but I can't say which style they exactly play. And normally we would like to sit in pubs, same as other people use to do and so on...

3)what must your fans expect for the next album labelled Thorwald ?
The new tracks are way more faster and brutal, it's more grind core, as we reduced death metal elements for sake of doing straightforward and not very complicated songs to let the people on the shows smash their heads, hehe.
In my opinion, these 10 new songs are better also when it comes to soundquality. We'll see what will happen, but we certainly would like to be even faster on the next recordings, so don't except some slow craps from us.

4)What's the actual brutal bend which do you prefear?
I could mention a couple of extreme combos, but recently I get the new album of Epitome and I can't put it out of my CD player..

5)What do you mean "be extreme"?
It's something like sticking the dick into fire and then trying to quench it with petrol.

6)Are you in live acting?
So far we played only a few shows, mainly because of incomplete line-up. We wanted vocalist able to growl on the shows and also able to do a show for the people, not someone who stands on stage like some queerdo with candle in the ass, and we had no chance to find such person for a long time. But now the situation is different, so it probably will be better with the shows. We're glad of any offer and will come anywhere, if there will be interest in our show.

7)What is the show which you can still remember in these years?
This year we played only one show, in Miskolc, Hungary, with bands Cruent Stercuaro and Nomenmortis. It was quite cool trip, but the best thing there was Hungarian wine.

8)How would describe your music?
Pathological Grind

9)What's bands are big influences for Thorwald ?
Well, we're four in the band and our tastes differ a bit.
The guitarist is into bands like Devourment, Squash Bowels, Cryptopsy, Cannibal Corpse, The drummer prefers mainly goregrind like Utopie, CBT, Gut, but he's listening also to Black and Death Metal, Boris is not only into grind, but also into various electro and jazz stuff, and I don't know what else, and I like bands such as Terrorizer, Epitome, Nasum, Impetigo, Gut, Carcass, S.C.D. and so on... . So if we tlka about some influences I
think that our music to certain level is influenced by stuff we listen to at home.

10)What does inspire your music? (satan,horror/porno-movies.)
Nothing like that, most important for us is the music, we just play the stuff we like at most, but we have a bit pathological image, to look brutal
on the shows, hehe.

11)Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it?
Only ignorant, loosing the interest in the scene, or someone not involved and taking notice about whot's going around him can say it dies. I.M.H.O. it's still getting better and better in most ocassions, the scene grows and there's still more and more bands like us, so I don't know how it come that some pricks are still moaning on "dying scene".

12)Tell me about the extreme scene of your country.
The Slovak scene isn't that known in the world, but we have quite a lot of bands, mostly of more melodic kind, but there are also some real extreme combos worth to mention, like f.e. Obliterate, Nomenmortis, Decomposition, Sanatorium, Incurable, Syntheticaly Revived, Craniotomy and some others. But with the shows it's worse, although ocasionally there are the shows worth to see. The shows are more and more rare. I wouldm't like to lie, so I tell that it's also because of not very good economic situation in SK. Not everyone is able to earn money enough to put it into band, shows or doing the zines.

13)Do you know the present extreme scene in italy?
Huh, of course - Erross Ramazotti, Tiziano Ferro, well, just kidding, I know a lot of cool Italian bands like Cripple Bastards, Corporal Raid, Correy, Grimness, Undertakers, Sadist, Entropia, Bowel Stew, Bastard Saints.

14)what do you think about mp3 and internet?
I think it's really great form of promotion mainly for the new bands in their beginnings on the scene, and it also helps to more known bands with spreading their names around the globe. It was quite impossible some years ago and it's only great that internet became to be more available.

15)What would the Thorwald have done in their life if they hadn't themselves?
Eat, drink, smoke and fuck.

16)Besides treating the our ears brutally, what do the Thorwald do too ?
If you're asking about what we're doing besides to playing in Thorwald, it's nothing extravagant - we live our not very special lives and try to have some fun of it.
O.K.pal, I would like to thank you for your support now. Please excuse my delay with replying, I was really busy and had no time to write sooner. I also must ask some other people to translate it, as my English isn't that good.





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