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Ecco l'intervista in inglese (scusateci!) che Fetalskinner ha fatto a Reef dei Mincing Fury..

1)Try to introduce your band.

We are four normal crazy guys who decided to play extreme music. This playing is our hobby and we take all around it with the fun. Members are: Mrkev (guitar), Topi (screams - he also sings in PIGSTY), Free (bass) and me - Reef (guttural voice). We are actually without drummer, but drummer of ALIENATION MENTAL Jarda helped to us with the recording of new stuff. We live in Brno, second largest town in Czech Republic. We only play, drink and fuck during our free time.

2)What's happening in the band at the moment?

Last week we just finished recording of our new material for 2 split CDīs. The first is split CD with SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH for Czech label Bizarre Leprous Prod.. The second is split CD with Japanesse grinders BUTCHER ABC for US label Last House On The Right. Both materials were recorded, mixed and mastered in studio Sopa during last 3 weeks. The title of first material is "No Jokes With Devils" and title of the second one is "Eye For Eye (Sufferinf For Suffering)". Both materials have 9 new songs.

3)what must your fans expect for the next album labelled Mincing Fury ?

New material is little bit different from the old, it has really better sound and better and more crazy vocals, more technical guitar parts and all new material is more varied than the old. Basically itīs hyperblasting grind with touches of brutal death, HC, punk and other styles.

4)What do you mean "be extreme"?

Be extreme means kill all fucking trends and play real heavy and fast music. We try it for few last years....

5)Are you in live acting?

Yes, next week we will have first gig (after pause of many months caused by crisis in line-up) with new bass player, we will play only new songs....we will play with the drums playing from CD, cause itīs probably impossible to find such fast drummer in our neighbourhoods.

6)What is the show which you can still remember in these yars?

The best show we ever have was probably in March this year on Just Killers Fets in Germany. We played together with bands like LIVIDITY, GOREROTTED, CORPSE FUCKING ART, INHUMATE, MASTER e.t.c...and fans were so crazy...you know, stage diving during all our set....

7)How would describe your music?

We called it furious hyperblasting dement grind.

8)What's bands are big influences for Mincing Fury ?

Itīs hard to say, cause our ex-members (bass player and drummer) listened classic grind bands like LDOH, EXHUMED, SCD e.t.c....but they are no longer in band. Our guitar player (who made 90% of new stuff) like mostly NAPALM DEATH e.t.c., our new bass player listen thrash and HC, our second singer listen all styles of extreme music and Iīm really into US brutal death, so my favorite bands are e.g. CRYPTOPSY, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DYING FETUS, DEVOURMENT, SOILS OF FATE, DYSCRASIA, KATAKLYSM, INTERNAL BLEEDING e.t.c......so there so many different influences....

9)What does inspire your music? (satan,horror/porno-movies.)

As I wrote, itīs love to play extreme music and funny around. Nobody from band admire Satan, horror movies or other shits.... (maybe guitar player has little deviation in watching porno, he,he...)

10)Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it?

I think that the extreme scene is stronger and stronger. I see it as fanziner, so I think I have uite good overview around the world scene....

11)Tell me about the extreme scene of your country.

There are many extreme bans and labels/distros, many fans, many gigs....the biggest summer festivals are Obscene Extreme (which seems to be the most extreme fest in Europe) and Brutal Assault Fest. Bands from death/grind style which I can recommend are e.g. ALIENATION MENTAL, PIGSTY, CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, INGROWING, INTERVALLE BIZZARE, EXTERMINATION, GODLESS TRUTH, HATESICK, LIQUID PUS, CONTRASTIC, FLESHLESS, MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM, GRIDE, IMPERIAL FOETICIDE, DESPISE, AHUMADO GRANUJO and many more.....

12)Do you know the present extreme scene in Italy?

I know few persons from Italy (Hi Luca!) and not so many bands - e.g. ANTROPOPHAGUS, CORPSE FUCKING ART, HORRID, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, NEFAS, BASTARD SAINTS, BOWEL STEW, CORPORAL RAID e.t.c....but I think that you have strong scene for sure!

13)what do you think about mp3 and internet?

Itīs very important thing in promotion of young bands, I can say that itīs needfull today in underground scene as well. I use internet and e-mail almost every day.

14)What would the Mincing Fury have done in their life if they hadn't themselves?

Maybe we would have only drink and fuck,..ha,ha...but probably we would have play in some another band....

15)Besides treating the our ears brutally, what do the Mincing Fury do too?

itīs said in the answer no.1.....but in the end....I would like to say BIG thanx to you and to your readers....if anybody interest in anything around the band (interview, CD, T-shirt, new split CDīs - both will be available soon on my address for 12 Euro including postage) or my death/grind zine ANTITREND (bands and labels get in touch, feel free to send any promo stuff for review or eventually using your stuff for my compilation CD-R which is part of every issue of ANTITREND zine), just contact me on:
Marketa Cerna, Prostejovska 16, BRNO, 627 00, CZECH REPUBLIC
or use e-mail: antitrend_zine@hotmail.com 
and check out our web on: http://mincingfury.bloodyorgasm.com