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Post-Collision Rotating IRIDIUM 33 "Flares" Recorded - 26/03/2009

By using my predictions, a wonderful series of bright flares has been recorded by Derek Breit in USA on the night between the 25th and 26th of March 2009. The observer was very close to the bottom of the "U"-shaped flare track, therefore many bright flashes were expected. The predicted times of the first and the last track crossing were respectively 03.31.45 UTC and 03.32.15 UTC. The following pictures show the satellite and the rotating flare around the two predicted times. The observer location is represented by the little red dot at the picture centre (click on the picture to zoom in).

Satellite and rotating flare at the predicted time of the first flare

Satellite time and rotating flare at the predicted time of the last flare

The observed "flares" were in a very good agreement with the predictions, with time deviations of about 10 seconds. Click on the following picture to start the video (raise the brightness of the video until the sky is almost grey. File size 9 MB).

Iridium 33 Bright Flash
Image that shows one of the captured flashes. The star at the top of the picture is Aldebaran (mag. 0.87).

Many thanks to Derek who recorded the flashes. A full resolution video is available on his web site (here).

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By Simone Corbellini
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