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FetalSkinner intervista i Cook and Ball Torture

1)Try to introduce your band.

hi there! we are CBT and we have started 6 years ago after the split up of our former band carnal tomb. well, we've done 2 full albums (the 'opus(sy)VI' debut CD and the recently re-released 'sadochismo' CD, which is out since june 2002), 2 MCDs (the 'cocktales' debut MCD and the 'barefoot & hungry' MCD split with DISGORGE), three 7"eps (the 'veni vidi spunky' split with SQUASH BOWELS, the 'anal cadaver' split with GROSSMEMBER and the 'big tits - big dicks' split with LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY), a 4-way split CD (the 'fisting the whores' split with FILTH, DOWNTHROAT and NCC), and loads of contris on some compilations.

2)What's happening in the band at the moment?

well we are doing the songwriting for the next album at the moment. we've got about 80% of the stuff we need for the next recording session. i guess the new material should be recorded in spring next year, but we don't know exactly.

3)what must your fans expect for the next album labelled CABT ?

the new stuff is much heavier than the old stuff. we tried to keep the mid tempo, doing ultra heavy and moshing parts much lower than those on sadochismo. but the parts fit together much better at our new songs and there are much more little "highlights" in the songs you know. its hard to describe, but the new shit is much more aggressive than the old one.

4)What's the actual brutal band which do you prefere?

well there are many bands that i like alot at the moment so i cannot tell you 1 bandname that is my no.1 right now or so........

5)What do you mean "be extreme"?

depends on what kind of music you like!! well every style of music has its own way of being extreme and fullfilling the needs of their audience. some bands are fast and very technical, some bands just have sick artwork and lyrics, and some do heavy stuff with low vocals and so on..... so there is a unique way of being extreme for every band.......

6)Are you in live acting?

yes, we do play live gigs if that is your question.... we've done some bigger festivals in the last 2 years, for example the FUCK THE COMMERCE this year and it was a killer! the next biger gigs will be next year i guess...

7)What is the show which you can still remember in these yars?

OBSCENE EXTREME 2002 was cool and of course the FUCK THE COMMERCE 2003...

8)How would describe your music?

I think the description: bulldozing bondage gore grind is quite fitting....

9)What's bands are big influences for CABT ?

we all listen to different styles of music so everyone puts his own influences and ideas from styles of music he likes most into the songs. but there are too many bands that influenced us in the last years, so i cannot tell you all of those.....

10)What does inspire your music?

P_O_R_N and dirty thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!

11)Someone think that extreme scene is dying ; in my opinion I think the scene is evolving. What do you think about it?

you are right! I think that the scene is evolving an growing beyond the typical means of the metal scene with satanic bands and death metal bands with extreme lyrics. I thin that more and more guys out there like some new influences and different styles with new ways of brutality and insanity you know! but the scene is definetely not dying! it is changing.........

13)what do you think about mp3 and internet?

cool idea! the pop and mainstream CDs are much too expensive and most cash is going right into the pockets of the distributors and managers and the labels. most of the artist do not have to fear that they will earn less, cause they only get a very very small piece of the cake. the biggest loss is
the monetary loss for the labels I think. and that is ok!!!!!!!!!

14)Besides treating the our ears brutally, what do the CABT do too ?

sascha works as a media designer and timo studies politics. I am studying electronic engineering. so we always got alot to do you know!





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