HORSES, Patti Smith, Arista, 1975

“Gloria/In excelsis deo” (P.Smith), “Gloria” (Van Morrison), “Redondo Beach” (P.Smith/R.Sohl/L.Kaye), “Birdland” (P.Smith/R.Sohl/L.Kaye/I.Kral), “Free Money” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Kimberly” (P.Smith/A.Lanier/I.Kral), “Break it up” (P.Smith, Tom Verlaine) “Land: horses” (P.Smith), “Land of a Thousand Dances” (C.Kenner), “La Mer(de)” (P.Smith), “Elegie” (P.Smith/A.Lanier)


Radio Ethiopia, Patti Smith Group, Arista, 1976

“Ask the angels” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Ain’t it strange” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Poppies” (P.Smith/R.Sohl), “Pissing in a River” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Pumpping (My Heart)” (P.Smith/I.Kral/J.D.Daugherty), “Distant Fingers” (P.Smith/A.Lanier), “Radio Ethiopia” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Abyssinia” (P.Smith/L.Kaye/R.Sohl)


Easter, Patti Smith Group, Arista, 1978

“Till Victory” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “SpaceMonkey” (P.Smith/I.Kral/T.Verlaine), “Because the night” (P.Smith/Bruce Springsteen), “Ghost Dance” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Babelogue” (P.Smith), “Rock n Roll Nigger” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Priviledge (Set Me Free)” (M.London/M.Lender) con Salmo 23, “We Three” (P.Smith), “25th Floor” (P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty), “High on Rebellion” (P.Smith), “Easter” (P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty).


Wave, Patti Smith Group, Arista 1979

“Frederick” (P.Smith), “Dancing Barefoot” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Citizen Ship” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Hymn” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Revenge” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “So You Want to Be A Rock n Roll Star” /McGuinn/Hillman), “Seven Ways of Going” (P.Smith Group), “Broken Flag” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Wave” (P.Smith).


Dream of life, Patti Smith, Arista 1988

“People Have The Power” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Going Under” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Up There Down There” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Path That Cross” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Dream of Life” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Where Duty Calls” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Looking for You (I was)” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “The Jackson Song” (F.Smith/P.Smith).


Gone Again, Patti Smith, Arista 1996

“Gone Again” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Beneath the Southern Cross” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “About a Boy” (P.Smith), “My Madrigal” (P.Smith/L.Resto), “Summer Cannibals” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Dead to The World” (P.Smith), “Wing” (P.Smith), “Ravens” (P.Smith, “Wicked Messenger” (B.Dylan), “Fiereflies” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Farewell Reel” (P.Smith).


Peace & Noise, Patti Smith, Arista 1997

“Waiting Underground” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Whirl Away” (P.Smith/L.Kaye/O.Ray), “1959” (P.Smith/Shanahan), “Spell” (Commento a Howl, A.Ginsberg/O.Ray), “Don’t Say Nothing” (P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty), “Dead City” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Blue Poles” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Death Singin” (P.Smith), “Memento Mori” (P.Smith/L.Kaye/O.Ray), “Last Call” (P.Smith/O.Ray).


Gung Ho, Patti Smith, Arista 2000

“One Voice” (P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty), “Lo and Beholden” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Boy Cried Wolf” (P.Smith), “Persuasion” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Gone Pie” (P.Smith/Shanahan), “China Bird” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Glitter in Their Eyes” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Strange Messenger” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Grateful” (P.Smith).


Land, Patti Smith, Arista 2002

CD 1:“Dancing Barefoot” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Babelogue” (P.Smith), “Rock n Roll Nigger” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Gloria” (P.Smith), “Pissing in a River” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “Free Money” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “People Have The Power” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Because the night” (P.Smith/Bruce Springsteen), “Frederick” (P.Smith), “Summer Cannibals” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “Ghost Dance” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Ain’t it strange” (P.Smith/I.Kral), “1959” (P.Smith/Shanahan), “Beneath the Southern Cross” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Glitter in Their Eyes” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Path That Cross” (F.Smith/P.Smith), “When Doves Cry” (Prince).

CD 2: “Piss Factory” (P.Smith/R.Sohl), “Redondo Beach (Demo)” (P.Smith/R.Sohl/L.Kaye), “Distant Fingers (Demo)” (P.Smith/A.Lanier), “25th Floor (Live)” (P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty), “Come Back Little Sheba” (P.Smith/L.Kaye), “Wander I Go” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Dead City (Live)” (P.Smith/O.Ray), “Spell (Live)” (Commento a Howl, A.Ginsberg/O.Ray), “Wing (Live)” (P.Smith), “Boy Cried Wolf (Live)” (P.Smith), “Birdland (Live)” (P.Smith/R.Sohl/L.Kaye/I.Kral), “Higher Learning” “P.Smith/J.D.Daugherty/Shanahan/L.Kaye), “Notes to the Future (Live)” (P.Smith).