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Il caro FetalSkinner intervista Vikram degli indiani Gruesome Malady

1) Try to introduce your band...

GRUESOME MALADY..the most bowel-churning, bile spewing, indescribably sickening horror/gore-grind project ever to raise its hideously deformed head in the Indian underground scene! formed in '99 as a medium to vent forth vomit-inducing art, repulsively created by Vikram Bhat (Drums,Vocals) & Jimmy Palkhivala (guitar,Bass,Vocals)both of now kult doom/death band, Dying Embrace !

2) What's happening in the band at moment?

We are working on some new material for a upcoming split CD!also we will soon start work on our second full length CD!!!

3) Tell me about the indian extreme scene.

Just 2 words- "FUCKING SHIT!"!!!!!!

4) How would describe your music?

Downtuned, tortured intense yet catchy riffs, relentless blasting & truly unique monstrous zombie vocals with awesome horror/porn intro's!soo sick your gonna just love the filth coming at you!hhhaa

5) What's band are big influences for GRUESOME MALADY?

Autopsy(r.i.p), Broken Hope(RIP), Deeds Of Flesh, Sepsism, Fleshless, Intense Hammer, Rage, Lividity, CBT, Cenotaph(Turkey), Plasma, Slough, Lymphatic, Phlegm, Mortician and many,many more!

6) What does inspire your music?(satan,horror/porno-movie...)

Horror and porn movies inspire our music most!! also psycho's,serial killers and other filth and sickness!

7) Are you in live acting?

No,we are not!

8) What do you mean "be extreme"?

Its such a shitty word nowadays! most trendy people use it!just be yourself,and if your extreme in your ways..you naturally become extreme!

9) What are for you the best U.S. bands at the moment?

Hum.....lot of good bands we like,Abscess,Deeds Of Flesh,Vile,Fleshgrind,Incantation,etc....

10) Do you know some italian bands?

Cripple Bastards,Corporal Raid,Bowel Stew..I dont know them personally but have listened to their killer music!

11) Ok Vikram,any final comments...

Stay fucking sick and grind the world away! thanx very for this cool interview and keep in touch!thanx to all who supported us and bought our CD!

Vikram & GxMx