The Story of The Rose: The Blue Rose  2




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This ROV fan-fiction project name is “The Story of The Rose”. There are 3 parts in this story, the first part is “Red Rose”, the second part is “Blue Rose” and the third part is “White Rose”. “The Story of The Rose” starts from episode 28 of anime version and the whole story basically on anime version but there are some things very different from the original. So, please try the new version of ROV and welcome for any feedbacks, recommendations and suggestions.


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“Be careful, Oscar!”, Andre had said before he fell and sank into the river. Then the water became reddish with his blood. Almost half a year had passed since this event, but Oscar still remembered it - just like it had recently happened. The past months had been very difficult for her. Until now she could not accustom herself to a life without Andre, her life-long friend…


Gerodere entered the living room. He saw Oscar standing at the window. “Good morning, Oscar”, he said and came closer to her. Then Oscar turned around and ran out, she didn’t even look at him. She ran out of the mansion through the gate and stopped suddenly. Gerodere followed her.


GERODERE: What’s going on, Oscar!?

OSCAR: I see… Nothing.


OSCAR: There is nothing…


Oscar walked back to the mansion. Gerodere looked at her and said “Did you see Andre?” She stopped walking and turned her face to him abruptly. He gave her a tender smile and said nothing.


Oscar was still sitting in the dining room after Gerodere had left home. He went to Versailles after he had had breakfast with her. He was the Royal Guards Regiment Commander now. He took her position after she had resigned the Royal Guards about six months ago. Her head was full with his words. ‘Did you see Andre?’ She hadn’t replied but he already knew the answer. Oscar always saw Andre since she had moved to Gerodere’s mansion. Every time she ran and tried to catch him, but then he suddenly disappeared. It had happened again this morning, she had seen him outside, but that was only her imagination.


Gerodere was disturbed at the beginning when she said she saw Andre. As the time passing by, he got used to it and didn’t pay much attention to it. He tried to please her in everything. At first he stayed with her in his own mansion separated from his family, which made her feel comfortable. He had never asked her to do things she did not like. And at least he did not ask her to wear women’s dresses. However, there was something that Gerodere couldn’t give her. How could he when she herself didn’t know what she really wanted.



It was not getting dark yet, when Gerodere came back to the mansion. Oscar was not surprised when she saw him walking in as she knew that he would leave work early. When he came in, Oscar was already waiting for him in the entrance hall.


GERODERE: What is it, Oscar!?

OSCAR: I’ve done nothing for several months. So I decided to take a post now.

GERODERE: I can understand quite well that you get very bored when you stay at home. But why did you choose to be the Commanding Officer of the French Guards Company B?

OSCAR: I didn’t choose it myself, Victor. The French Guards is the only post available for now.

GERODERE: I don’t want you to work there! I’m sure your father won’t agree with that also!

OSCAR: I got issue an official appointment from Lady Antoinette

GERODERE: No, Oscar! The French Guards is a jumble of commoners, much lower in rank and vulgar! I won’t let you go to a place like that!


Oscar said nothing. She was disappointed when she heard all his words: jumble of commoners, lower in rank and vulgar. There was no difference between nobles and commoners. In her mind they were all human beings. She stared at him as if he was a stranger. Gerodere felt uncomfortable when he met her eyes.


GERODERE: Why don’t you get back to Royal Guards? It will please you more than French Guards. 

OSCAR: What’s the position I should take in Royal Guards? Yours?

GERODERE: Oscar, please understand. I love you and care about you. So I can’t let you be a French Guards Commander. 

OSCAR: You know what? Just because of ‘your love’ I feel like I was imprisoned.


Her words hit Gerodere hard. Did she really mean it? Why did she interpret his love that way? He said nothing, just kept his eyes on her. Oscar felt a bit guilty when she met his eyes. She might have used intense words, but still it expressed her feelings at that time.


OSCAR: Marriage with me will make you regret one day. I had told you, if you remember, Victor.

GERODERE: I have no regrets about this, Oscar. Not at all. 


He walked towards her. Then his hand reached her hair, but she evaded his hand, automatically. That action made him stop abruptly. There was only silence between them. Oscar felt uncomfortable again; she wanted to avoid him. Finally, she said “I want to go horse riding.”



OSCAR: Can I!?

GERODERE: It’s getting dark; I’ll go along with you.

OSCAR: No! You should take a rest. I can take care of myself. 


Gerodere did not want her to go outside alone. Somehow, the word ‘imprisonment’ came to his mind, which made him nod his head and let her go.



Oscar rode into Paris with emptiness in her heart. She had no destination. She just kept riding. Then she found a pub in that area. Oscar realized she had been there once; when she was really upset about Fersen. That was now long ago. She stepped in. After taking a seat and looking around, she recognized that everything was still the same as on that particular day. The only difference was…this day Andre wasn’t here… She was frozen inside, now that she was alone; she didn’t have him by her side anymore…


Tears were shining in her eyes when a drunken man walked towards her. He gave her a drink.


MAN: Monsieur! Why are you sitting here, and haven’t drunk yet!? How about this cup!?
OSCAR: No, thanks.
MAN: Hey, my wine isn’t good enough for you!?


Another drunk came to her. He held her chin, then said: “Wow! Monsieur! I’ve never seen someone who was as beautiful as you are!.” This event reminded her strongly of another day years ago, when she had taken some drinks with Andre, and then some drunken men had come to them. She had punched him hard as he became rough towards her and that was how the fight had started. That night had ended with Andre taking her back home. Now thinking about this night - what would happen if she hurt this man? Who would be helping her in the end?
Her hand was on the drunkard’s face as she gave him a straight punch. Then the fight started. Finally, those men locked her arms and one of them held a glass bottle in his hand. She could not move nor escape. So she just closed her eyes and turned her face away when that man lifted bottle up.


After a while, Oscar realized she did not felt anything, neither hurt nor pain. She opened her eyes. She saw a man was standing in front of her. That scene made her deeply shock.  Blood was flowing though one hand, because this hand was attacked by glass bottle instead of her face. Although she only saw his back, she had known immediately who he was. She had remembered this hand, this back, this shoulder, this hair. She had remembered this man…


“Why are you still standing!? Run!” he said while snatching her wrist. They ran away from bar to the other side of the street. He said “All right, we are safe now!” Oscar’s head was so busy at this moment. She could not move or say anything. He looked at her then released her wrist. She grabbed his arm suddenly.


OSCAR: Is it real? Isn’t it only an illusion? You are alive…


Now tears were coming out from Oscar’s eyes. Then she held that man in her arms tightly. “Andre…” she had called his name again and again. After a while she raised her head and looked at him. She touched his hair and his face delicately. Her hand moved to his eyes, his nose, his cheeks and then his lips. While her hand was reaching his lips, he kissed her hands. For a moment they were both lost into their own sensations. Andre slowly bended his head towards her and his lips almost touched hers. He stopped, when he heard someone calling him. It was Alain.


ALAIN: Hey! Andre, what’s up!?

ANDRE: Nothing…


Andre turned around and walked away from Oscar. She called him. He did not even turn his face nor stopped. Instead he walked faster. Even though Oscar was very pleased, she was really confused and stupefied at the same time. Andre was still alive. What had happened to him? Where was he living? Why didn’t he come back to Jarjeyes mansion? And more…there were so many questions in her mind. And she needed to answer questions.



Oscar was standing near the window. Now she was in her private room at the barracks. Two days ago, Gerodere told her that she could work with French Guards as she wanted. He would not obstruct her anymore, if she accepted his commitment. He did not want her to stay at barracks so she had to back home after work everyday, to Gerodere’s or Jarjeyes’ mansion. Oscar was so surprised by his word, however she didn’t care about the reason.


