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Giugno 2003



[Pullman Per il Wacken] 

Per il settimo anno consecutivo, è disponibile un viaggio in pullman dall'Italia con il programma sotto riportato.

Il viaggio è accreditato ufficialmente dal festival di WACKEN, vedi http://www.wacken-open-air.com/info/info_bustours_eng.html 

E' inoltre disponibile la prevendita dei biglietti, con pagamento tramite vaglia ed invio a casa direttamente dall'Italia 

Wacken Open Air 2003 (30 luglio - 3 agosto)

3 novità quest'anno:
1 Giorno in più… Partenza anticipata… Assicurazione compresa!

Pacchetto con viaggio in autopullman dall'Italia, 
biglietto del concerto e campeggio.

Partenza: mercoledì 30 luglio, ore 8 da Torino – ore 10 da Milano
Rientro:sabato notte 2 agosto a fine concerto, arrivo in Italia domenica 3 agosto in serata

Informazioni e prenotazioni
ATG Viaggi 
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 19 – 10129 Torino - Tel. & Fax 0115683108 (dalle 15.30 alle 19) - e-mail: atgto@tiscalinet.it 


[Il Male Production] 

E' uscita la prima compilation della neonata booking agency/promotion label IL MALE PRODUCTION, famosa per essere guidata da Porz, il carismatico leader dei bolognesi Malnàtt.
La compilation si chiama "I fiori del male" e raccoglie 15 canzoni di 15 gruppi che hanno deciso di seguire la nuova agenzia...
Tra gli altri fanno parte di questa compilation band come Tod, Malnàtt, Deforge, Icon of Hyemes ed Hesperia.. 
per maggiori info: 
www.ilmaleproduction.com  (che, al momento, non è ancora on-line)
intanto potete fare un giro nella pagina del male su www.malnatt.org 



BYFIST Vocalist Rob Steele was pulled over Thursday night by the San Antonio Police Department for a
routine check when it was discovered that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest for unpaid traffic tickets. He was hauled off to jail and after meeting with the judge was given 6 nights in jail to satisfy his fines. Rob Steele had this to say " I tried to get a hold of Davey or Nacho, but just my luck they were nowhere to be found, so I made the best of it. When I finally got a hold of Davey and Nacho they told me they figured that is what happened but weren't sure being that I went to the coast for some fun. Nacho did say though "at least Rob didn't end up as Shark bait".
For more info go to www.Byfist.com or www.metalagesrecords.com 



Il 18 luglio uscirà per Sound Riot Records il nuovo disco dei Madog intitolato 'Fairytales of Darkness'.
Maggiori info su: www.soundriot.net 



IN THE FOREST OF PERDITION, Black Metal label/distribution, (forestofperdition.cjb.net


Flag Of Monotheistic Destruction
Rehersal of the band's album "Let The Napalm Rain" with new covers, new artwork, new bonus tracks!!! 
Furious Black Thrash Metal without compromises raw and aggressive sound and loyout... 
Total violence and sickness against monoteistic religions. 
Pro-printed covers and hand numered copies (Only 200).

For more infos anout the band, us and our releases visit the In the Forest of Perdition's site or contact us at: antichristianhorde@tiscali.it  

Darkness Contact:
Marco de Rosa - Via Crespi, 40 - 28100 Novara - Italy



Beyond Productions is proud to announce the signature of a two albums deal with MILITIA CHRISTI (formed by well known members of the obscure scene, whose real entity is still based upon a secret).
Nothing more will be revealed, since the next full-lenght after the debut "Ordo Militia Templi" is expected for the new year and it is preannunced as the most esoteric release ever.
Marketed worldwide by MASTERPIECE Distribution
for more infos: info@beyondprod.com 



