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Ottobre 2003


Tenebrae In Perpetuum's LP > 29/10

Tenebrae in Perpetuum are back with their first fullenght album "Onori Funebri Rituali"

The previosuly self-titled 7-inches has soon became cult with his poisoning atmospheres of desperation and no return. You will be swept by the fury of the eight invocation recorded here on this sulphureous vinyl.
Pure Sick Black Metal that follows the primordial sounds of the first '90 and his messages. Prepare you for the no return. 
14 Euro postage paid (Europe) // 15.5 U.S. $ + postage (rest of World)

CMI127 Deutsch Nepal : Deflagration of Hell > 28/10

Track Listing:
Deflagration of Hell // Excursioner Angel // The Hierophants of light // Energy - Not Orgasm // Glimpses of war, parts I & II // Holistix - Links between God and Human 
Internal conflicts made Lina Der Babydoll depart from Njurmännen in 1993. We are pleased that happened. What had we done without the Lina of today's naked rants on stage if he had continued? Deutsch Nepals trademark style were already here beginning to take shape. Heavy psychedelic trance-industrial scapes, full of demented beats and distorted guitars. You can almost feel the left-over vibes from Njurmännen here in some of the tracks, very rythmic and almost...pop. Previously released as a cassette on the CMI-sidelabel Sound Source in 1991 and on CD by Staalplaat in 1993 which are now both deleted since years back. This new version is fully remastered by Peter Andersson. Even the titles are correct! A classic - hoping the ageing have done its best with the sound as the years mature a good whiskey. Cheers!

Additional info:
Release date: 5th November! ; Fully remastered by Peter Andersson ; 4-panel digipak 

CMI128 Raison D'être : Requiem for Abandoned Souls 28/10

Track Listing:
In Abandoned Places // The Shadow of the Soul // Disintegrates from Within // Towards Desolation // Becoming the Void of Nothingness 
One of the persons in the extended CMI family that doesn't need a particulary long introduction is Peter Andersson. His Raison d'être was one of the first acts to be featured on CMI, and over the last ten years he has kept refining their signature sound over an extensive discography. Three years since the previous album, the new offering 'Requiem for Abandoned Souls' is a kind of climax, a career peak that all previous albums have pointed up to, where the music sets a perfect backdrop for the theme as spelled out by the album title. The key to understanding Andersson's vision for this album lies in the track titles; read separately, or taken together as a poem. The toll of a church bell escorts the listener on an existential voyage through the world according to Raison d'être, a bleak place populated by shadowy souls abandoned of all hope. But don't let that scare you away, because this remarkably beautiful collection of songs is a true remedy in this age of chaos; when the outside withers away, the inside fills with emptiness, and there's nothing left to believe in.

Additional info:
Release date November 20th ; Jewelcase with 5 different covers! ; Interviews in all important magazines! ; Maximum advertisments and promotion! 

Nameless Crime : Promo2004 > 27/10

A breve sarà disponibile il nuovo promo dei Nameless Crime, intitolato "Promo 2004" con 3 brani inediti che saranno inclusi nel secondo album in uscita per il 2004, l'orientamento del sound sarà verso il Power Thrash americano in stile Metal Church, Vicious Rumors, Agent Steel e Wardog..

www.namelesscrime.com - info@namelesscrime.com 

daniele brusaschetto : new album out now > 27/10

"poesia totale dei muscoli" ..finalmente il nuovo CD fuori ora! 4° album autoprodotto!



The cold, contemplative days have arrived, still we have a couple of interesting releases, which will hopefully make you leave your cozy place near the fireplace.

- December 8th will be the day on which our sick Spaniards HAEMORRHAGE present their new DVD „Visions from the Morgue“. This masterpiece (visually as well as in terms of sound quality !) offers you 3 videoclips, professional live recordings from the „With Full Force“- Festival 2002 performance, live shows in Holland and the Czech Republic dating back to the years 1996 through 1999. A booklet containing new gorestories from von „Dr. Obnoxius“ & Co.” written by Luisma will also be included. Don´t let this cool item pass you by !!!

- After the great success of this year's MORBIDE FESTSPIELE we decided to release recordings from the festival on VHS video format. Release is schedules for January 2004. You can expect superb live recordings of Bonestorm, Harmony Dies, Eminenz, Blood, Manos, Ingrowing, Hellblazer, Birdflesh, Desecration, Prostitute Disfigurement, Neuraxis & Exhumed.

- Chicago`s Deathmonsters DISINTER are currently putting the finishing touches to their new album. It will be entitled „As we burn“ and it has 10 deadly thunderstorms of quality US Death Metal in store for you. Release is also scheduled for January 2004.