 “Come in” Oscar said while she heard someone knocked the door. A middle-aged man came in, he was wearing a neat uniform and was very polite. Then he introduced himself; he was Colonel Dagout, the Sub Commanding Officer of the Company B.


DAGOUT: But... I heard that inaugural troops review is tomorrow. You have come a day early.
OSCAR: Yes. This is my first time in the French Guards, so I want to know about the details early. Show me the barracks.
DAGOUT: Ah... I feel uncomfortable taking you to such a squalid place like that...

OSCAR: Don’t worry!

Oscar was excited to meet her men. However, she still kept her cool look as she had always been, while she was entering a small, narrow and messy barrack. She looked around. From the moment she stepped in the room, it took only a few seconds to notice Andre. In fact, after she met him on that night, she had done a through investigation about him; how had he been doing? Marvelously, she found he had participated in French Guards Company B, where she would be the Commanding Officer. Unlike Oscar, Andre had never expected to meet her in place like these. He looked calm when he saw her, but who else could understanding his feelings. He was absolutely stupefied, later anguished… What should he do after this time?  


After meeting all of her men, Oscar had talked to Andre privately in her office. She had so many questions. He was standing in front of her, listening all her questions, but did not reply anything. Oscar was getting upset. He looked apathetic. How could he abandon her?
OSCAR: What’s going on, Andre!? I’m talking to you. Why don’t you say something!?
Andre still kept quiet. He did not want to say anything. He was afraid of destroying all of their relationships. Oscar stopped asking. She could not bear his wordlessness. She walked towards and stared at him. She was frozen suddenly when she met his eye… only his one eye, could tell her everything…. Andre had nothing now; no hope nor faith, lost all courage…and she… She was the cause that killed him inside…


Both looked into each other for a while, Andre could not face her anymore. Finally, he said “If you don’t have anything, I’m heading back, Commander!” Before he had left she called him with tender voice, which made him stop.


OSCAR: Andre, at least you should think about Nanny. Can you go back home sometimes? Nanny misses you so much. She will be very happy if she knows you are still alive.

Andre nodded his head. He walked out and closed the door. He had left her behind the door without turning his face back. He leant his body against the door; he felt lost all his energy. He had not known that Alain was standing around there. He saw Andre was called into his new commander’s room. He had spent a long while in that room. Then he saw him walked out, closed the door, leant himself against the door, agony was appeared on his face. The scene took Alain back to that night…  


Andre and he were not on guard, so he took him to bar in Paris. Andre stopped abruptly before they came inside. The first thing he could see after stepping in the bar; a beautiful noble man (he was sure that man was a noble) was attacked by drunkards. Andre ran to them and protected that noble’s face by his hand. Later, his hand was hit by glass bottle. At last he took that man away. Alain was following them. And the scene had puzzled him. The beautiful man was touching Andre’s face, and he seemed getting lost by his touch.


Andre’s act was strange; he tried to walk away from that noble.


ALAIN: Andre. Hey, Andre! Stop walking your hand need to be healed!


Andre did not stop; he kept walking and said nothing. Although, his hand was injured, he did not hurt. His hand can be healed but not his heart. Alain looked at him. He saw only anguish on his face, and then he noticed tears were falling out his eyes…


Since Alain had known Andre, he had always seen him deep in blue. He had never seen Andre smiled in delight even once. What was wrong with his friend? Alain did not know the answer yet, but he was so sure it was related to that man who was his new commander.


Andre took several minutes to regain his energy, after a while he walked back to barrack. Before he opened the door, he heard French Guard Members were talking about their new Commander. Most sound was frustrated, such as “The new commander is actually a WOMAN!”, “No way! I can’t take it!” or “I don’t want to take orders from a woman!” Even Alain also said “Well, that of course isn’t fun!”


The things Andre heard that night made him worry about Oscar. Woman commander was disgrace for all French Guard Members. What would they do? What was going to happen to her?



Everybody in Jarjeyes’ mansion was joyous, especially Nanny. The best thing had happened in this beautiful sunny day, Andre got back to mansion. In the beginning, Nanny was shocked; her grandson walked towards and called her. She thought she was dreaming until she could touch him. Then tears were falling, she cried in delight and hold him in her arms tightly. She called his name again and again… After a while, she slapped him very firmly.


ANDRE: Grandma, you are still strong! You hand is still heavy too!

NANNY: I have grandson like you, if I was not strong, I should have died long time ago!


Andre gave a bit smile to his grandmother. Then Nanny asked him about the past months. 


NANNY: What had happened!? Why didn’t you show up before!? Where are you living!? What are you doing!?

ANDRE: Too many questions, grandma!

NANNY: All you need to do is answering!

ANDRE: All right! You win. I’ll tell you everything.


On that day, Oscar and he were attacked by group of men in the groves. One of them threw gun-powder towards them that made him injured through his body. Then he fell into the river by the strong explosion. He was floated by course of water out of town without consciousness. Villagers around there saved his life. It took a long time for him to recover. When he came back Paris, he met friend who was the French Guard Member. Then he joined there.   


Andre stopped, which made Nanny surprised. “That’s all!?” she asked “Why didn’t you come back here, Andre?”


ANDRE: Once Oscar used to say ‘Do whatever you want.’ And now I’m not her accompanier anymore, she has another.

NANNY: Andre...


Both had conversation after a while, Nanny had something to do. So Andre had spent time alone. He opened the door of his room and walked in. He looked around his room. He thought through all memories he had had in this room. He could not stop thinking about that night. In this room; the very worst thing accidentally happened, somehow he could not deny that it was the very best thing in his life also. His hands reached to the ‘Earth Angle’, he held her tightly in his arms and he felt her warm embrace… until now that warmth had been still remaining and seemed everlasting within his soul…


Andre was startled by Oscar’s voice. She had been there and looked at him for a while. Before she decided to say something “Everything here will still stay the same.” Andre nodded his head and said “But everybody is changing.”


OSCAR: Andre. Why don’t you ask me the reason of my marriage?


Andre turned his face to her abruptly. He had thought he could understand her very well until she married Gerodere. He felt he did not understand her anymore. He really wanted to know the reason that she married. However, it did not really matter whatever the causes, his world had already shattered, and she was not his Oscar anymore…


ANDRE: Nobody can force you, if you don’t want to.


It was true; no one could force her unless she wanted to do. But why all these words came out from his lips had hurt her so much. Oscar could not think, do or say anything. Although Andre’s right eye-sight was not really good, he could see something by looking into her eyes. The misery inside her… Without realizing, his hand reached towards her. He had almost touched her face, and then he saw Nanny was coming, which made him stop immediately.


NANNY: Lady Oscar, dinner is ready. Master and Madame are waiting for you. Andre, come and have supper with me!

ANDRE: I’m afraid I can’t, grandma. I have to watch tonight. I should go back now.


Andre had already left; Oscar was still standing at the same place. “Lady Oscar” Nanny called her again, but she did not reply nor made any movement.


NANNY: I’ll tell Master and Madame you’ll come shortly.


The tears were falling down from Oscar’s eyes, after Nanny went out this room. She felt she was wounded and pained inside, and she could not fight against her tears…



After leaving Jarjeyes’ mansion, Andre rode his horse back to barracks with remembrance about half past years. Everything he told his grandmother was the truth. In fact, there was something more actuality…


On that day, he was floated by course of water out of town without consciousness. Villagers around there saved his life. His injury was serious and he had lost much blood also. It took nearly two months for him to get better. He wanted to come back Jarjeyes’ mansion and see his beloved Oscar. He remembered her pale face on the day they were attacked by group of men. He wanted to know her situation.  Although he was not completely recovered yet, he decided to come back Paris.