Francesco Cremisini, cantante/chitarrista degli Enemynside, è stato operato ieri per la seconda volta alla schiena dopo l'incidente avuto sull'autostrada lo scorso 16 agosto.
L'operazione è riuscita perfettamente e Francesco rimarrà in degenza all'ospedale di Bologna per i prossimi 10 giorni. A fine mese verrà riportato a Roma dove inizierà la riabilitazione.
L'attività live della band riprenderà quindi a partire dal mese di ottobre. Attività live che sarà incentrata sulla promozione del nuovo "Let the Madness Begin..." di prossima uscita per Temple of Noise Rec./Frontiers.
Per ulteriori info visitate WELCOME.TO/ENEMYNSIDE uppure contattate la band all'indirizzo ENEMYNSIDE@LIBERO.IT 





SPLIT CD-R - Binho Incorporis Pussy Putrification Clono Infest play a Brutal noise Binhogrind w/ samplers Vs Corpus Mutilados, raw grind death 666!!!Sick gore degeneration!!!

"Life?First Assault" Split CD-R - DxDxOx : 11 tracks of punk grind, covers of Olho Seco and NYAB!!!
AxOxDx 10 tracks of pure grindcore with cover of ROT!Insane grindcore assault from Brazil!

[Japure Noise Project]
"Pessoas Morrem" CD-R - 17 new tracks of studio session + 7 bonus tracks (live from the first tape)!!!
Covers of NYAB, ROT, SAM, FUCK ON THE BEACH, CRIPPLE BASTARDS!!!Also available tape version.

[Japure Noise Project]
"Third World Noise Massacre" CD-R - Version cd-r of the demo tape, new layout!Included almost bonus of ExGxSx!!!

Also Available: 
[Japure Noise Project/Fuck Society] SPLIT CD-R/TAPE - Destroy everything!!!Punk grind live in Kabulosos Ground show 4!
[DORDOUVIDO] "Unreleased Song W/ Sampler" TAPE - 07 tracks live in Campo Grande (Brazil) .Hardcore grind with sampler!Raw violence!!!

Upcoming Split CD on Grindmind Records
GRIMNESS italian anti-human grindcore kommando fuck your useless brain with almost 40 dildos in the ass!!!Raw sound, raw and ignorant lyrics!!!Old school grindcore!!!
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL portoguese Brutal Gore maniacs plays 5 tracks for a concept dedicated to genital amputaion, violent bondage and others sexual degenerations!!!! + 2 bonus live tracks! 

Out in July 2003 the first official release on Grindmind Records, two extreme bands for a violent and degenerated split cd!!!Professional press, sick coloured cover, almost 30 min. of crazy brutality!!!Labels and distro ask for reservation of your copy !!!Trade are very welcome but write first at michele1270@interfree.it !!!Wholesale price for distributors!

More info at www.grindmind.cjb.net  


[BLACK FUNERAL - Arises again from its grave] 

BLACK FUNERAL was originally a seminal black metal band in the early 1990's. Formed by Michael Ford, the band quickly became known for their cold and raw productions, aggressive attitude and focus on vampirism. Releasing several albums, Black Funeral became silent when founder Michael Ford (known then as Nachttoter) went on to form Valefor and release dark industrial albums through the late 90's. 

Black Funeral before going dormant recorded an album, "Belial Arisen", based on lycanthropy, Vampirism and the image of Demonolatry with a session member. This recording, which is reminding of early Emperor, Bathory and Mayhem, was a cold and very raw recording focused on the blood rites of Bathory and the demonic sorceries practiced by Coven Nachttoter, an extension of a black magical guild founded by Michael Ford. 

Now, in 2003 Black Funeral decided to continue, while not in a live situation (you will only see Psychonaut 75 perform Live Rituals) but in a new presentation of Sonic Black Magick. Behemoth Productions (a new label from Italy) will release on September 2003 "BELIAL ARISEN", the last pure black metal recording from the band to the masses. An Ensorcelment of Sound, the vampyric essence is being unearthed again from its grave.

While Black Funeral is much different from how it was in the 90's, it still carries its basis, The Calling of Darkness and extreme Musick. 
A new album is planned, with a new but equally extreme and demonic metal inspired sound. 
The band will start working on a follow up around November and the new course of the band will be released by Behemoth Productions (marketed worldwide by Masterpiece Distribution Srl and its distro channels)!!!

Those interested in the Works of Black Funeral today should visit and support Psychonaut 75, http://www.psychonaut75.com for through this Black Funeral arises again from its grave. 

for more infos: promo@masterpiecedistribution.com 



After almost one year of planning, we are proud to announce the birth of the new label named CURSED LAND ENT. focused on electro sonorities. And there is no other better way to start up than with two great bands: LIMBO (the historical Electro Dark Act) and NARR! (a New Comer whose album has been already pre-annunced as one fo the most important electro event of the year).
For more details, just see below and visit the label site at www.cursedland.com where you can listen to some mp3 previews!!!
The label will be marketed worldwide by MASTERPIECE Distribution.
for more infos: promo@masterpiecedistribution.com 

The historical electro dark band is ready to come back on Cursed Land Entertainment with a great collection of remastering songs with new editing, new remix, new and old unreleased songs, from 1984 to 2003 . The title of this cd will be: "Compendium: The Light Fall", and it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band!!!
the members of the band GianLuca Beccuzzi ( also ex-KIRLIAN CAMERA member and now formerly known as KINETIX ) and D. Loop (now known as KEBABTRÄUME), both owners of the project since 2000, after some gigs are now working on remixes of the most recent stuff ("Madre Chiesa Clinica", "L'amour Sadique", "Twilight Fields", "Widowmaker", "Red Latex Jesus"). The release is planned for October 2003!

The legendary ex-LIMBO (Vince Mustone), author of almost all the music of beautiful and obscure albums as "My Whip, Your Flesh", "Our Mary of Cancer" and "Vox Insana", and John Cordoni, ex-NECROMASS (a well known underground black metal act of the '90 decade) are finally ready to release the album of their new project named NARR!
The release is planned to be out in October 2003 and the title will be "Souls are flying now!".
This album is expected as one of the most important electro event of the year! Keep in touch for more news.




Hammerheart Records is extremely proud to present the signing of ArthemesiA from Finland.
ArthemesiA made a totally crushing impression on us with their highly original blend of aggressive and technical, yet melodic Black Metal. ArthemesiA can be best described as an extremely powerful hybrid of Black Metal and Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal with a touch of Classical and Dark Ambient Music.
This band will be without doubt "THE ULTIMATE REVELATION" for the year 2004!
The band will record and mix their upcoming album in 3 different studios (Christslayer Studios, Hellhole Studios and Sonic Pump Studios) during August, September, October and November.
Last but not least the mastering will be done in December at the world famous Finnvox Studios (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Sonata Artica) with Mika Jussila.
The album is entitled "ShamaNatahS - II Describe I Mind" and the cover artwork will be created by Mike Bohatch (Eyes Of Chaos).

Website: www.hammerheart.com 


[Ancient Rites News] 

Ex-guitarist Bart back on the front!

Guitarist Bart Vandereycken, responsible for the great and distinctive guitarwork on the EP's and first two Ancient Rites albums, is back within the ranks... full force and ready to wield his six string axe again! 

Gunther speaks: 

"After all the rip offs we endured in those days, Bart - fed up with the music industry - left the band seven years ago. He has always turned down all other offers from bands to join them (amongst 'em an offer of Cradle Of Filth before releasing their second album!) because to Bart it was Ancient Rites or nothing. But against all expectations he has just accepted our offer to rejoin the Rites gardes! Rehearsals are already started and I can tell you the vibe of the old days is back. Now we will combine the heaviness of the elder days with the progressive/melodic course of the latest Rites releases. The Ancient Ones ride out again! The Cult continues!" 

Bart will celebrate his return live-wise in Finland on the Numirock festival.



Questa settimana solo un piccolo aggiornamento, in attesa di attivare nuove rubriche e di riempire il sito con tante interviste e recensioni.. nelle prossime settimane StillBorn'zine cambierà e dalla prossima settimana ci sarà una nuova redazione.. molti recensori e collaboratori verranno sostituiti da gente più valida e tutto questo per garantire la massima serietà e professionalità per questo sito che negli ultimi mesi è cresciuto molto e questo grazie anche a voi lettori che ci supportate continuamente.



