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Aprile 2003




Uscirà il 15 Maggio 2003 sotto Beyond Productions il nuovo album dei Drastique intitolato 'PLEASURELIGION'

for more infos: info@beyondprod.com 
Msterpiece Distribution s.r.l. - C.P.5057 - 16154 Genova - Italy



Gli Orion hanno vinto la seconda serata dell' University Music Festival, tenutasi ieri sera presso l' Aula del 400 a Pavia.
Suoneranno il 17 Giugno 2003 agli Orti Borromaici (Pavia) in occasione della serata conclusiva del Festival con le altre 3 migliori formazioni della manifestazione. Il concerto verrà registrato e sarà stampato su cd.

..::MeMe::.. & OrioN
Live for a while/Die for all lifetime
email: orionlegions@tin.it website: orionmetal.8k.com 


[Hammerheart Records: news di Maggio] www.hammerheart.com

Cruachan... will be attending a Metal Convention in Belgium on the 25th of May. Keith, Karen and John o' Fathaigh will be there to sign autographs and to answer questions on the new album and an important change in the line-up. For more information on the Metal Convention check: www.metalorganisation.be. For more info and tourdates on Cruachan check: www.cruachan.cjb.net 

Divercia... are currently building their own recording studio and the band is working on demo-versions of their new songs. Furthermore Divercia recruited a new drummer in the person of Petri Eklund (former member of Violent Solution). For more info and tourdates on Divercia check: www.divercia.com 

Dimension F3h... the debut-album "Reaping the World Winds" just being released, mastermind Morfeus already started the pre-production for the next album. Besides the band will play the Elements of Metal Festival in Sandefjord (Norway) on the 23rd of August. For more info and tourdates on Dimension F3h check: www.dimensionf3h.com  

Hearse... latest news from the Hearse-camp is that the band started working on new material. Furthermore the band is planning a Benelux mini-tour, probably in September. For info & booking on this mini-tour contact Tjerk at Loud Noise Productions : tjerkmaas@home.nl. For info and tourdates on Hearse check: www.medlem.spray.se/hearse 

Mercenary... will head to the States in September where they are invited to play this years Prog Power Festival in Atlanta (with a.o. Nightwish, Evergrey, Symphony X). Besides the band will play the Elements of Metal Festival in Sandefjord (Norway) on the 23rd of August. On top of that Mercenary is about to record the vocals for their new, yet untitled album. For a studio diary and more info/toudates on Mercenary check: www.mercenary.dk 

Necrophobic... the Swedish satanic Death Metal horde plays the Fuck The Commerce Festival on the 29th of May in Germany. For more info and tourdates on Necrophobic check: www.necrophobic.net 

Primordial... will be playing a lot of festivals this summer. The band is already confirmed for Party San Open Air, Summer Breeze and Wave Gothic Treffen in Germany. Besides the band is preparing the re-release of their demo 1993 (and bonusmaterial). Last but not least Primordial will support Paradise Lost on their Dublin-show. For more info and tourdates on Primordial: www.primordialweb.tk 

Satariel... the band is busy writing new material for their upcoming album "Hydra". For more info and tourdates on Satariel check: www.satariel.com  

Thyrfing... will replace Amon Amarth at the 2000 Decibels Festival in Bengtsfors, Sweden. The festival will take place on the 17th of May and other acts on the billing are Candlemass, Pain, Vintersorg, Clawfinger and many more. For more info and tourdates on Thyrfing: www.thyrfing.com 


[Theatres Des Vampires News] 

GIAN PYRAS, the most prolific and dominant song-writing force behind Cradle of Filth and who was the longest standing member in the band, other than singer Dani, has pledged his axe on the upcoming "Vampyrisme" the re-release, re-played, re-arranged of the first album of Theatres des Vampires.
Today Gian is not longer with Cradle of Filth and he is working on his solo project and other collaboration with other acts (like Christian Death and Extreme Noise Terror) and will be presented as a SPECIAL GUEST STAR in the upcoming work of Theatres des Vampires.
The album will feature all the tracks of the album of 1996 plus extra bonus tracks and will be completly re-played and re-arranged.
The release will be out in September 2003 by Beyond Productions, marketed worldwide by Masterpiece Distribution.
Extra bootleg information!

This bootleg is not "official" material of Theatres des Vampires, anyway it is an unmissable piece for every fan of Theatres des Vampires.

The title is "Theatres des Vampires, (un)Official History 1993-2003" it contains the very first songs of the band, including the rare demo of 1995 "Nosferatu Eine Simphonie des Grauens" and other incredible rarity ONLY avalaible on this release.