Andre was on the way to Jarjeyes’ mansion. He met a small group of Royal Guards by chance. He did not pay attention to them until he heard one of them mentioned their Commander’s name… Yes, they said Regiment Commander de Gerodere instead of Jarjeyes. What had happened about Oscar? He walked towards them immediately.  


ANDRE: Monsieur, how about the Regiment Commander de Jarjeyes!? What’s happen!?


The Royal Guards looked at him with surprise, somehow they answered his questions.


ROYAL GUARD: Do you know her? Well, she quit Royal Guard and married Colonel Gerodere last month.


“What!?” Andre could not believe his ears. Oscar married Gerodere! That was impossible. Then they told him more “Their wedding was very grand and adornment. I heard that everybody was stunned when they saw the bride. Lady Oscar in white dress was really beautiful, more beautiful than every noble woman in Versailles!”


Andre became paralyzed, his brain stopped thinking anything. Later, he felt something inside him was shattered… Only a month had passed and he had lost everything. Oscar was his home, his light, his love or even his life. She was his everything, losing her meant he lost the whole world…


Andre walked absentmindedly; he did not realize that he was in Paris until he reached Seine River. He could not manage himself standing anymore, he was collapsing. “Oscar isn’t mine! Is it the reason that you still keep me alive!? God! You just want me to know she isn’t mine!” Without any reason he laughed. He was laughing in dismal sound, later his tears were running through his cheeks...


Sun was set, and it was getting dark. Alain walked across the bridge over Seine River. Then he saw Andre was sitting on the river bank. He observed him for a while, Andre did not make any movement, his face was pale and his one eye was desponding… Alain decided to walk towards him “Hey, are you going to sit here all night!?”


Andre turned his face to Alain.


ALAIN: Are you all right. Youngman!?


Andre turned his face back the river and said nothing, as always he had been.


ALAIN: Well, actually, I want to take you to a really good bar but you look so bad. You go back home and take a rest. It would be better.

ANDRE: I… have no home…


Alain was surprised, finally Andre had said something and he said he was homeless. Was that the reason that he was depressed? Alain sensed that there was something more than that. However, Andre did not want to say so he should not ask also. He looked at him for a while before saying “Hey, come with me!”


Thus, Andre had joined the French Guard Member and rented a house nearby Alain. That was the starting-point of his life without Oscar… his spiritless life…       


Days had passed with distress, nights with agony. Every night when he closed his eyes; he saw his beloved Oscar smiled and offered her hands to him, when his hand reached close to hers, she was always disappearing. His tears were falling down endlessly…  



Andre was hurt a lot when he had learned that he had lost his Oscar. He had to live without her. Then one day Oscar was in front of him, presented herself as his new French Guards Commander. That was beyond his expectation. He had never thought that he could have a chance to be with her again. Meanwhile, he found  that it was more painful when he had to admit that she was belonged to another man. Even though he got ‘everything’ from her, he could not call her ‘his’.


Why don’t you ask me the reason of my marriage?” Andre had been thinking about her question. Later, he had realized that, that was not only he had suffered but also Oscar. He was drowning in his sorrow without seeing a splitting pain in her… Why did he think she could smile whereas he grieved?


Oscar had been working with French Guards Company B for a while. She had encountered problems with them. They rejected orders from a woman commander. In the beginning, collision between Members and her occurred almost everyday. In those days although she had the same cool look; Andre had sensed that she was enervated, sometimes she lost courage… Nowadays, Oscar had acquainted with her men. She enjoyed dealing with them; sometimes rough, sometimes sarcastic. She liked her new position; she would not have these challenges if she had worked in Royal Guards. Above all, somehow, for a reason, Andre did not hide himself from her anymore. Although he was silent, she knew he kept his eyes on her all the time as he had done in the past. Finally he was back; her dear friend was back to her again…



General Jarjeyes was dissatisfied when he knew Oscar worked with French Guards at first. He had known that she asked Lady Antoinette to give her position, but not Royal Guards. It was reasonable she did not want to take Gerodere’s post. But he had known later that she asked for lower rank position. He did not understand his daughter, what was she thinking? And how could Gerodere let her go? However, Gerodere was calm while he was listening to him.  He said “Butterfly” after General Jarjeyes stopped all his words.



GERODERE: When I was young, once I caught a beautiful butterfly. I was afraid of it would slipped away so I held it very tightly. But it was the cause that killed it.


GERODERE: Oscar is like that butterfly. I don’t want to make the same mistake.


After Oscar had worked in French Guards for a while, both General Jarjeyes and Gerodere had noticed she was happy with her position. Her eyes were shining; a smile had appeared on her face. She looked livelier than the past. Also Gerodere had noticed that General Jarjeyes was quite relieved. He smiled before telling him the reason.


JARJEYES: Well, she isn’t alone. Andre has been working there. He can take care of her, he is reliable.


Gerodere was worried by his words; he could not believe his ears “Andre!?”


JARJEYES: Yes, Andre. He is alive. It is fortuity; he has joined French Guards Company B two months before…


General Jarjeyes noticed a doubt on Gerodere’s face.


JARJEYES: Didn’t Oscar tell you, Victor?

GERODERE: Well… Yes, she did. I just forgot, she already told me…


In fact, he had not heard anything from her.



Oscar was walking through trail around barracks. She was surprised when she saw Gerodere. He waved his hand and walked towards her.


OSCAR: What’s going on, Victor!? Why do you come here!?  
GERODERE: I come to take you back home. My father is waiting us for dinner.

OSCAR: Well, it isn’t a big deal. You don’t need to come by yourself.

GERODERE: There are lots of terrorists in Paris now.  I will escort you on the way back home.

OSCAR: Actually, I don’t need escort. Anyway, give me a few minutes; I need to take some documents back with me.
GERODERE: Alright, I will wait for you here.


Oscar walked to her office without noticing that Andre standing. He ran through the dark floor, gray walls of barracks; then some Guard Members obstructed his way, which made him abrupt stopped running.   


Oscar was arranging documents on the table in her office. Then she heard some voice outside. They were talking about a fight “There is a fight! The one-eyed started a fight! It’s in the fourth Storage Room in the armory section!” Oscar could figure out suddenly they meant Andre. When she reached the place of fight, everything was over. She saw nobody accepted Andre and Alain. In the dark, cold storage room; Andre was lying without consciousness on the dusty floor and Alain was sitting by his side. Meantime, she noticed the tears were falling from Andre’s eyes down to the floor, and then she heard his lamenting. Since room was completely silent, she could hear him very clearly.  

ANDRE: Oscar…Please…I can’t endure seeing you with another man…


There was only silence in that moment. Alain was shocked at first; he looked at Andre and turned his face to Oscar. Now he could understand the whole story. Andre used to say he had no home, the actual meaning ‘home’ was ‘Oscar’. He lost his love; she was being with another man…


ALAIN: I see. I see nowWhat do you like so much in this manly woman? I don’t see anything excellent in her.


Alain shook his head and managed to get Andre stood up, slung Andre’s arm around his neck. He had draged him, walking passed Oscar and out of room. She was frozen; she could not make any movement even breath. She had thought about the day he lost his left eye, the day they shared warm embraces and next morning she told him did not accompany her anymore, the day he fell into the river, and at last today… Everything she had done was the cause of torturous him; either corporality or mentality…


Oscar rode her horse without words on the way back mansion with Gerodere. Her head was stuck with Andre. How much distress he had had to endure? How many tears he had lost? Thoroughly he was still standing by her side… Geordie observed her in silently; she held rein tightly until her hands became redden, her blue eyes filled with melancholy. With her cool looked, he sensed she could find no peace inside. After a while, he decided to break quiescence.


GERODERE: Oscar, how is Andre doing?


And it worked; she rose head up and stared at him immediately.


