Visual SAT-Flare Tracker 3D

I am currently trying to model a surface of the NOSS 3-1 satellites that generates short flares, about 1 or 2 seconds, characterized by an increase of the satellite's brightness of about 2 - 3 magnitudes, maybe more at the flare centre. I use to call such flares "k-flares". I think to be quite close to the right surface orientation, but I need other data from the proximity (up to 100 km) of the predicted track to assess more accurate values.  

The following track shows the locations where an increase of about 2 magnitudes should be observed. Getting far from the track along one direction, the magnitude should increase, while along the other direction it should decrease. (Which one is the right direction?)

K Flare Track 28/29 Oct    (download kml)     

K Flare Track 29/30 Oct (JD 2455134)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 30/31 Oct (JD 2455135)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 31/01 O/N (JD 2455136)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 01/02 Nov (JD 2455137)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 02/03 Nov (JD 2455138)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 03/04 Nov (JD 2455139)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 04/05 Nov (JD 2455140)    (download kml)     
K Flare Track 05/06 Nov (JD 2455141)    (download kml)     

Please report time and brightness increase. For more details please get in touch.