For extra information contact the official distributors:
Masterpiece distribution: sales@masterpiecedistribution.com 
Kick promotion agency: madfucker@libero.it  



CRAFT - Total Soul Rape : finally, after many delays we are now able to infect you all with the re-issue of the long deleted debut masterpiece of swedish black metal terrorists craft, it is time...

prices include postage and packaging 

Box 237
301 06 Halmstad

distributors ask for wholesale prices and possible trades



KROHM - Crown Of The Ancients : Numinas gave birth to KROHM in the year of 1995 with the intention to capture the utter depressive and darkest aspects of Black Metal. The first demo -Slayer of Lost Martyrs- was recorded in 1997 and distributed only to a few labels and contacts. After the rather harsh and violent debut demo Numinas entered the studio once again in order to realise the curse, -Crown of the Ancients- was recorded and a brand new torch was lit in the underground, KROHM embraced something cold and eerie and managed to capture its spirit in every single angle possible.

prices include postage and packaging 

Box 237
301 06 Halmstad

distributors ask for wholesale prices and possible trades


[Goblin Spell / the true Endless] 

Goblin Spell / the true Endless 

Teutonic Unholy Goat Black Metal meets Italian Black Metal Warriors
Lim. on 444 handnumbered copies

available for 5 € + postage and packaging
Trades accepted only with VINYL OR CD (NO CDR OR TAPES) 2 ep's for 1 CD

available from:
Eclipse Of Live Promulgation / Goblin Spell
c/o M.Aamon Kreher / hellingtonienstr.35 / 71543 Wustenrot / Deutschland
FAX : 01212510588672 // E.Mail : m.kreher@web.de 
wholesales: 1-5=5.00€ // 5-10=4.50€ // 10-15=4.25€ // 15-20=4.00€ // 20-30=3.75€ // 0ver 30=3.50€

the true Endless Horde c/o M. de Rosa / via Crespi, 40 / 28100 Novara / Italy  huginnproduction@libero.it  
or M. Pollon Marchetti / via Zara, 22 / 28100 Novara / Italy panzerdpollon@hotmail.com  


[RIP OFF ALERT !!!!!!] 

Dear friends, labels, distros, magazines, zines and all other customers,


DEADSUN RECORDS 10 rueCrech Tanet 22300 lannion-France
Tel-Fax : ++., ++.

About 15 months ago We trust to DEADSUN RECORDS and we give to them 250 of our CDS in jewel cases / plastic boxes for sale. After when we sing distro contaract with PHD we try to get back our CDS or money back but for about 6 months we DID NOT get our CDS and Money for any sold CDS. They still don't return our CDS and looks like DEADSUN RECORDS don't want to return our CDS.
(Only I get few of our CDS back but without plastic boxes and when I DEADSUN RECORDS how many CDS did you sell and where are our money for sold CDS - I never received their answers)

Please don't trust to this RIP OFF LABEL.

Best regards,
& Conquer Records UK



- Manuel sostituisce Simon alle tastiere e sta preparando con la band i prossimi live.
- L' 8 Maggio gli Svenia saranno ospiti di una tv regionale della Sicilia dove dopo essere intervistati si esibiranno dal vivo.[Antenna Sicilia]
- Il 9 Maggio si sposteranno a Siracusa per un concerto (Irish Pub).




I Sudden Death comunicano ufficialmente che è attivo il nuovo sito della band - www.suddendeath666.com - dove troverete ogni novità sulla band, bio, gigs, merchandise ecc.,ecc. 

I Sudden Death, inoltre, comunicano di aver interrotto l'attività live per iniziare la pre-produzione al successore dell'ottimo demo-cd "Devoured Inside". Sudden Death parteciperanno solo ad alcuni festival estivi.Novità sul sito della band.



Gli organizzatori del SOUTHER FESTIV-HELL comunicano che: a causa di problemi assolutamente non imputabili agli organizzatori del festival, purtroppo i VICIOUS RUMORS non saranno più gli Headliner del 'THE SOUTHERN FESTIV-HELL'.. al loro posto ci sarà la Black Metal band capitolina, THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, attiva da anni a livello Internazionale con numerosi cd sul mercato e appena reduce da un tour europeo di supporto a CHRISTIAN DEATH.

Quindi la bill definitiva è la seguente:
Theatres Des Vampires + Undertakers + Natron + Infernal Poetry + Icon of Hyemes + Sothis + Hiding Tower

c/o 'Candle' Pub - Via Monteroni, 33 - Lecce
Apertura cancelli ore 20:00 - Inizio Concerto ore 21:00
Info Tel: 328/4145863 (Max) - 340/0519032 (Andrea) - 338/3191266(Enrico)
E-mail: cafomax@tiscali.it (Max) - shankiller2001@yahho.it (Andrea) - madfucker@libero.it (Enrico)
Web-site: http://www.kissofdeath.it/thesouthernfestiv-hell.htm 



Texas Metalheads BYFIST featuring Davey Lee and Nacho Vara of David Wayne's REVEREND have had to reschedule their San Antonio show due to an unfortunate death of the owner of the club. Sources report that the owner of the San Antonio Club BOND'S 007 suffered a massive heart attack and died at the club. All shows scheduled are cancelled until further notice. Further BYFIST shows will be posted as they are confirmed.