GERODERE: I heard from your father, he is alive. And he has been joining French Guards now. You haven’t told me about this.  

OSCAR: You haven’t asked me… So…

GERODERE: So you think it isn’t necessary to let me know. Or… perhaps, you don’t want me to know.


Oscar stared at him again. She bit her lips, turned face away and decided to keep silent. For a short while she looked at Gerodere and said simply.


OSCAR: Victor. I think you shouldn’t go to barracks again…

GERODERE: Why shouldn’t I?

OSCAR: Well, as you know Members refuse to obey me sometimes. It seem like I need protection from you, if they always see you. How can I govern them, if they think I am just a woman need escort from man.

GERODERE: Hum… Reasonable…Anything else?

OSCAR: What do you mean?

GERODERE: Well... Nothing. Just are there any reasons such as you don’t want someone seeing us together or something else?


He replied with tender voice, but his words made Oscar stopped riding abruptly. She felt turbulent inside. Then Gerodere came close to her, touched her shoulder and said “We almost reach home, keep going, Oscar.” He acted as if he did not pay attention about what he just said before.



Bakeries were looted and moneylenders were beaten. Paris was in turmoil due to the corruption of the aristocratic control and heavy taxes imposed one after another. The French Guards Company B, assigned for a special patrolling in Paris, was pressed with demanding duties.


It was dark when Oscar finished reading all reports. She walked out her office ready to go back her mansion. She realized that it was chilly outside, when cool breeze touched her skin. For a short while she felt warm and found a coat was covered her. She turned back and met Andre; he put his coat on her. “Thank you, Andre” she said as smiled as he was. Both looked at each other in silently. At another corner of barracks, Alain was looking at them.  


Alain and Andre were walking around Paris together, on the night shift. Then Alain stopped and picked a bottle on the ground. “Hey, Andre!” he called and threw that bottle to Andre, but he could not catch it. Alain stared at him.


ALAIN: You sight isn’t that good. It is pretty serious; you might turn blind, aren’t you!? Well, we all live together. So I can tell. Does that woman know about your eyes?
ANDRE: No! Alain, don’t tell anyone! Please…
ALAIN: All I want to say just don’t get involved with that woman. She is quite capable at taking commands of the company. But she isn’t a woman to love.


Alain stopped saying for a while and stared at his friend, tried to see the feeling inside him. As always, Andre was quiet, said nothing.


ALAIN: You have an impossible love. She is a noble! She has everything; dignity, honor, reputation, wealth. And don’t forget she has married!  


Andre could not say anything; Alain words were like weapons, they were wounded him so much.


ALAIN: What is your hope!? What is your wish!? What are you praying for!? Will she abandon everything just for you who have NOTHING!? 

ANDRE: Do you really want to know what am I thinking!? I don’t know what I am wishing either! All I know just love her is a cause of make me live! You think it is worst to love her, but I think it is worth. She has been the worth thing in my whole life. You might say it was just fortuity that she has been our commander, but I know it was destiny induced us being together. A bond between us can never be apart!


Andre stopped saying abruptly, he had realized he talked too much. That was the first time he told someone else about his feeling. Alain had nothing to say; he knew Andre’s feeling towards Oscar, but had not expected that Andre had such intense love. He gave his love in vain, he had no chance. Alain could only see a disaster for the rest of Andre’s life, if he still loved her.


Alain kept his eyes on Oscar. He had accepted she was different form other noble. She was not a conceited person; she was not an impudent or bad commander. Especially when one of her man LaSalle Dressel was arrested by the Military Police- because he sold his rifle. All French Guards Company men were angry Oscar at first. Although she said she did not sell LaSalle out to the Military Police, nobody believed her, except Andre. He told Alain when both of them were together; “I still believe in Oscar. She won’t do such a thing.” Notwithstanding, later, all Members knew that their commander did not sold LaSalle to the Military Police. She entreated with General Bouille for help her man.



Oscar knew Andre was free this night, so she told him accompany her to visiting General Bouille at the Opera House in Paris. She wanted to thank him about her man subject. They took Jarjayes’ carriage to Paris. Fatally, their carriage was assaulted by angry commoners who hate nobles. Over hundreds people were surrounding the carriage; they beat the carriage, pulled them out. Oscar was frightened when she saw Andre was dragged. She screamed while saw them hit Andre with wood “Andre is not a noble! Don’t harm that man!” But it was in vain; nobody listened to her, they did not care in her words. Finally, Oscar was separated from Andre by angry commoners, both had no way to escape.  


General Bouille got the message from a messenger there was a riot not far from the Opera House. He turned his face to the Colonel who was sitting beside him; it was Fersen. He  told him brought the platoon and suppressed the riot. Fersen had come as fast as possible. The crowds were scattered when they saw the army. He was mad when he saw Oscar was lying unconsciously on the ground. He went down from his horse and carried her to an alley near there.


For a second, Oscar opened her eyes. She was surprised when she saw Fersen was in front of her. They had not seen each other for a long while, since she withdrew his engagement. Why was he be there? She looked around and did not see anyone. Where was she now? And where was Andre? She almost stopped the breath when she had realized Andre was still within the mob…


FERSEN: Good… At least you are safe.
OSCAR: Andre... Where is Andre!? Andre!


“Andre!?” Fersen was surprised when he heard his name. Although they had not met each other, he had heard everything about her of cause Andre’s death and her marriage. Fersen held Oscar tightly while she was struggling and trying to walk back the street.


OSCAR: Let me go, Fersen!

FERSEN: Wait Oscar! They will get you if you go out again!

OSCAR: I lost Andre once and I won’t let it happen twice. So let me go!


With her words; Fersen could understand Andre was alive and how important he was for her, but still he could let her go. He would never let her to perilous place. Oscar still struggled, tried to free her from his arms.


OSCAR: Let me go! Andre is… My Andre is in danger!
FERSEN: What ‘My Andre’!?


Neither Oscar nor Fersen could make any movement. Both realized what she just say was. Fersen looked at her face; he could not explain his feeling at this moment. A few second he smiled and said “All right. You stay here. I will rescue your… YOUR Andre.”  Before he left, he turned his face to her, then gave her a tender smile “Good luck, my dearest friend.”  


Fersen ran to outside and rode his horse, then made an announcement who he was. Those angry commoners did not care Andre anymore; they wanted to get Fersen instant. Oscar had difficulty taken unconscious Andre out of that place. Luckily, there was a carriage passed by and she could take it. On the way back Jarjeyes’ mansion; Oscar had held Andre’s hand tightly, she looked at his sleeping face and whispered “My Andre…” in his ear…      



It was heavy rain when Oscar and Andre got back mansion. After took care of their injury; Nanny walked in the room with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand. She put a cup on the table beside Oscar. She thanked Nanny then asked about Andre’s condition. Nanny told her that Andre got 36 bruises all over his body. But he said he wanted to return to the barracks within three days. Oscar nodded and said nothing, then Nanny left her alone. She was downing in her thoughts. Her head was filling with words ‘my Andre’ meanwhile her fingers touched her lips softly. For a moment she heard steps voice and Andre entered this room.     
ANDRE: I just received a message, saying Count Fersen returned to the army barracks safely now.
OSCAR: I see… How about hot chocolate?
ANDRE: No, thanks.
He looked at her. He thought she wanted to know Fersen’ situation, at least he used to be her fiancé. Surprising, seemed
she was neglected about this message.


Andre had regained his consciousness while they were arriving mansion. Before that he felt half asleep-half awake and he though he had dreamed…Oscar held his hand tightly. She called him with sweet and soft voice; he could hear clearly she said ‘my Andre’. Her face was so close to him then he felt her lips pressed to his. That sensation seemed real…Even now he was still feeling her soft and warm touch. Andre shook his head that was impossible. Notwithstanding, it was a very sweet dream than he ever had for a long time.


Oscar’s voice took Andre back at the time “Nanny said you want to back the barracks soon. I think you shouldn’t. You should take more rest.”


ANDRE: Oscar, I’m fine.


Oscar walked towards him and touch his hair delicately “Don’t be stubborn, Andre.”


ANDRE: I just want to work! That can’t call stubborn, Oscar!


Then she laughed. Andre looked at her; for a long while he had not seen her laughing, her hand was still caressing his hair. Andre could not help but smiled. He wished he could stop the time now, or at least made it move slowly…There were just only the two of them in peace, tender and warm place…


A few minutes had passed, the door was opened, both turned faces and met Gerodere. He looked tired, he had come as quick as possible when he got message Oscar was harmed. Tragically… Andre’s dream had never been come true; Oscar had Gerodere by her side… He tried to manage himself left this room, while Gerodere was entering. Gerodere glanced at him then walked towards Oscar.



It was quite late night, Gerodere stepped to downstairs then he saw Andre was sitting absentmindedly in living room.


GERODERE: It had been long time I didn’t see you, Andre Grandier.


Andre startled and turned his face while Gerodere was walking in. Andre nodded his head instead of said the words. So Gerodere kept saying “How are you?”


“I am fine. Thank you Monsieur Gerodere” Andre answered and stood up. Then he said “Excuse me…” and walked away. It was really hard for him to face Gerodere. Before he could leave, Gerodere called him.


GERODERE: Wait, Andre.


GERODERE: You are Oscar’ soldier, stableman and servant, you have to protect your master, right? Actually, I don’t want to blame you. But you should know about mobs around Paris. How could you let this terrible thing happened to Oscar? You couldn’t help, protect or save her. You are. 


“Victor!” Oscar called his name with icy voice that made Gerodere stop saying abruptly. He did not know when she came but he was sure she heard his words. He had also known she was dissatisfied him. Andre was silent. His mind was stuck with Gerodere’s words. He could not protect Oscar; Gerodere would say ‘he was useless’ if Oscar did not come. Andre clenched his hands and left the room silently… Oscar called him but seemed he did not hear her or might be pretended not to hear her.


Oscar turned face and stared at Gerodere after Andre was out of her sight. Gerodere thought she would reprove him but she turned around and just walked away. He grabbed her arm suddenly “Oscar. Don’t let it be. If you want to say something, I’m ready to hear.”


OSCAR: All right. But can you release me first?


Gerodere smiled “Don’t worry. Nobody won’t see us.” Then Oscar stared at him; he knew if her eyes as fire, he would burn immediately. However, he was still smiling and released her “So tell me. Why are you angry?”


OSCAR: Because you are impolite!

GERODERE: Me? Impolite?

OSCAR: How could you blame Andre? It wasn’t his fault!

GERODERE: I see…Well, I just want to remind him what he should do. He should more careful and thoughtful. Because his duty is protect you ‘his master’.

OSCAR: Listen, Victor. First, as you said; Andre is my man, so his life is my responsibility. Second, it was my fault, I am unthinking to use family’s carriage. He isn’t a noble; he shouldn’t be hurt just because he took a noble’s carriage. And at last please remember Andre is my FRIEND, not a servant!


Gerodere could not find the words to say; this was her feeling. She had protected Andre with every word. He signed before said “All right. I’m sorry, Oscar.”


OSCAR: Actually, you don’t have to say sorry with me. Should be Andre.    

GERODERE: If you want…


Oscar wanted to say yes, somehow she just told him it was up to him did whatever he want. For a second, she said she wanted to take rest so she told him “Good night.” But Gerodere called and asked her “Oscar. Can you tell me the meaning of word FRIEND? Of cause I mean YOUR definition.” And he could see her was bewildered by his question. He had waited for a while, but Oscar was still silent. So he had known she could not answer him or perhaps she did not want to answer him. Finally, Gerodere gave her a tender smile.


GERODERE: Okay. You don’t need to answer me now. Maybe later. It is quite late night, you should rest now. Good night, Oscar.


Gerodere had left. But Oscar could not make any movement. His question made her head span around. It was a simply question, but she could not answer him. Guilty…because of this word; she could not be honest with her life…    



As a past month after the Estates-General had been opening; all soldiers had worked without a vacation. All the time, Oscar had been beside her men, together under the rain and sun. She had hard worked and that was not good for her health. She had coughed sometime and it seemed getting bad day by day…    


This night had rain again. Somebody knocked the door while Oscar was playing piano in her room at Jarjeyes’ mansion. “Come in” she said without turned her face. She heard the voice of steps and a cup put on the table.


OSCAR: Thank you, Andre.


Silently… he did not reply anything. Oscar turned round but she only saw the door of her room was closing “Andre?”   


Gerodere stood in front of Oscar’s room, he just closed that door. He could not explain his feeling at the moment. He brought a hot chocolate to Oscar, but she thought he was Andre. Gerodere sighed before made steps towards downstairs. Since Oscar had been working with French Guards, she rarely backed to Gerodere’s mansion. She alleged that Jarjeyes’ mansion was closer to barracks than his. Therefore Gerodere always stayed at Jarjeyes’ mansion also.


Nanny was checking all doors and windows, she had double checked them every night before she went to bed. She saw Gerodere was walking around.

NANNY: Thank you very much Monsieur Gerodere for brought hot chocolate to Lady Oscar. I have felt guilty about it.

GERODERE: You don’t have to feel guilty. I intended to do. And I asked you to gave it to me, remember? Once in my life for doing such a thing likes this.

NANNY: Actually, it was maid or Andre’s duty.

GERODERE: Well, yes. Talk about your grandson, where is he? I don’t see him around.

NANNY: He is in his room. He has not been outside since he comes back… I will call him if you want…


Gerodere shook his head. So Nanny backed for her work. While checking the last window, she sighed.


GERODERE: What’s going on, Nanny? Am I bothering you?

NANNY: Oh, no. No, Monsieur. I’m…just thinking about Andre. He has changed a lot. He has been quiet and depressed. He used to be lively and talkative. I haven’t noticed since when the smile has been disappeared from his face…

GERODERE: I see...

NANNY: Sorry, Monsieur, I talk too much.

GERODERE: No. I would like to listen. By the way, I can’t sleep tonight. Can you sit and talk with me, Nanny?

NANNY: Oh…of cause…If you don’t feel annoyed on hearing…


Gerodere smiled and said he wanted to hear about Oscar when she was young. Nanny was surprised when she heard that, nevertheless, she told him. Meanwhile Nanny was happy when she talking about memorial. When Oscar was born, the first time when she met Andre, the day that kids spent time together…; everything was memorabilia in her mind…



The French Guards Company B were still on their duties, secured the delegation of the Estates-General. The soldiers were standing under the rain in this day. Andre and Alain had discussed about the Third Estate, after a few moment Alain noticed that Oscar looked pale. Somehow, he thought that was because she got fatigue.


Oscar walked around Versailles under the lightly rain. She felt her health was getting worst. She had to stopped walking and leant herself against the pole of the Palace. She was so tried and coughed out blood.


On June 17th, the Third Estate, gaining strength by the merger of some nobles and clergies, passed a resolution to declare them the ‘National Assembly’. There were not only the Third Estate but the First and Second Estates had joined the National Assembly also. The nobles suggested Louis XVI to close the Estates-General.


That was a crisis for the monarchy; two hundred nobles had joined the commoners and defied the Royal Family. Louis XVI commanded everybody had to leave out assembly hall, and dissolved the National Assembly. But the delegates were still sitting, neither dissolve nor leave.