- New with Morbid Reords are Splatter-Death Metallers PROFANATION from Görlitz / Germany. Their second mu-sick-al baby is called „Its lunch time again“ and will see the light of day early next year. 

- We are happy to announce the inclusion of Bavarian cultgrinders COCK AND BALL TORTURE to the Morbid ranks. The production of their third, still untitled offering is planned for early 2004 and we hope to spread it among the masses next summer. 

- We have more interesting signings coming up, stay tuned for more information any time soon. 

- Many Morbid bands will be on tour for you next year. A three-week tour of extreme US Grinders WACO JESUS with ISACAARUM is in the planning stages. 

- LIVIDITY have been in plan for next year´s Fuck The Commerce Festival and HAEMORRHAGE plan to perform at the next Party-San-Festival.

Punch Productions > 22/10

Punch Productions is glad to announce:

PP02- Novy Svet/Teatro Satanico: "Confesso tutto!"
split -7" picture-disc 
limited to 369 hand numbered copies
releasedate: 31October

This is one historical cult-song of the cursed Teatro Satanico (composed after a judicial inquiry unfortunately endured from our beloved ones, accused of Nazi- satanism......oh, obviously archived!!). The split includes the original version and a WONDERFUL re-interpretation executed from Novy Svet......(you can't miss it!!!!!!) 

contact: info@punchproductions.net - www.punchproductions.net 

Celesial Ode : Video Clip > 21/10

After a lot of hard work and frustration we managed to create our 1st clip. The clip is for the song "Merciless Attack" and is availiable for download through our website at www.welcome.to/celestialode  Enjoy.


VULVACROMA: Sabato 18/10/2003 finalmente uscirà il secondo lavoro di questa band di puro black metal, sempre per la SINQUE PROD. Il CD si intitolerà "TYT" e conterrà tre pezzi di odioso e thrasheggiante black metal più due killer cover di SODOM e MAYHEM. In tutto 28 minuti di rozzo black metal con basso distorto e screaming vocals. Ecco la tracklist:
Tyt // I Hate Trees // Don't Trust Joe // Sodom's Agent Orange // Mayhem's Freezing Moon
Per maggiori informazioni : http://www.vulvacroma.com/indexita.htm  
DODSKAMMER: Presto uscirà anche il secondo lavoro per questa one man band di black metal. Circa mezz'ora di marcio black metal lento. A breve altre notizie a riguardo. www.sinqueprod.com 

Icon of Hyemes News > 16/10

- UNPOPULAR sarà presto ristampato da ATROCITY EHXYBITION distribuito da Vacation House Records ed AUDIOGLOBE
- la band è alle prese con la stesura del nuovo materiale che andrà a costituire il terzo cd previsto per la primavera 2004, valutando anche alcune proposte per realizzare una collaborazione con due band estere (austria e polonia). chi volesse ricevere ulteriori notizie può iscriversi alla mailing list direttamente alla home del sito: www.iconofhyemes.com 
- E' disponibile il nuovo merchandising della band: NUOVE T-SHIRTS con stampa a colori fronte retro e manica!!!! OLTRE AD ADESIVI E SPILLE!!! vi invitiamo a visionare il merchandising della band su:  www.iconofhyemes.com 

Spiritual Front News > 15/10

"hell.o guys. we are back after a long pause (but we worked hard)
-finally is available the 7" 'no kisses on the mouth' on hau ruck! rec. (b.side: pulcher femina rmx plus an acoustic version!) first 20 copies 10eu (p.i.), signed!!
-available next week the 10" 'nihilist .e.p' on hau ruck!spqr. (Spiritual Front acoustic e.p. feat. Matt Howden) it contains 5 exclusive cool acoustic tracks recorded at herzog studio in rome by me n sost'o with the precious support of matt howden on violin. first 20 copies signed! lmt ed. very recomended!!!!!!!!!
-LIVE in Mainz (germany) on 25th oct. at the Kultur cafè (infos: www.blackpin.de/konzert )
-LIVE in Lisbon (portugal) on 30th i ll play a solo acoustic perfomance plus a dj set with mr. rui! at the Cafe Teatro (infos: www.dagaz-music.com )
-reprinted now 'twin a tin tin towers'. 3 tracks of calypsoelectricdelerium!!! unique great package.lmt ed. on hau ruck!spqr.
-available now the nihilist t-shirts (black,red, and girly!), stickers,lighters).  soon the preview on merchandise (actually under contruction) ...but u can order!!!
-of course ...download samplers of the new tracks (from the 7",10", the comin split 'satyriasis' with Ordo rosarius equilibrio, the Scott Walker tribute and ...why not... the old SF songs.)
...for further infos n contacts click on our site: WWW.SPIRITUALFRONT.COM"

Skoll News > 15/10 

Skoll prioudly present!

