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Fetalskinner oggi ci presenta gli Holocausto Canibal, quintetto portoghese dedito a un pornogrindgore molto particolare..

1) Try to introduce your band.

Heys Giuseppe “Fetalskinner”! I’m Z. Pedro from Holocausto Canibal and my perverted kinky dirty sex sessions are performed on female bodies exclusivelly. I don’t like exotic pets that much but coprophagic girls with a particular weird sexual fetish, don’t fear me... I’m “introduced”.

I formed the band back in ’98 and the current line up is formed by: Ricardo - strangulated screams, carnal groans eructations and no f/x sub-throat regurgitation; Z. Pedro - post mortal copula and vulvae dispareunia based on 4 strings violation + forensick literature; Nuno P. - pathological razorized bonesaw through 6 string cock impalememt; Nuno T. - perverse intra uterine spasm implosions delivered through 6 strings chainsaw; Ivan - purulent anatomical hyper speed blast implosion.

The band discography is: “oPus I [oPus I]” | Rehearsal Tape 1999; “Gonorreia Visceral [Visceral Gonorrhea] | CD 2000 ; “Sublime Massacre Corpóreo [Sublime Corporeous Massacre]” | CD 2002 “Libido Dispareunia [Libido Dispareunia ]” | EP 2003 - Split [Grimness - It].

Holocausto Canibal already played with bands such as: Aborted [be], Avulsed [es], Beheaded [ml], Centinex [se], Disfear [se], Disgorge [us], Enthroned [be], Finntroll [fi], Hypocrisy [se], Immortal [nu], Internal Suffering [cl], Katatonia [se], Krabathor [cz], Moonspell, Necrophagia [us], Rebaelliun [br], Sinister [nl], Vader [pl], Vital Remains [us], Yattering [pl]... between other names of world recognition. Holocausto Canibal already shared stages with more than 200 different bands.

Holocausto Canibal were already featured in 3 tv reports about extreme music, broadcasted in prime time by 4 different Portuguese tv stations. This is a inedit and unique case concerning extreme music coming from Portugal , besides being also the only extreme band that had been mentioned in a Big Brother program J

Uf...and I think this is the more relevant [or irrelevant] about us!


2) What's happening in the band at the moment?

In a few weeks we’ll start a small tour [about 10 venues] called “September To Dismember” with some portuguese local bands, in order to promote the recently released EP “Libido Dispareunia” included in the split cd with Grimness. Besides that we have already 10 new songs composed to be featured in our third full lenght album with no release date set yet, but sure to be recorded still during 2003. We are also waiting for the eminent release of our 4 way split with the portuguese acts Necrose, Neoplasmah and Goldenpyre, all of them playing different death metal styles. After this we’ll also release a split cd with Mixomatosis [es] in the american label Deus Mortuus Productions [Amoebic Disentery, etc...].


3) Tell me about the split with the italians Grimness.

I must confess I didn’t know the band neither the label, Grindmind Records, until they get in touch with us. Michele from Grindmind contacted us, to know about our availability to participate in this kind of release and we thought since the beginning it would be a great idea. It was a honor to be chosen for the first label release. We are always interested in split material with other bands and the promotional work and sales numbers that the split is achieving is superior to my better expectations. In only two weeks the first edition [limited to 500 copies] was sold out, and now are being pressed 1000 more.


4) What's the actual brutal band which do you prefer?

That kind of questions are really harder to answer. Is like if you asked me who I like the most: my mother or my father or if I prefer a doggy style fuck session or a well performed blow job. I don’t listen only to metal, but lately spinning on my cd player are the following bands: Exhumed “Anatomy Is Destiny”; Morbid Angel “Heretic”; Anal Bleeding “2 Cocks In The Same Hole”; Impaled “Medical Waste”; Suffocation “Live @ Baltimore Death Fest”; Nasum “Helvete”; Malignancy “Cross Species Transmutation”; Regurgitate “Deviant”; Misery Index “Retaliate”; Dead Infection “Lethal Collection”; Bodies Lay Broken “Eximinious Execration Of Exicudus Exequies”; Limbless Female Cadaver “Humiliated After Death”; Neuro -Visceral Exhumation “Mass Murder Festival”; Prosthetic Cunt “Fucking Your Daugther With A Frozen Vomit Fuck”; Tu Carne “Me Quedo Com Tu Dolor”; “Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition “2”; Libido Airbag “Barrel Blowjob”... next week the playlist will probably change totally.


5) What do you mean "be extreme"?

Where I said that? Well... everyone must define their own concept of extreme. Personaly I puke in all kind of pussy death metal without feeling and agressiveness. Death Metal must be like a good fuck... intense, hard and extreme. Every band that spreads gay metal should kneel down, blow for forgiveness and swallow the essence.


6) Are you in live acting?

We are maybe the most active portuguese extreme band concerning live agenda. I really can’t be in a band who doesn’t play live a lot.


7) What is the show which you can still remember in these years?

Besides the constant sick alucinated alcoholocaust incursions I still have a good memory and I remember almost every gig. It’s really hard to choose one but I really liked the one with Immortal and Hypocrisy.


8) How would describe your music?

Insert Holocausto Canibal in a simple and tradional music genre might be hard and complex, but maybe Brutal Porn Death Gore Grind is complete enough.


9) What's bands are big influences for Holocausto Canibal ?

It's also really hard to point musical references but Holocausto Canibal is almost sure to appeal to fans of Carcass, Suffocation, Mortician, Impetigo, Gut, Dead Infection, Dying Fetus and even Morbid Angel.


10) What does inspire your music? (satan,horror/porno-movies.)

Our lyrics are in portuguese and focus themes always related with the bizarre and sick gore universe, perverse sexual depravity and weird brutal porn. “Bizarre sexuality painted in blood and mixed with sperm”. I never write about satanic, occult or religious aspects neither social critic or polithics. In gore we trust!


11 )Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it?

I agree with you! Maybe the albuns sales in a general way are decreasing but now it seems that we have more quantitie and more quality bands. Everyone is doing the things in a more professional way and that contributes obviously to the underground scene evolution. A few weeks ago Impaled signed for Century Media and Gorerotted for Metal Blade situation that would be very hard to happen few years ago. Maybe will happen in a near future a Death Gore Grind boom!


12) Tell me about the extreme scene of your country.

Concerning Death Metal and related sub genres we have: Goldenpyre, Necrose, Neoplasmah [will be released soon a 4 way split with this 3 bands and Holocausto Canibal], Unfleshed, In Tha Umbra, Clandestine Abortion Clinic, Hopeless Diarrhoea, Morbius, Devileech, Sacred Sin, Bleeding Display, Grog, Genocide, Agonized, Fungus, Deity Of Carnification among probably many others that I can’t remember right now. We advice you to visit www.holocaustocanibal.com - Links section, to know better our favourite partners in crime.


13) Do you know the present extreme scene in italy ?

Despite the fact I have some good close friends in Italy , I think I don’t know many italian bands. We already did some shows in Spain with Cadaveric Crematorium, I usually chat with some guys from Corpse Fucking Art, we already played with Undertakers too... And of corpse I know Cripple Bastards and Grimness. I know also Deadly Kristin from Ancient, she’s italian right? I can’t really remember what we talked about or if she has a good voice, but I think that her ass is really awesome.


14) What do you think about mp3 and internet?

I agree that mp3 trade and music piracy in general contributes for the decreasing of music industry progress, sales, etc... but I also agree that music leeching is a very good way to promote a band name and spread their work. I usually leech music but that doesn’t mean that I don’t buy tons of originals as well. For me an album is formed not only for it’s musical content but also for the lyrical concept, the graphic design and it only makes sense when all the parts are together as one.


15) What would the Holocausto Canibal  have done in their life if they hadn't themselves?

I’m into metal scene for about 15 years now, and I was already involved in many other projects, before creating Holocausto Canibal: zines, management, booking etc, so I might have followed one of those paths in a more intense way. About the others... I really don’t know... but maybe a she-male escort service would be a suitable job for them.


16) Besides treating our ears brutally, what do the Holocausto Canibal do too ?

Like all the other members from Death Gore Grind bands we work as paramedics, cadaver removal technicians etc etc. Now talkink seriously, I’m finishing my deegre in Architecture; Ricardo is label manager from a portuguese records company; Nuno P. is a massagist; Nuno T. is a gymnastic / physical professor and Ivan works in a graphic design related business. Besides this almost all of us have some activities more underground related: organizing gigs, write in some magazines, djing, radio shows etc.

I really liked this interview. Thanks for your interest in HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL! As always, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL are looking for places to spread their sound live, labels to re-release our stuff, as well as possible bands interested in releasing some splits… So if you are interested or know someone who is, get in touch with us!For further information about HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL we suggest our gorefficial site www.holocaustocanibal.com , where you can find totally dissected to the most recondite entrails all the complex paraphernalia concerning the band. GRIND ON!