[ROSE,ROVINE E AMANTI] http://roserovineamanti.risorse.com 

Merc.30 Aprile
[Rose,Rovine e Amanti](dark-neofolk italiano)
in Concerto al Raduno Dark di Pordenone

Presso: Uagamama (S.S.Pontebbana) A 15 minuti a piedi dalla stazione centrale di Pordenone. 
Ingresso 10 Euro+Cons.
A seguire discoteca con:
DJ Franz (Trieste) + DJ Icecat (Milano) + DJ Robydark
..Stand di CD/Vinili, abbigliamento fetish e altro..

Per riduzioni andare sul sito: 
O telefonare al: 347/4670707



CONQUER RECORDS is going to release the first official album by EPITOME - the legend of polish grind scene. The material, entitled "supeROTic performance", contains seven songs from "autoeroticism" demo and seven completely new pieces. One of them is MORTICIAN's cover - "Zombie Apocalypse". The whole material has been remastered in Studio Manek in Sanok. The album will be available in the middle of April and will be promoted during the tour Grind Tour de Pologne.

[Mess Age has new bassist!]
Andrzej "Gruby" Osma³ek has left Mess Age. The band has already found the new member, which is Artur "Marysia" Olkowicz who is a former member of Oblivion and Ad Noctum. Here is the info concerning shifts in the band sent to us by the drummer Dominik "Otwieracz" Ko³odziejczak: "After five years of playing Andrzej Osma³ek left our band. As the decision of his move he claimed a lack of motivation for further creating music. Artur "Mary¶" Olkowicz took his place in Mess Age. He is our friend from non existing Oblivion. Also he used to play in Ad Noctum and we think he's going to share his experience and skills with us. We're going to check out the new bass player during the european tour in June. We thank Andrzej for five years of playing together with us and for everything he's done for us. We wish him all the best with his new band." 
HELL-BORN and MESS AGE has been invited to the LONDON'S DEATH FESTIVAL which will take place on June 7th 2003 at the London Camden Underworld. Full line up: Gorerotted, Hell-Born, Mess Age, Desecration, The Enchanted, Liquefied Skeleton, Killing Mode, Demonizer, Caducity. 


mail: info@conquerec.com 



Stormrock Festival 3
24/05/2003 a Pignataro Int.na (FR) inizio ore 20:00

Theatres des Vampires + Ciaff + Svenia + 3 guests
+ Stand di birra, bikers, etc.
(Info: 338/ 3443189 Mariano 338/ 9953764 Luca)

Stiamo cercando anche delle sponsorizzazioni per l'evento. Chiediamo solo 50 Euro per inserire il vostro logo (formato 7,5 x 4) sul manifesto ufficiale (700 copie formato A3 TUTTO A COLORI!) e sui 1000 flyers in bianco e nero.

Riceverai anche delle copie sia del manifesto che dei volantini con sopra la tua sponsorizzazione.
Se interessati a questo vero e proprio avvenimento per il basso lazio non ti resta che scrivermi o telefonarmi.

Grazie dell'attenzione
Mariano (tel 338/3443189)



LEHAVOTH’s debut album, "Hatred Shaped Man" is scheduled for April 28th 2003.
The album is recorded at Soundlab Studios Sweden, and is produced by 
Mr. Mieszko Talarczyk from NASUM/ GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS. Death/ Grind/ Crust from Israel. 
"Hatred Shaped Man" will contain their brand new video clip "Non Civilized" as bonus.
See them live at FUCK THE COMMERCE VI - open air festival
29.May - 31.May 2003 in Neiden (near Torgau), Germany.
European tour is in progress with Impaled, Aborted and Pyaemia. 
The dates will be posted soon...


Finally the re-issue from VOMITORY, "Redemption" is in the works.
“Redemption” will come with a completely new inlay. 
Tons of band photos and the whole album will be re-mastered. 
This CD will include their anniversary 10” picture LP as special bonus, released back in 1999. 
Thirteen tracks in total, with a playtime over 50 minutes. This release it set for May 2003. 


Fadeless Records, P.O. Box 6818, 5975 ZG Sevenum, The Netherlands
E-mail: info@fadelessrecords.com 



I BROWBEAT presenteranno il loro ultimo lavoro "AUDIOVIOLENCE" dal vivo il 26 aprile a sassuolo (MO) presso l'oasis. Il disco è stato licenziato dalla notissima label inglese casket/COPRO in italia distribuita da AUDIOGLOBE; l'album sarà disponibile dal 28 aprile in tutti i negozi.