Oscar was called by General Bouille; she had to brought all her men and report to the headquarters in Versailles. She told everybody waited for her outside, but Andre was following her. Oscar said nothing, she let him came along with her. But she had to come inside General Bouille’s office alone. Andre was anxious while he was waiting for her in front of the door. General Bouille gave Oscar the order.


BOUILLE: The French Guards Company B will fully arm itself and immediately head back to the assembly hall, and remove all the members of the National Assembly faction. Use force on those who resist, no matter what they say. If you must, you may open fire at them and kill them.


Oscar was stunned. How could he say that? Duty of soldiers was protected the people, not killed them. She refused his order. So General Bouille told his soldiers arrested her and he called her ‘treason’. He went outside; he gave his order directly to Oscar’s men. However, Alain told him clearly only his Commander Oscar could command them, then he and 11 Members rejected his order. General Bouille was angry, he ordered his soldiers to arrest them. And he went back his office again. He stared at Oscar and said “Your men are just as stubborn as you are! You’ve trained them far too well! They will prison of Abbey. And I will demand all 12 be shot to death in a military court!”


OSCAR: Shot to death!?


General Bouille stared at her and warned her about her situation right now. He also told her that although she had denied his order, others would do. The Royal Guards will remove the members of the National Assembly.


Oscar had known the Royal Guards as well. Like the puppet, they had never refused any orders, although it was unreasonable. She could not let them violated the National Assembly. She fought, tried to free herself from the arrest. They were trained men; she could not fight with them easily. Oscar called Andre; suddenly he burst into the room and helped her. Everything had never been difficult, if they were together. Finally, they could leave the room.



The Royal Guards was headed by Gerodere were standing in front of the assembly hall. He made an announcement “I’m the Royal Guards Regiment Commander, Colonel Gerodere! To the delegates of the National Assembly in the assembly hall. If you remain occupying the hall, you shall be considered as traitors who disobeyed the King’s order! The Royal Guards Regiment will have to resort to use of force!”


Gerodere raised his sword; suddenly he heard the word “Retreat!” with the familiar voice. Oscar was on her horse and held a sword in her hand. She stopped in front of him.  


GERODERE: Oscar...

OSCAR: Colonel Gerodere, do you have the courage to take my sword!? Everyone in the Royal Guards, do you have the courage to put a bullet through my heart!? Fire! If you point your guns at unarmed delegates of the Third Estate, you’ll have to step over my corpse first!


Neither Oscar nor Gerodere made a movement. Gerodere felt his body was numb and he could hardly breathe. If the person in front of him was not Oscar, he would not hesitate to force the Third Estate. Or at least he might less painful. She had announced to everybody; she was standing opposite to him, who was her legal husband. What would happen after this event? How could he face her after this event? The rain had been falling, and it seemed heavier for a confrontation between them at the moment. Meanwhile, the voice of Oscar came back in his mind “You will regret one day, if you marry me.” And his answer was “I will regret if I don’t get married with you.” Yes, he told her that he had no regret…


Everybody including Oscar was silent while waited for Gerodere’s answer. After a while he sheathed his sword and said “Lady Oscar, please sheathe your sword. How can we fire at you, our former commander? How can we become such cowards who’d point guns at unarmed people in front of you? We’ll wait until the day they take up arms. This is for you, even if I shall become a traitor.”


Oscar could not say any words except his name. Gerodere nodded and gave her a tender smile as he had always been. Then he turned around and commanded his men “Retreat.” Oscar looking at him until he was out of her sight…


After came back, Gerodere was called to headquarters immediately. General Bouille blamed him hardly. He was calm while listened to the highest commander in the Army. Gerodere told him that he could not clear all the delegates out the assembly hall, and he did not find any excuse… General Bouille was angry at first, later disappointed.


BOUILLE: Sorry, Colonel Gerodere. I have no choice. I have to arrest you for defying the order.

GERODERE: I understand, Your Excellency. 


Gerodere was guided to prison room. He looked over a railing window. It was rainstorm now, meanwhile, there was lightning and thunder sometimes. His mind filled with Oscar, would she know about his situation now? Would she think of him? Then Andre’s face came to his mind. Andre had been always with Oscar; even when she obstructed his duty. He stood opposite side, whereas Andre stood beside her. Gerodere could not explain how his feeling was. He would do everything for her just because he loved her, although he was punished. He had heard that ‘love is fool’ and it was true…He had become a foolish man when he had fallen in love…


For several hours, Gerodere had spent time in this prison room before he was released. General Bouille told there was no punishment for him because he was not treason. Gerodere was frightened when he heard that. They had known Oscar publicly disobeyed the King’s order.


BOUILLE: You shouldn’t let her go. However, I don’t want to blame you anymore.

GERODERE: How about her? 

BOUILLE: General Jarjeyes will punish her. He said it was his daughter faults not you. That’s why I released you.

GERODERE: General Jarjeyes... But, Your Excellency, how!?


General Bouille and General Jarjeyes had had long friendships. He felt sorry with his friend’s fatal destiny, so he sighed before he could say.


BOUILLE: He said he will take care of the rebel with his own hands.



Gerodere could not believe his ears. General Jarjeyes would kill his daughter by himself. He could not let it happen. He ran out General Bouille’s room real quick. Under the rainstorm, he rode horse towards Jarjeyes’ mansion as fast as possible.


When Gerodere came to Jarjeyes’ mansion, he saw General Jarjeyes was standing downstairs and holding a sward in his hand very tightly, whereas Oscar was standing upstairs and of cause Andre was standing nearby her. He made steps straight to Oscar very fast and sudden held her very tightly in his arms then said “Thank God! You are fine. I heard your father would punish you. I’m so afraid…”   


Oscar said nothing. She felt uncomfortable in Gerodere’s arms especially in front of Andre. She knew Andre would be very hurt. Then she struggled, tried to free her from his arms. However, Gerodere just pretended not to understand her feeling; he had embraced her more tightly. It was an agony; Andre could not stand and see her in other man arms. He had to turn his face away and closed his eyes. He had clenched his hands very firmly until his became red and finally he walked away from them real quick, without any words…General Jarjeyes was anxious while he was looking at three of them…



It was late night; General Jarjeyes sat in library room. He could not sleep. There were so many things happened in this day… Oscar disobeyed the King’s order. All counts blamed her and even Jarjeyes family. He told everybody that he would punish her by himself. Thus, when he got back mansion he ordered his daughter to his office. General Jarjeyes held unsheathe in his hand when he told her sat on a chair. He told her that no matter whatever happened, Jarjeyes family would be standing and protecting the King, but she was a rebel. He could not forgive her; there was no place for her in the family. For the betrayal she had made, he had no way else but punished her. His teardrops came out his eyes and he tried very hard to against them, while he said he would rather preferred kill her by his own hands, better than others.  


Oscar did not say nor move, as if she accepted her fate to die in her father’s hands. General Jarjeyes held the sword more tightly. All memories about his sixth daughter came in his mind; the day that she was born and he decided to raised her as a man, the first day that she called him father, her smile, her innocence, her beauty… He felt his whole body trembled when he thought about the past. He closed his eyes for a second before rose the sword. His sword almost reached Oscar. At that moment Andre dashed in the room and caught him.


ANDRE: Please. Don’t!   

JARJEYES: Let go, Andre! Get out of my way!


Then General Jarjeyes saw a gun in Andre’s hand. He pointed the gun at his master and said “If you persist, I’m going to shoot you, take Oscar and run away.”


General Jarjeyes was shocked, the cause of that was not the gun in Andre’s hand, but his words.


JARJEYES: What!? Run away with Oscar!? Is that your feeling!?

ANDRE: Yes.  

JARJEYES: Stupid! Do you think you can overcome the difference of class!?

ANDRE: Let me ask you. What’s class? What’s a commoner? All men are equal.  

