These are selected passages from the book "THE ANCIENT SUNDIALS OF IRELAND", edited by the British Sundial Society, London 2000. I'm thankfull to the BSS that permitted me to use some estract of it, to show here the Irish medieval sundials. These sundials has been photographed by me during my last trip in Ireland in 1995, and this occasion has inspired me to write the book that the BSS so generously published at the end of the 1999. Of course, iside the book you may read much more than in this section of the web site, actually, here are only very few and short extracts.

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  • Arnaldi Mario

The Ancient Sundials of Ireland
published by British Sundial Society 2000, London 1999, ISBN 0-9518404-2-8, pp.78 e figg. 38, 9 Pounds.

You may ask to the author, Mario Arnaldi.
Or to Mrs. Margery Lovat, Studio 5 Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex. CM20 2HP, UK.