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Ecco il resoconto della chiacchierata fatta da Fetalskinner con Carlos, batterista dei Rottenness, e come al solito non è tradotta in italiano..

1)Try to introduce your band. 

first hi giuseppe,thanks a lot for the interview,the band is ISRAEL(bass-vox)JOSE(guitar-vox) and me CARLOS(drums)

2)What's happening in the band at the moment? 

well,my brother JALEEL(guitar) quit the band and now were working in new songs for the new album whos gonna be coming at the end of the year,we are working right now in the details with the company,i cant say whos gonna be till is 100%confirmed but they are a great company and one of the renowed ones in the underground, and we are taking a rest for tghe rest of the year just to rehearse to decompose thr new album,so wait a slab of brutal death sado album jajajajaa

3)what must your fans expect for the next album labelled Rottenness ? 
well,as i said before were rehearsing the n ew songs,its gonna be at leats 9 new songs of sado porno death grind metal,jajajaja the title of the album that we have now is "SICKENING CHRONOLOGY",and the fans can expect aas always just pure depravation from us.

4)What's the actual brutal bend which do you prefear? 

100% death grind,only pure good musick jajajajaja,

5)What do you mean "be extreme"? 

for me,the ugliest,dirtiest,depraved,bizarre extreme of form to play the musick that i like most.

6)Are you in live acting? 

yeah,of course,we like to be a live band wherever we can,sometimes in tha place where we live is far away and to expensoive for us to go and play but we dont care,the prove is that we paid for ourselves our european tours that we made last year and this year wher we play in the FUCK THE COMMERCE VI in germany.

7)What is the show which you can still remember in these yars? 

theres alot of them,but we keep it with the european tour that we made last year,is was so fucking great just see those people to the first time and wacht those people destoy the place apart,it was intense ,jajajaja

8)How would describe your music? 

well,we are just a bunch of guys playing brutal sado porno death grind,

9)What's bands are big influences for Rottenness?


10)What does inspire your music? (satan,horror/porno-movies.) 

we are a totally deviant people,we like to watch porno movies and finding new shit in those movies jajajaja

11)Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it? 

dying???i dont think so,i have watched alot bands who were underground bands,and now there touring more and more,and giving the chance that they deserve,and alot people who i have the chance to met telling the same,i think the scene is growing stronger than ever.

12)Tell me about the extreme scene of your country. 

scene??well,a few years back there was a lot bands but the split,and right now theres is like a comeback with this new bands,nad the scene here is gettin stronger,just listen the bands like DISGORGE(mex) and RAVAGER. or THE CHASM 

13)Do you know the present extreme scene in italy? 

actually i dont know many bands or how the scene is,i just met the guys from CRIPPLE BASTARDS this year but i hope theres more than that jajajaja sorry

14)what do you think about mp3 and internet? 

well,in one hand you can talk with other members of other bands in just a few minutes and listen that band, but i missed the old days with tape trading and writing letters just to send it,im still doing it,im like the 50-50% guy who support the internet and mp3s and doing my old day stuff jajajaja

15)What would the Rottenness have done in their life if they hadn't themselves? 

jajajaja i dont know,i think just working in a sex shop and listen music all day and go to a fetish partys all weekends jajajajaja

16)Besides treating the our ears brutally, what do the Rottenness do too ? 

just working to have some money,you know,to solve all the spending in parties and drinking,and rehearse at least 3 or 4 times a week,cause we dont have anything to do jajajaj,and just to thank you for the oportunity to appear in your mag,thanks bro!!!stay sick and just to tell you that we have shirts fopr sale for $18 dlls p/p its two sided color shirt with the cover in the front for our 2cd album"INHUMAN WAYS OF DEPRAVITY" and the title of the album in the back,and also we have just a few cds left from our first mcd "BLASPHEMOUS GORE ENJOYMENT" for $12 dlls p/p,and check our web page www.rottenness.com or write to rottenness666@hotmail.com for info about the band.thanks bro!!!