JARJEYES: Oscar already married! Do you forget about this fact!?

ANDRE: I know that. But I have the feeling more than twenty years. No matter what’s happen I have never changed my mind.



Then General Jarjeyes slapped Andre’s face very firmly. “You. I won’t forgive either of you” he said angrily. Andre was fell down by his slapped, now he was kneeling on the floor.


ANDRE: Then slay me first. Even it’s for a moment, I will have to see my love’s death if I’m the second. And that’s too painful.


Oscar was standing behind Andre. She was silent, neither said nor moved. Just once Andre had said he loved her and once he gave her a warm embrace. And then she married  Gerodere. Notwithstanding, he was still being with her. He still loved her. He was fearless saying he had loved her to her father. He had been always protecting her, and that was happened again in this moment. He was willing to gave up his life just for her. Every words was stuck in Oscar’s head, she could not said anything excepted his name “Andre…”


JARJEYES: All right, I will make your wish come true then!


He rose his sword again, but this time pointed towards Andre. Before he could start, the messenger came to the mansion with an urgent message from Lady Antoinette. There will be no punishment for Brigadier Oscar Francois, or for the Jarjeyes family. She expected their further loyalty for the Royal Family.


JARJEYES: Did you hear that, Oscar!? Her Majesty’s mercy has saved your life! You idiot!


Although he said that, the deep inside him, he as knew as Oscar did… who had saved her. After the messenger got back; Gerodere came in the mansion, so he could see just General Jarjeyes stood downstairs and had a sward in his hand, while Oscar was on upstairs with Andre…


General Jarjeyes was calm down now. He sat and looked at the picture of his wife in library room while saying “It is my fault. It was a mistake at the first beginning that I didn’t raise her as woman.” And thought about his daughter and his servant;  they had meant for each other for long time, why he had not noticed the sign. Suddenly he thought of Gerodere; did he know about their feeling? Gerodere was clever, thoughtful and had more senses, so that he should know. “Why did you marry him? Or you wanted Victor to replace Andre at that time? And now Andre has come back and beside you, what are you going to do with Victor? What are you going to do next, Oscar?”  General Jarjeyes could not umpire who was the most suffering among the three of them… 



It was late night, not only General Jarjeyes was awaking but Oscar also. She walked back and forth in front of Andre’s room. She rose her hand up which knocked the door then decided not to do it. She repeated this act around three times. For the last time the door was opened before she knocked it and Andre stepped out. Andre could not asleep either. Without any reason, he decided to out of his room, and surprisingly, Oscar was standing in front of him.


ANDRE: What’s going on, Oscar?


Oscar looked at Andre’s face, his cheek was slapped by General Jarjeyes still had a bit red. Then she touched that cheek tenderly “Is it still hurt?”


ANDRE: It’s okay. By the way, you are worrying about Alain and others, aren’t you?

OSCAR: Well… Yes… I have to rescue them. And I think there is a chance.

ANDRE: Oh, how?

OSCAR: Bernard. I need to meet him.

ANDRE: Now?  


And she nodded her head.


ANDRE: Alright, wait for a while. I’ll make arrangement for you meeting him.     

OSCAR: Thank you, Andre.

ANDRE: My pleasure. 


Andre managed himself to left, but Oscar grabbed his wrist. The next thing was happened made him was paralyzed. Her arms were around him, she was embracing him. For a second, Andre wanted to hold her back, but Oscar released him before he could make it. “Be careful, Andre” she told him with soft voice.


At another corner of the mansion, there was another one who could not sleep in this night. Gerodere had been standing on the stairs and seeing almost everything. At least he could see Oscar touched Andre’s face and embraced him. Then Andre left mansion, her eyes were followed him and still, although he was out of her sight…


For a short while, Oscar managed herself back to her room. Then she met Gerodere was on the stairs. Silently… both could not find the words making a conversation. All they could do just looked at each other. Finally Gerodere broke the silence “I’ll better go to bed. Good night, Oscar.” He was turning back, but she called him. He turned his face towards her and he could smile after heard her question “How are you? I heard General Bouille punished you. Will everything be all right?” At least she concern about him.


GERODERE: Yes, don’t worry, Oscar.  I’ll be fine. Actually, it wasn’t too bad in prison room. It’s hardly to have chance to spend time in such a place and I had an experience, finally.


He made a joke so that Oscar was a bit smiled. With her smile; Gerodere was so pleased. Then he grabbed her shoulder, pulled her towards him, and pressed his lips to hers immediately before she could avoid. Oscar was stunned at first, then tried to push him away. A few second Gerodere stopped kisses her, his lips went to her ear and whispered “Good night, my beloved Oscar” and then released her. He give her a smile before turned around and walked back to his room… 



Oscar asked Bernard help her men by rallied citizens at Abbey. Then he gave a speech and pointed that 12 of the French Guards Member were ‘sons of commoners’. And their sons were executed without being properly tried in a military court. Later citizens surrounding Abbey had reached 30 thousand, demanded release the 12 men. Then Marie Antoinette told Louis XVI and all counts released them. Thus, Alain and friends were free again.  


Oscar read some documents in her office at barracks. Meanwhile, a flashback when she visited Marie Antoinette at Versailles in the morning was come in her mind. She did not forget to thank Marie Antoinette; she was not punished by the mercy of Her Majesty. Then Marie Antoinette point out that they were friends for many years, and she should help her friend. It was quiet over there, only a handful of nobles visited the Court. Marie Antoinette realized what she had done before was the cause of present days. However it could hardly for acceptance.


In July, Royal Army troops arrived, one after another. Royal Clavert Regiment closed the Place Victor Hugo, virtually forbidding rallying at the Plaza. Meanwhile, the Royal-Allemand Regiment closed the road from Paris to  Versailles. They skirmished with demonstrators demanding Louis XVI to abdicate. Salis-Samade Regiments patrolled Paris, enforcing curfew and cracking down on gatherings at night. The situation grew more hostile  suddenly in July. Soldiers armed with rifles stood everywhere in town, coercing citizens. And there was another serious problem. Since an army of over 100,000 soldiers gathered in Paris, overpopulation caused severe food shortage  in and around the city. Hatred and hunger took away smiles from the people.


A lot of soldiers in every part of Paris. The Clavert and Allemand Regiments were taking up their posts in street corners. Oscar was apprehensive what was going to happened to Paris and people? “It can only end up in the extreme, probably. Unless the army withdraws from Paris” Alain told her. Then she said the word ‘a riot’ but Alain changed the word, “Revolution” the next event would happen should called Revolution.


The sky was orange-reddish by evening sunlight. Oscar was on her knees in front of Marie Antoinette nearby a big fountain in the garden at Versailles. She asked the Queen gave order the army to withdraw from Paris. She said the royal family should never engage in killing its own people. But Marie Antoinette could not do it, she denied Oscar’s request.


A silence spread and cool breeze blew around them. All memories throughout 20 years came in both minds… The first time they met each other. The day that Marie Antoinette was lively, joyful, charm, childish and innocent; Oscar worshiped and swore that she would be protect the Queen of France. As the time passed by, everything and everybody had changed. Oscar had faith and she believed in it. Meanwhile, Marie Antoinette had her own. Both now were standing in opposite site. The tears ran out from Oscar eyes; finally the long friendship was coming to the end.


ANTOINETTE: Oscar. Why do you cry? As if… we’ll never meet again…


Not different from Oscar, Marie Antoinette could not stop her tears either.


