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The first issue was published in the spring 1960. The layout was of 8,5 X 5,5 inch, the first and last cover pages with colors. This layout was maintained until the mid '60 years.

Reading the summary of the first number we found the content inside of various arguments. Most was for home constructors of R/C gears (remember, this was the pioneer era) and some was of test for the first commercial rigs.

In the prologue words in the very first pages, You found all the pride and excitation for the new adventure in the radio-control editorial world.

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minP_12.jpg (11118 byte) minP_14.jpg (9597 byte) minP_17.jpg (11918 byte) Extracting some arguments from the issue, very interesting is the McQue transmitter: the "state of the art" for the home constructor of radio controls. The article is complete and well written; electric drawing is joined with the components drawing to facilitate the building of the rig.


Another interesting article is the test of servos. In the pioneer era of radio-control, was usual to modify the not so much commercial servos to the personal needs. The article deal with the author’s method to control the results. minP_20.jpg (10488 byte) minP_21.jpg (10476 byte)


minP_31.jpg (10684 byte) minP_32.jpg (9942 byte) minP_33.jpg (9583 byte) minP_34.jpg (10224 byte) Also the electronic theory was explained in the pages of RCM&E. Due the fact that the old rigs used to transmit tones to send the various commands to be decoded for the actuators/servos, a complete description of the theory behind the "phase shift oscillators" has been written on behalf to the model-maker with technical interests.


For the beginners (but useful to make we know how much is improved the electronic technical from then and now) a well recognized technical/modeler, H. J. Taplin explain how work the multi-channel system, the expert border line for the advanced modeler, when the R/C was most single-channel. minP_35.jpg (11574 byte)



minP_47.jpg (10009 byte) At last, the drawing for a beautiful 1/2A R/C biplane, suitable to fly with our today upmost proportional radio-control.



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