Mirrorthrone: debut album “Of Wind and Weeping” out on Red Stream!

Red Stream has just released the debut album of Mirrorthrone, a Symphonic Black Metal one-man band coming from Switzerland. The CD is entitled “Of Wind and Weeping” and has 8 tracks for more than 50 minutes. You can download mp3s on the official Mirrorthrone website www.mirrorthrone.com. Influences are among bands such as Arcturus, Emperor. The first 1000 copies are released within a limited slipcase. You can order it directly from the Red Stream website www.redstream.org.

All labels & distributions are cordially invited to contact RedStream@aol.com for trades and all zines to spread the news! 

Thanks a lot for your support,



[Nuova band in casa HammerHeart] 

Hammerheart Records proudly welcomes

Hammerheart Records proudly welcomes Finnish Death Metal-combo TORTURE KILLER their artist roster.
Torture Killer plays groovy, oldschool Death Metal in the vein of bands like Six Feet Under, Obituary and Bolt Thrower.
Torture Killer started out as a side-project but has become a real band now featuring members of Adramalech and Demigod.
Their debut-album FOR MAGGOTS TO DEVOUR will be unleashed upon mankind by Hammerheart Records. Some tasty songtitles on this album are Flesh Breaks To Open Wounds, Motivated To Kill, Fuck Them While They Bleed and Gore Terror.
The album was recorded at Popstudio in Loimaa (Finland) together with producer Mika Haapsalo.
Release after the summer!

Website: www.hammerheart.com 


[Primo album per i grandi the true Endless!] 

Aphelion Productions Proudly Present
the true ENDLESS - "Wings of Wrath"

The first fullenght album of this extreme Italian Black Metal Horde full of extra bonus tracks!
True Black Metal without compromises.Limited at 500 copies!
Keep the Black Flame Burning!!!

Order Now for 15 EU/US$ anywhere.

for band contacts:
the true ENDLESS 


[Nuovo sito per i NanowaR] 

E' stata appena completata una nuova versione in italiano del sito dei NANOWAR !!
Corri a visitarla all'indirizzo: 
www.nanowar.250x.com e diffondi la notizia!!!
E ricorda che chi non firma il guestbook è un POSER!!!!



Vicious has signed with SOUND RIOT RECORDS.
Melodic Death Metal from Sweden featuring Henrik Wenngren of SKYFIRE on vocals.
For more info or demo samples visit: www.soundriot.net 


[StillBorn Web'zine] 

Nel Prossimo aggiornamento verrà inserto il Live Report del The Southern Festiv-Hell.. festival che ha visto la partecipazione di band come Theatres Des Vampires, Natron, Infernal Poetry, Undertakers e molti altri..



"Quod me nutrit vos distruit"
.:A jounrey into the abyss of the human introspection:.
7 tracks/34 minutes of real extreme and high-speed black metal

Labels, bands, or anyone is interested to us:
Frioli Mimmo
Via Cavour, 1
74022 - Fragagnano (TA)




Disponibile on-line il nuovo singolo estratto dall'acclamato "Convulse All-Star". Il brano dal titolo "Eight Years" è disponibile, liberamente scaricabile ed utilizzabile all'indirizzo:
La band fiorentina ha avuto l'onore di ospitare in questo brano, come guest vocalist, Patrik Wiren , già frontman e leader degli immensi e ormai sciolti Misery Loves Co. La band attualmente sta ultimando 6 nuovi pezzi che saranno pubblicati su un mcd di imminente uscita. Ricordiamo che "Convulse All Star" (Copro rec./Audioglobe) è disponibile nei negozi di dischi. 