ANTOINETTE: Au revoir…

OSCAR: Au revoir…


Both Marie Antoinette and Oscar knew too well that they would never meet again. A long lasting friendship could not overcome the obstacle of being the Queen of a country…



Andre spent the night at barracks. He could not sleep through the night, his eye was opened while he was lying in his bed. Until the sunlight came, the sign of a new day had come. He got off his bed and looked over the windows. Now his eyesight was getting worst day by day; he always saw everything blur. He had known his right eye had become almost blind… However there was another thing made Andre more worry than his blind eye. Oscar… he  had seen her coughed and looked pale sometimes. There was something she tried to hide, or she did not get a long lasting cold, but something else… 


While Andre was in the barracks, Oscar was in her room at Jarjeyes’ mansion. She awaked through the night also. She went to Doctor Lassonne’s place after work. He told her that she just had a long cold. But Oscar knew she had a lung disease, the reason that she came to him was she wanted to know how long she had to live.


OSCAR: Doctor, I don’t want to die. But if the day comes eventually, I’d like to live the best I can. Freely, following my heart.

LASSONNE: I’ve served as the Jarjeyes’ family doctor for many years. I can remember the fever you had when you were 3 years old as if it were yesterday… I must tell you then. Quit the military now and return to a quiet estate. Think of nothing, no work, but bathe in sunlight and pray for God’s providence. You live half a year at the longest.


Doctor Lassonne could not hide the tears while he told her the truth. Oscar listened to him quietly and calmly. She gave him a smile and said thank you to him. She was ready to leave but Doctor Lassonne mention about Andre. He had heard Andre was still alive, he just want to knew about his condition, since he had not been here for a long while. Oscar’s act was changed when she heard that. She could not keep her cool looked or calm anymore.


OSCAR: Andre!? Andre’s condition!? What do you mean!? Please tell me!

LASSONNE: It is only a matter of time before Andre Grandier losses his eye sight.


That truth was shocked Oscar. She went back the mansion and kept herself in her room. She could not think of anything but Andre; he was going to blind. She suspected about his sight sometimes, but he had always said and acted as if he was fine. How could he keep on deceiving her? Somehow Andre’s voice came to her mind… “I’m really glad that it wasn’t your eye” he said with tender smiled on his face. Why could not she see his feeling at that moment or why could not she realize her own feeling at that moment? That was her mistake again; they had had to endure the suffering in present because of her denied to aware their true feeling earlier…


In the late morning, Oscar went to barracks. The entire French Guards Company A was armed and dispatched since early morning. And she just got the order from the Regiment Headquarter that Company B should stand by at barracks, it was not necessary for them to patrolled Paris this day. She knew that her Company B would be dispatched soon. Oscar could not predict the future, what was going to happened? However she still have the present day, and she would do the best she could for this time… She walked around barracks and met Andre while he was walking to the atrium.  


OSCAR: Andre. I’m looking for you… There is no more work today, just awaiting orders. Let’s go home together.

ANDRE: But if we await orders, I should stay with the others.


Then she took his hand; she held his with her both hands. “Accompany me, once in a while. It’s no longer safe on the way home, you know” she said with soft and tender voice and laughed gently. Andre was wondered; her manner was unusual. And Oscar squeezed his hand lightly, then she saw a smile was slowly appearing on his face. For a second, his smile disappeared. He pulled his hand from hers and stepped backward. Oscar blinked, Andre rapidly changed his action, made her bedazzle. Then the stupefaction was away from her when she heard someone called her name. Gerodere was coming.


“Oscar, I come to escort you back home.” Gerodere said while he was walking towards her. Oscar turned face to Andre; woe was him. Andre tried so hard to keep his voice in normality before he could say “Accompany you is coming. You can back home safety now.” She tried to say something but could not find the words at the time; therefore Andre turned around and walked away from her when Gerodere came closer. Oscar wanted to follow him somehow her body was so numb, could not move at all.


Gerodere kept his eyes on them. That was a fool of him again, came to the barracks and saw Oscar’s feeling towards Andre. Although he had known the truth all the time, he was still willing to wound.


GERODERE: Oscar go back Gerodere’s mansion together. You haven’t gone there for a while.

OSCAR: I’ll back to my home today.

GERODERE: What do you mean? My home is yours also. Please, Oscar, I have something to talk to you.


Because he used entreated voice, so Oscar would felt guilty if she denied him. Gerodere was waiting for the answer, thus she told him “All right, if you have something to talk. I’ll come along with you.”



The sun was set; the red sky was replaced with dark. Gerodere had been keeping quiet. Since they had arrived mansion until now, he said nothing. Oscar looked at him, waited for his words. She could not bear his wordlessness anymore “Victor, what do you want to talk to me?” She asked him finally. Gerodere raised his head and gave her a smile, still silenced.


OSCAR: Okay. If you don’t want to say it anymore, I’ll better go to my father home. GERODERE: Why did you withdraw Count Fersen’s engagement?


Oscar frowned at him, it was an unusual question. She tried to figure out what kind of subject he tried to say was.


GERODERE: Why didn’t you marry him, because you had known his feeling or your own?

OSCAR: Is this what you want to talk with me?

GERODERE: Well... actually, it’s the first subject.

OSCAR: So, what is the second?

GERODERE: You didn’t answer me yet, Oscar.


For a second, she was silent. Then she said simply “You already made the answer.” And she repeated the question again “So, how about the second?”


GERODERE: It isn’t necessary to go to barracks tomorrow, Oscar. You were quitted from the French Guards. I already made arrangement for you.

OSCAR: What!?


Gerodere could predict what the reaction he would get from her. As he thought, she turned round and told she would back to the barracks. He grasped her arm and she was mad at him.


OSCAR: Let me go!

GERODERE: Calm down, Oscar, and listen to me. Everything… I did it for you.

OSCAR: Did everything for me!? How dare you say that!? Company B will dispatch too soon. I’m the commander; I should stand by my men. But you… you make me become a coward. How dare you do such a thing for me!? LET ME GO!


He did not let her go, contrariwise he held her in his arms and embraced her more tightly while she was struggling and pushing him away. However Oscar stopped all her action abruptly when she heard his next words; “Today, I met Doctor Lassonne.”


She was silent and did not make any movement. Then he kept saying “He suggested you should quit the military, live in peaceful and quiet place, do nothing...”  His voice shivered and his entire body trembled, and Gerodere tried very hard to stop it.


GERODERE: Please…do, Oscar. You may not care about me. But how about your father, your mother, your Nanny and your… your Andre… how much sorrow we will take if we lose you…


Oscar felt lose all her energy; she almost fell down while listened him. She did not want to cry somehow she could not against her tears. Her eyes filled with tears… She silently cried in Gerodere’s arms…



On July, 13th, 1789; Gerodere got up, took a shower and dressed; he had to reach Versailles in early morning. He told his stableman prepared the horse, and Oscar was looking at him silently. Before he stepped out the mansion, he looked at her.


GERODERE: Would you mind saying something to me, Oscar?

OSCAR: Be careful. And back home safety.

GERODERE: Thank you.


He walked out the mansion, for a second he was back. “I forgot to ask you one question? Have you ever loved me? Have you ever thought about it, at least just one fourth second?”


Oscar was silent for a while and then he saw her opened her lips; managed saying something. He interrupted her immediately “I have to go now. I’ll listen your answering in this evening when I back home.” He managed himself turned around and left. Then Oscar snatched at his wrist. He turned back to her “What is it, Oscar?” She said nothing, but her manner made him almost stopped breathe; she held him in her gentle arms. Gerodere could not move nor say; if this was a dream he would never wanted to awake again… This was the first time that she embraced him. And this was the first time that she did not refuse or resist him when he put his arms around her. Oscar acknowledged all his feeling towards her with his embraced. 


OSCAR: Thank you, Victor. Thank you…


She said with soft and tender voice, still holding him in her arms. Finally, Gerodere could touch her, held her and embraced her…  


To Be Continued…


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