"Warrior fo the Misty Fields" t-shirt: 1 side printed b/w professionally printed Photo + logo + motto
limited edition at 50 items ..get it for only 10 euro postage and package included overseas add 2 euro. NOT FOR TRADE!!!

Marco de Rosa - via Crespi, 40 - 28100 Novara - Italy

Gli Anonimo FTP in studio per il secondo album > 14/10

La band milanese rientrerà in studio il 3 novembre per le registrazioni del secondo album con Fabio Magistrali (Afterhours, Cristina Donà, Six Minute War Madness, etc). Il disco conterrà dieci brani, in parte registrati da David Lenci al Red House Recordings di Senigallia, in parte registrati presso il Magister Mob Studio dallo stesso Magistrali, al quale sono stati affidati, inoltre, i mix e la co-produzione artistica dell'intero lavoro, che avrà rispetto al precedente, un approccio meno rabbioso alla forma canzone e seguirà una "vena" più psichedelica, spingendosi anche verso territori low-fi.

www.anonimoftp.com - info@anonimoftp.com 

Deforge News > 14/10

I Deforge sostituiranno i Rainspawn in un minitour che li vedrà impegnati il 24 ottobre al Club Komlplex di Lubiana (SLO) ed il 25 ottobre al Rock Village di Zagabria (CRO) insieme ad Infernal Poetry, Icon Of Hyemes e Adimiron. Per ulteriori informazioni è possibile visitare il sito della band all'indirizzo: www.deforgeband.com 

[ATCprod] > 10/10

[ATCprod] Proudly  Presents:

18 tracks of pure raw anti-femmist misanthropic grind! bastardly offensive!!! 
Please contact atcproduction@libero.it to order your copy for only 4 postage included!

Novembre : Comunicato > 10/10

"I Novembre si esibiranno dal vivo per la prima data del programma "Rock TV on Tour" su, appunto, Rock Tv.
L'evento si terrà a Senigallia (Ancona) al Mamamia Music club (www.mamamia.it).
L'ingresso è gratuito fino alle 23:00. Dopo il concerto ci sarà discoteca Metal.
La band sarà in ottima compagnia: ci saranno i Labirynth ed altri ancora.
Vi faremo sapere quando la serata verrà trasmessa. Keep ears open!"


Kingcrow: nuovo album > 10/10

I Kingcrow sono impegnati nella registrazione del nuovo album, "Insider", che uscirà per la fine del 2003.
Sul sito ufficiale è scaricabile un videoclip del "making of" a questo indirizzo: http://www.kingcrow.it/main.htm 

Nagyrev : Demo 2003 > 09/10

"Unbearable Verity" demo 2k3

now available!
download 2 new songs on the official website



INFLICTION: cercano un bassista!!! > 09/10

I Milanesi INFLICTION sono alla ricerca di un bassista in seguito all'abbandono di Hilo (ANCIENT) per motivi personali. La band sta attualmente registrando il successore dell'ottimo "The Faint Smell Of Suicide", uscito lo scorso anno tramite la tedesca Voice Of Life Records: 

" ...siamo molto dispiaciuti per la partenza di Hilo. La sua decisione di trasferirsi all'estero comporta la necessità di trovare un'atra persona che si occupi del basso. Attualmente siamo impegnati con la registrazione del nostro secondo disco e presto saremo in tour, ma stiamo anche provando dei potenziali sostituti, quindi se qualcuno fosse interessato può contattarci via mail (info@infliction.it)."

Per maggiori informazioni gli interessati possono visitare il sito ufficiale della band, http://www.infliction.it 

Noisy Hours Compilation > 08/10

"Il 24 Ottobre 2003 sarà disponibile a 5 Euro la Compilation di Noisy Hours intitolata Indigestible Sounds, ecco la tracklist:

Zero signal: Grow in Hell // Rain: Headshaker // Last Rites: Mind Prison // Agabus: The Hive of Damage // Dolly Varden: Pensiero Criminale // Melancholy Soul: Watching the Whole World Burning // Captura: Vortice // Cold Void: Fistfucking Armageddon (Perverted Edition) // Killing Creed: The Hollow Man // Brainsick: Snow White // Lab 01: Mix (I'm) // Bloody Tears: Black Society // Holy Martyr: The Call to the Arms // Los Pirates: Los Pirates // Crenshaw: Fly-up // Anna Void: Morpho // Maledicta: The Dark Alchemy of the Elements // SKW: White Noise 

Per maggiori informazioni visitate il sito www.noisyhours.it, presto verrà caricata una serie dei samples dei brani presenti nella compilation."

NARR! - Souls are flying now! 

EAN: 8010070030014 - www.cursedland.com 

RELEASE DATE: November 2003
PRE-ORDER NOW!*  - sales@masterpiecedistribution.com 
The legendary ex-LIMBO Vince Mustone, author of almost all the music of beautiful and obscure albums as "My Whip, Your Flesh", "Our Mary of Cancer" and "Vox Insana", and John Cordoni, ex-NECROMASS (the unforgettable occult act of the '90 decade) are ready to release the album of their new project named NARR!

A dark scenery through synthetic soundscapes, dancefloor tunes filled with harsh beats… 

Electro Body Music for each fanatics of HOCICO, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, VNV NATION, BLUTENGEL and SUICIDE COMMANDO, with harsh male and enchanting female vocals.

Feat. the cover of "LUCRETIA MY REFLECTION" (SISTERS OF MERCY) totally re-constructed!

"Souls are flying now!": The ELECTRO event of the year!!!


EVEN VAST news > 05/10

Siglato un accordo tra EVEN VAST e il BLACK DAHLIA MANAGEMENT, l'agenzia milanese si occuperà dell'attività live del gruppo sul territorio italiano.

info: www.even-vast.com 
booking in Italia: www.blackdahlia.it - black.dahlia@tiscali.it 

Necrotorture Agency news > 04/10

- La Necrotorture Live & Promotion Agency ha preso accordi con la Warlord Records per future collaborazioni e per la promozione live di VII Arcano e Gosforth. www.warlordrecords.com 
- Fissate le tre date per i belgi Prejudice per dicembre 2003, chi fosse interessato può contattarci per una quarta data per l'11 o il 15 dicembre.
- La Necrotorture Live & Promotion Agency ha preso accordi con la BTOD Production, si occuprà della promozione live di Death Dies e Malignance. www.btod.com 

New entry bands:
DISGUISE: black metal da Bari.
INFERNAL ANGELS: melodic black metal dalla Basilicata
PREJUDICE: brutal death metal dal Belgio
BALTAK: black metal dall'Australia. Etichetta Battlegod production.
BUIO OMEGA: black metal dall'Australia con membri italiani ex Mortifier. Etichetta Battlegod production.
DEATH DIES: death black da Padova. Etichetta BTOD production.
BLASPHEMER: death metal da Milano.
PROFONDO ROSSO: grind da Brescia.
MALIGNANCE: black metal da Genova. Etichetta BTOD production. Distribuited by Masterpiece distribution.

News bands:
PREJUDICE: Nel 2004 uscira il loro nuovo album " Dominion OF Chaos", terzo full length per questa brutal death metal band.
URSHURARK: A fine ottobre uscirà il loro nuovo lavoro “Pandemonium Theory” per l'americana Baphomet Records.
FEARBRINGER: Fearbringer comparira' su " Stand on posercorpses - A Mayhem tribute" con la cover di Pagan Fears tratta da De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Il tributo uscira' a fine settembre per la Frozen Creation prod.
INGRAVED: Suoneranno il 18 ottobre 2003 all'Itis club di Roma con Impaled Nazarene, Necrodeath e Handful of Hate.

Web Site: www.necroagency.com 

Domina Noctis > 02/10

I Domina Noctis stanno per iniziare le registrazioni del loro secondo promo, "Nevermore", che conterrà tre brani... 

I Domina Noctis sono alla ricerca di un NUOVO BATTERISTA! Zona Parma; assolutamente no perditempo, tel. 0521 485817 - Gianmarco SPARGETE LA VOCE!!!! 

digilander.libero.it/dominanoctis - dominanoctis@ciaoweb.it 

Cadaveria : Nuovo Album A Novembre > 02/10

La release date del nuovo album dei Cadaveria, “Far Away From Conformità”, è stata fissata per il 24 novembre 2003. Ecco la tracklist:
Blood And Confusion // Eleven Three O Three // Irreverent Elegy // The Divine Rapture // Omen Of Delirium // Call Me // Out Body Experience // Prayer Of Sorrow // Vox Of Anti-Time 


Gli HOW LIKE A WINTER, band Gothic-Doom di Campobasso con all'attivo un demo-cd e un debut album ("...beyond my grey wake") prodotto nel 2003 dalla label americana Martyr Music Group (Broken Hope, Penance, Circe of dead children...) e distribuito in Italia dalla Risingworks/Self, sono alla ricerca di un batterista.
Si richiedono capacità, serietà e forte motivazione.
Progetti: date live in tutta Italia, registrazione del secondo album.

Per chiunque possa essere interessato questi sono i nostri contatti:
E-mail: howlikeawinter@hotmail.com 
Telefono: 328 0756238

E' possibile scaricare mp3 e sample direttamente dal nostro sito ufficiale: www.howlikeawinter.com 

Pagan Rites : Mark of the Devil > 01/10

PAR 029 PAGAN RITES "Mark of the Devil" CD

Devil Lee Rot & Company is back with a new black metal attack!!
PAGAN RITES is one of swedens oldest and still existing black metal band formed from the ashes of the cult band AUTOPSY TORMENT back in 1991.

PAGAN RITES are wellknown in the metal underground after more than a decade of chaos with a lot of demos, vinyl and CD releases.
Now it's time for another attack of catchy and hard hitting old school black metal. The new line-up includes Tyrant and Hellbutcher from Nifelheim, but don't worry they remain true to their old classic sound. 10 tracks of catchy and disgusting old school black metal. 8-page five colour booklet with lots of cool pictures!

The vinyl version of "Mark of the Devil" will be released by the always great Iron Pegasus. Don't forget to check out the best/worst of CD "Rites of the Pagan Warriors" with PAGAN RITES also on Iron Pegasus.

Tracklisting :
Up the Pagans / Die Priest Die / Blood on My Hand / Inferno / Return to the Lake of Fire / Pagan Rites / Mark of The Devil / Hell no Longer Awaits / Lord of Fire / Retriumph with Satan from Hell

Soon available, Start Pre-ordering your copies today!
Join Primitive Art Records Newslist by sending mail to: par-on@list.primitiveartrecords.com

Si sciolgono i Vlkoslak > 01/10

I deathsters salentini VLKOSLAK ci comunicano di essersi sciolti.


06.10.2003 - TORTURE KILLER - For Maggots to Devour CD
06.10.2003 - NOCTURNUS - The Nocturnus Demos digi-CD
20.10.2003 - AETERNUS - Beyond the Wandering Moon CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks)
20.10.2003 - AETERNUS - ....And so the Night Became CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks)
20.10.2003 - AETERNUS - Shadows of Old CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks)
20.10.2003 - AETERNUS - Ascension of Terror CD (remastered/new artwork/bonustracks)
03.11.2003 - MORIFADE - Domin<>tion digi-CD/CD
03.11.2003 - TRIBUTE TO POSSESSED - Seven Gates of Horror digi-CD
17.11.2003 - TRIBUTE TO EURONYMOUS - Nordic Metal CD
17.11.2003 - NILE - In The Beginning digi-CD
17.11.2003 - DIMMU BORGIR / OLD MAN'S CHILD - Sons of Satan Gather for Attack CD
17.11.2003 - SEPTIC FLESH - Sumerian Daemons CD
01.12.2003 - PROJECT: FAILING FLESH - A Beautiful Sickness CD
01.12.2003 - PRIMORDIAL - Dark Romanticism CD (D.R. demo + 4 unreleased live tracks)
01.12.2003 - SOULREAPER - Liferazer CD
01.12.2003 - VOND - Selvmord digi-CD
01.12.2003 - MONSTROSITY - Millennium CD
01.12.2003 - THYRFING - Vannsinnesvisor CD

Upcoming early 2004 : new killer albums of DISMEMBER, CRUACHAN, HEARSE, WITHIN Y and many more!

HYPNOSIS News > 01/10

We are actually working on our first video... It will be realised by Dean Venetza/ INARI Productions (dean.venetza@wanadoo.fr) with the collaboration of Manue Fleytoux...
This video will illustrate the title “Who?” (from “Humanoid” album) that has been entirely rearranged and re-recorded...
It will be included on the next album...

HYPNOSIS 3rd album will be entitled “CYBER DEATH” and will be out in early 2004 on CRASH MUSIC....
The track-listing (non-definitive) is: Cyber Song - Vortex - C.B.M - My Cell - Nothing - Give Me Hell- Evilution- Bleed- G.O.D...
The band will enter Vortex Studios at the end of the year... More infos soon...

Band website : www.hypnosismetal.fr.st 
Label website : www.crashmusicinc.com