[Metalages Records] 

Metalages Records is proud to announce the signing of BYFIST, POWER OF OMENS, KATAGORY V, DIVISION and THEOCRACY. For information about these bands and release dates go to www.metalagesrecords.com. While you're there sign up to receive the Metalages Records Newsletter.
Your questions and comments are always welcome at info@metalagesrecords.com 

Metalages Records
"Preserving the Past - Forging the Future"



"...beyond my grey wake", album d'esordio della gothic doom metal band molisana HOW LIKE A WINTER, verrà distribuito in Italia dalla RISINGWORKS.
Il disco, uscito per l'etichetta americana Martyr Music Group, sarà disponibile nel nostro paese da giugno 2003. La tracklist è la seguente:
A flower that sears in silence/ All the seasons of madness/ Laying together again/ Bescreen'd/ Who is hiding/ Crucifige/ XCVII/ The night, then hiM/ So death would be just a bad dream.
Per ulteriori informazioni visitate il sito ufficiale della band (www.howlikeawinter.com) e il sito della Risingworks (www.risingworks.com).



MALIGNANCY "Cross Species Transmutation"
New York's blasting maniacs return with their most formidable release to date! Tearing into your flesh like a rusty chainsaw,"Cross Species Transmutation" is pure NYDM, with memorable hooks and over the top technical prowess that's certain to have you petrified with utter fear! And afraid you should be, considering this non-stop killing machine has yet to deviate from its path of destruction, and "Cross Species Transmutation" only proves their loyalty to the underground today! Just when you thought brutal death metal was safe...All species on Earth BEWARE! None are safe from MALIGNANCY! In stores July 22nd, 2003! Visit their website below for more info on the band!

FLESHGRIND "Destined For Defilement" Re-Issue
Time to go back to school, son! Experience the legacy of one of the innovators of today's death metal underground movement. United Guttural Records serves up the re-release of "Destined For Defilement", the beastly 1997 debut album from Illinois' own extermination squad, FLESHGRIND! Behold this quintessential album anew or for the first time, as it is once again unleashed upon the metal masses, digitally remastered for maximum spine crushing brutality! Contaminated with thick guitar hooks, catchy songwriting, tight musicianship, and brute, over-the-top vocals, this record forged a death metal blueprint for the degradation of future to come! Class is in session! In stores July 8th, 2003! Visit their website below for more info on the band!

United Guttural Records is proud to announce the signing of brutal death metal legends CENOTAPH from Ankara, Turkey! After two outstanding releases, 1996's "Voluptuously Minced" and 1998's "Puked Genital Purulency", the bad boys are back and ready to unleash their third assault, entitled "Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium"! The expected release date for this album is August 26th, to be distributed by Crash Music in America. More details can be found on the United Guttural Website! Visit the CENOTAPH Website for info on the band, their website can be found below!

United Guttural Records is now taking PRE-ORDERS for our latest up and coming releases, MALIGNANCY "Cross Species Transmutation", and FLESHGRIND "Destined For Defilement" re-issue! Order these brutal CD's in advance to insure your stock! They will go fast! Orders will be sent out immediately upon the arrival of the finished product. Trades are welcome, please write or call for details! 

United Guttural Records is also taking PRE-ORDERS for our latest up and coming releases, MALIGNANCY "Cross Species Transmutation", and FLESHGRIND "Destined For Defilement" re-issue! Call or write and place your order for either of these brutal releases and receive a free MALIGNANCY poster and sticker! Call or write United Guttural for the details!

United Guttural Records titles are now exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Crash Music Inc.

United Guttural Records : www.unitedguttural.com 
Malignancy : www.malignancy.com 
Fleshgrind : www.fleshgrind.com 
Cenotaph : www.cenotaph.cjb.net 
Crash Music : www.crashmusicinc.com 


[Ancient Rites] 

Due to personal differences Ancient Rites decided to end the cooperation with Jan Yrlund (ex-Lacrimosa/Prestige) during the "Generation Armageddon" Tour of Ancient Rites.



[Nuovo Album per i ByFist] 

BYFIST'S LONG AWAITED NEW ALBUM " PRESERVING THE PAST" which features Davey Lee and Nacho Vara of Seattle's REVEREND will be out on Metalages Records. Currently the songs are being re-mastered along with brand new art and full lyrics. The WAIT is almost over!! Straight Forward POWER METAL !!
For more info on BYFIST go to www.Metalages.com and www.Byfist.com - BYFIST YOU WON'T REGRET IT !!