Swedish melodic power-metallers MORIFADE are currently mixing the follow-up to their epic & symphonic masterpiece Imaginarium (2002).
The band has recorded their new (3rd) opus in LOS ANGERED RECORDING STUDIO with well-known producer ANDY LA ROCQUE.
The title of the new album is DOMINATION and the release is set for the month September through Dutch label Hammerheart Records.
Some of the songtitles on the new album are Clarity, Erase, A Silent Revolution and Parrallels.

For more information and an up-to-date studio report:

website: www.morifade.com 
Hammerheart Records: www.hammerheart.com 



I Brutal Rash cercano disperatamente un cantante. (Zona Venezia/Padova)
Se avete conoscete qualcuno che sia disponibile a provare con noi contattateci ai numeri:
Jacopo - 3498434125 
Giacomo - 3402577805 
Alberto - 3470753790
Brutal Rash



DANSE MACABRE recently finished the recordings for their new, yet untitled full-length album.

The band spent the last 3 months in the studio to record the follow-up to the very well received EVA-album (2001).
Again, the recordings took place in Germany-based Spacelab Studio with both producers Oliver Phillips and Christian Moos.

The new album features a couple of interesting guest-appearances:
* Kemi Vita from legendary Dutch Gothic band The Dreamside : female vocals in the songs Invictus, Umbram Sumus and Lohengrin.
* Oliver Phillips from German prog rock band Everon : all piano-parts on the album and guest-vocals in the song Lohengrin.
* Ciara, known from guest-vocals on Ancient Rites and Everon : female vocals.

Some other songtitles on the new album are Galatea, She Talks to Sunbeams and Precious Life.

Official website : www.dansemacabre.tk 
Hammerheart Records: www.hammerheart.com 



Gli Orion (band Pavese di Power/Thrash sinfonico, http://orionmetal.8k.com) suoneranno allo Zeche di Bochum l'11 Maggio 2003 in occasione della finale del Noise Young Metal Gods Kontest 2003 (www.noiserecords.com), concorso indetto dalla Noise Records in collaborazione con alcune tra le piu
importanti testate metal continentali e riservato alle band under 24.
Alla finale parteciperanno in tutto 5 gruppi provenienti da tutta Europa: in palio 3 contratti con l'etichetta tedesca ed una produzione ad Amburgo negli studi di Piet Sielck." 



CRUACHAN recently renewed their recording deal with Hammerheart Records for 2 more albums.
The band will enter the Sonic Studios in Dublin between the 26th of April and the 9th of June to record the follow-up to their very succesfull Folk-Lore album. The title of this new (and meanwhile 4th) album is PAGAN.

Some of the songtitles on the new album are:
* Michael Collins
* A Thousands Years
* Viking Slayer
* The Gael
* I Am Ireland

Furthermore the band welcomed a new bandmember in the person of ED GILBERT. Ed already played with the band as a guest-musician the last year and has now become a full-time bandmember of Cruachan. Being a multi-instrumentalist Ed will be responsible for keyboard, banjo, tin whistle, acoustic guitars and basco jays in Cruachan.
Last but not least Cruachan will be supporting THE GATHERING in Dublin (The Village) on the 27th of June. Besides the band was invited to play the Vikedal Roots Music Festival in Norway on the 10th of July.

Official Cruachan web kingdom: www.cruachan.cjb.net



Da Domenica 6 aprile anche StillBorn'zine ha una chat!
E' ufficialmente aperto il nostro channel su IRC denominato #stillborn, il chan si trova sul server di Azzurra.. e per collegarvi basta avere un programma come mIRC..

per maggiori info: 


[Hammerheart & Severe Torture] 

Dal 4 settembre al 12 ottobre ci sarà il tour europeo dei seguenti gruppi:
Hate Eternal (USA)
Dying Fetus (USA)
Severe Torture (NL)
Deeds Of Flesh (USA)

I 4 passeranno dall'Italia nelle seguenti date:
24.09. Milano - Transilvania (ITA)
25.09. Cesena - Vidia (ITA)

per maggiori info: 



Texas Metalheads BYFIST featuring Davey Lee and Nacho Vara of Seattle's REVEREND will unleash their new lineup with Rob Steele (ex-Bitter Harvest), Jess Vara (Byfist)and Jay Wegener (Reverend,ex-Heir Apparent) April 26, 2003 at the Bonds 007 club in San Antonio, Texas for a night of pure headbanging metal.
Also on the bill will include Divine Ruins, Ancient Rites, and Blind Sacrifice. For more information go to: