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This ROV fan-fiction project name is “The Story of The Rose”. There are 3 parts in this story, the first part is “Red Rose”, the second part is “Blue Rose” and the third part is “White Rose”. “The Story of The Rose” starts from episode 28 of anime version and the whole story basically on anime version but there are some things very different from the original. So, please try the new version of ROV and welcome for any feedbacks, recommendations and suggestions.


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The Story of The Rose: The Red Rose    



OSCAR: Andre! Andre, where are you? Strange...He’s the one who suggested going horse riding. Where did he go? Andre!


Oscar walked around the old church while she was looking for Andre. Andre did not reply anything. He sat in the belfry of that church. He wanted to hide himself from her for a moment. “Wait, just a bit more, Oscar. My right eye is blurry right now.  I’ll be with you as soon as I can see again. Please wait for me, just a bit more...”



Crown Prince Joseph was ill suddenly and had a high fever, all the Court doctors had gathered in his room. Marie Antoinette held her son’s hand; she sat beside Joseph and called his name all the time. But the only word that she heard from her son when he was unconscious was father… yes… he called his father Louis XVI. Marie Antoinette ran to the grand hall and sat in front of the crucifix “Lord, he called for His Majesty from his loneliness. He spends most of his time with me everyday. Yet he calls His Majesty for help, instead of me!” Her eyes filled with tears and she could not stop it “Forgive me. Please forgive my sins. If... if my son’s suffering is the punishment for my sins…” She could not breathe easy when she decided to say these words “I can promise here right now that I will never see Fersen again. Please forgive me…”


Fersen saw everything and heard every word that Marie Antoinette had said. He could not help her; he could not show her how he was suffering with this situation. And because of her words that she had swore to God, he had had no choice. He had to walk away from his beloved; he felt lost… he had lost everything, even his life.   



Oscar stood at the big fountain in Jarjeyes’ garden, “Stop! Oscar, it’s over now. Don’t think about him any more!” She had told herself all the time after that day, the first day in her life that she wore a women’s dress. Oscar looked at the clear water in the fountain. “Right, this is the real me”, she thought when she saw her reflection in water “I was raised as a man. No love or romance for me.” She looked at the reflection again, but there was not only her, Andre had appeared behind her.  


OSCAR: Andre, you come so quiet!
ANDRE: Oscar, would you practice fencing with me? I can’t get the perspective right with only my right eye. I will be in trouble if I can’t use a sword when I need it.
OSCAR: Of cause! Give me a sword.  
MAID: Mademoiselle Oscar, Count Fersen is here, he is in the living room right now.
OSCAR: Fersen...

Oscar walked slowly into her house, it seemed like she had walked slower and slower when she was close to the living room. She did not come into the room. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at Fersen for a while. He closed his eyes, he looked really exhausted. Oscar took a deep breath before she walked into this room. Fersen opened his eyes; he smiled when he saw her.


FERSEN: It has been a long time we didn’t see each other, Oscar.
FERSEN: Even though we both work at
Versailles, I am in the army; you are in the Royal Guards. We didn’t have any chance to see each other at all.
FERSEN: When was the last time we met? Do you remember?

Oscar did not say anything so Fersen kept talking.


FERSEN: At any rate, you look fine. I have heard the rumors about you. Like the incident about the Black Knight.
OSCAR: That was a failure. We could never found out who it was.
FERSEN: Things never work out as you wish in the real world...
OSCAR: Fersen, what about you? What have you been doing?
FERSEN: Me? Nothing in particular. Nothing especially happy, nor especially sad...
OSCAR: I see...
FERSEN: Oh, yes! There was something mysterious at a ball about a month ago. I met a lady who looks exactly like you! She was a countess from a foreign country. I only saw her at that ball. I couldn’t find her at any other balls.


Oscar listened to him quietly. While she reached out for a glass of water on the table, Fersen grabbed her wrist suddenly. He pulled her towards him, looked into her eyes and said: “As I thought, Oscar. It was you! You were that Countess. Even if you try to hide it, you can’t hide a reflex!” Oscar could not face him anymore; she pushed him out and ran away. She ran out of the house to the stable. Fersen followed her. Even her face was turned to the stable door but he knew she was crying.

FERSEN: Oscar… If I only knew from the first time we have met that you are a woman...
OSCAR: Don’t say anything, Fersen. You shouldn’t say anything to me. I’ve already given up everything in my mind. There are two kinds of love in this world: a love of joy...and a love of agony.


That was the first time he knew how she felt about him. At that moment, he decided to say something… something that he had never thought before. “Oscar. Please listen to me. I know the only kind of love, a love of agony. My heart is so painful. I want to stop it.” Fersen walked slowly close to Oscar and held her hand. He could not stop the tears while he was saying. “Please, help me, Oscar. I want to forget everything, the agony of love. I know you can, you can help me to find the love of joy.”


Andre had seen everything, every event… Fersen held Oscar’s wrist, she pushed him and ran away, they stopped at the stable and finally, Fersen was holding her hand. Andre could not look at them anymore; he turned his face and ran. He had no idea where he was going; he just wanted to run away from that scene. It was a nightmare… he tried to tell himself again and again, but he also knew his nightmare already came true…


Andre sat in an old bar in the center of Paris, which was very crowned today. Even though there were many people around him, he was still feeling lonely. He took a drink and sang a song lightly. He did not notice there was a man who looked at him all the time. Finally, that man called him: “Hey, young man! What’s going on!? You look pretty depressed. I’m Alain from the French Guards. Why don’t you join and sing with us?” Alain looked friendly and his friends welcomed him also. Andre did not want to deny them, and then he drank and sang with new friends, the soldiers of the French Guards.

ALAIN: Today is the payday for the French Guards. This is a bit of diversion. Even though the name “French Guards” sounds cool, we’re just a bunch of sons of bakers and farmers! Unlike the Royal Guards or the Official Army, with their proper family backgrounds, we do all the risky jobs! The current task thrust upon us is to patrol this turbulent
Paris. Oops, sorry. I have only grumbled about our job. Young man, you should spit out what is in your guts too. That’s the best!

Andre said nothing, he only smiled.

ALAIN: Well, that’s ok. If you can’t tell, all you can do is just to drink more!


French Guard Members sang the song again; some of them took too much to drink. When they had drunk, the fight had started without any reasons. Alain laughed and joined in this fighting. Unfortunately, Andre had to participate with them by accident. It seemed like he had fun, but he had not. “No, Oscar. It doesn’t work. No matter how much I drink and make merry.” He was still crying inside… “Someday, I’ll lose the sight from my right eye, too… Oscar, the hardest thing for me isn’t being able to see you any more…”



After Fersen came and said that words to Oscar, the relationship between them had changed so much. They spent a lot of time together, fencing, horse riding, and went to the balls also. Oscar had never expected that this would happen. He said she could help him forget Lady Antoinette. Right now Fersen stood in front of her.


FERSEN: What’s going on Oscar? Why are you looking at me like this? Or do you have something to talk with me?

OSCAR: Well, no. There is nothing.

FERSEN: Oscar, may I ask you for a favor? Would you wear a dress instead of the uniform at least when we go to the ball?

OSCAR: What has happened!? Why do you ask me to wear a women’s dress!?

FERSEN: Well, I just… I think it really fits you. I still keep the picture of you on that day in my mind.

OSCAR: Do you like me in that way?

FERSEN: I like you in every ways, Oscar! As I told you, I just think that you are suitable for lady dress.   


There was only silence between them. Oscar looked at Fersen quietly and when she looked into his eyes, everything was clear... Finally, she said. “All right, I’ll dress next time.” A smile appeared on Fersen’s face.


It was quite late in the night, but Andre could not sleep. He had had a very hard time; a flashback at Doctor Lassonne’s place came back to his mind.


LASSONNE: So, since when did your right eye start to blur?
ANDRE: About a week ago.
LASSONNE: I see...
ANDRE: Will I really become blind!? 
LASSONNE: Well, I can’t really say for sure but there is a lot of strain on your right eye after losing the other one...
ANDRE: Please tell me frankly, Doctor!
LASSONNE: Well, hum...


Beside this, he was suffering from every time that Oscar and Fersen stayed together also. Everything that they had done before, she did with Fersen now. He had replaced him so simply…


The music was loud around Jarjeyes’ mansion. Oscar could not sleep either; she was playing piano in her room. Andre listened to the music and he was not wondering, why she was playing such a sad song… He always asked her silently: “No one can help Fersen except … you really know that, don’t you, Oscar?”


Nanny heard the music and knew that Oscar did not fall asleep. So she made something to drink for her, and then she saw her grandson sitting in the tea room. She was worried about him; she noticed that he had acted strange for a while. 

NANNY: Andre, I heard that you went to see Dr. Lassonne today. Are you all right?
ANDRE: Yes. He helped me in many ways when I got my left eye injured. So I brought some flowers to thank him.
NANNY: I see. You have been acting strange lately, so I thought you got sick someplace.
ANDRE: Ha, no way! Nothing like that!
NANNY: All right. Can you help me a bit? Bring this hot chocolate to Mademoiselle.
ANDRE: Yes. Of cause.


Oscar stopped playing piano. “Come in” she said when she heard someone knock the door. Andre gave a glass of hot drink to her, Oscar smiled, then said thank you to him.  Andre looked at her for a while and said only good night. Before he could leave, Oscar was calling him.


OSCAR: Are you all right, Andre? You look pretty serious. Is there anything disturbing you?

ANDRE: Nothing in it. I am fine…


Then Andre saw a blue dress standing in the middle of her room. “It is so beautiful, I mean that dress…”


OSCAR: I’ll go to the ball with Fersen tomorrow night.

ANDRE: Are you going to dress!?

OSCAR: Well, I think I should… All right, I need to go to bed now. Good night.


Andre did not move. He looked at her then that beautiful dress and then back at her again. The voices in his head became louder. What did she mean? She thought she should… she had done it before, and she would do it again, just for Fersen. She exerted herself just for Fersen. She had done everything just for Fersen. He nearly got mad at that moment; finally he decided to say something. Something that could stop his madness, but made her mad instead.   


ANDRE: Oscar, are you happy now?

OSCAR: What!?

ANDRE: You have never been like this, you are not the same.

OSCAR: What do you mean, Andre?

ANDRE: Is it worth changing yourself? 

OSCAR: Stop Andre! I don’t want to talk now! I need to sleep, good night!

ANDRE: You have known everything, you always know the truth. Who is living in Fersen’s heart? Who does he really love?

OSCAR: Shut up!


Oscar did not want to hear anymore. Andre was right; she had known all the time that Fersen’s heart would always belong to someone else. Since he said he wanted to forget everything and he needed her. Oscar knew that it was her chance and she had to take it. At that moment Fersen was beside her, there was a hope that someday she would get into his heart. So she would not give up, although she had to exert herself to do something. Andre seemed to know what she was thinking about. He still kept talking; he could not stop it anymore.


ANDRE: Has he ever found the real you? The one you really are.

OSCAR: Stop, Andre! I said I don’t want to hear it. Do you understand me!? Shut up!

ANDRE: I won’t stop! I want to say, I want to say the truth! Fersen loves Lady Antoinette! Everybody knows; I know and you know also. He does not love you! Who is really in love with you!? Who does really love the way that you are!? Who does really love you more deeply than anyone else!? Have you ever known about that!?


Andre had moved closer to her little by little. He held her wrists very firmly. Oscar realized she was not strong enough against him. She said he caused her pain, holding her wrists so tightly and asked him to leave. Andre did not listen to her, nor did he stop. He needed to say everything… everything he had kept in his heart for a long time. “I love you! You are the only one that I have  seen and thought about. I love you, Oscar!” after the last word he kissed her lips suddenly. Oscar could not think anything. She became paralyzed at that moment. Andre gave her a long kiss and she could not fight or resist him. After a while, Andre turned back to consciousness. He released Oscar. Without any thinking, her hand was on his face; slapping him very firmly. “Get out!” she shouted, with disbelief in her eyes when she looked at him. Andre felt his breath stopping when he saw her eyes. He had told her everything he wanted and that was a result. He had to admit it. “I am so sorry, Oscar. Please forgive me. Could you forget everything I did or said?” he walked out of her room. “Fersen will love you, yes he will…” He said before he closed the door.  


After that event, Oscar rarely met Andre. It seemed like they both tried to avoid each other. She had never thought that this could happen before. He was the only one who really knew her; he was her friend…her life long friend. How could she face him with a different feeling?



Fersen spent time with Oscar as usual. That was so strange… the more they were getting closer, the more distance was growing between them also… He seldom looked at her when he stayed with her. Emptiness always appeared in his eyes. At the same time, Andre’s voice came back to Oscar’s mind again “Are you happy now!? Who is living in Fersen’s heart!? Fersen loves Lady Antoinette! Everybody knows; I know and you know also. Who is really in love with you!? I love you, Oscar!”


Oscar startled by Fersen’s voice. He called her many times while she was down to her thinking so she did not hear him.


FERSEN: Did I scare you, Oscar?

OSCAR: Actually no, I am just thinking something.

FERSEN: What are you thinking?

OSCAR: Just… Work. Yes, my work.

FERSEN: I see… But Oscar, have you ever thought about leaving the Royal Guards.
OSCAR: What!?

FERSEN: Would you like to go to Sweden?

OSCAR: What are you talking about, Fersen? I don’t get it.

FERSEN: I am proposing you, Oscar.

OSCAR: Fersen!?

FERSEN: I am not kidding. Will you marry me?


The rumor about wedding spread from Jarjeyes’ mansion to Versailles like wildfire. It was a main topic for all nobles. They were very excited and surprised; the communities in Versailles were vivacious by that news. Marie Antoinette could not believe that this could happen. How could it be? She remembered Fersen once denied marrying because of her. But she was really sure he would not deny it again, because his bride was Oscar… Oscar who was her best friend. Marie Antoinette found it was so difficult to meet both of them, but she should say something to them, at least the word “Congratulations.”

ANTOINETTE: Congratulations. I am...glad to hear that. You… must be… a wonderful couple…


Neither Oscar nor Fersen could face her directly. Both had known how Marie Antoinette was suffering. She was trying very hard to make a conversation.

ANTOINETTE: Fersen, Oscar, tell me about your plan after you marry. Will you stay here or go to Sweden?
FERSEN: Your Majesty, my father hopes that I will go back to my country. He… would like to meet… his… daughter in law… 
ANTOINETTE: I see...I assume so. I would like to be the hosts for your wedding… can I?

FERSEN: I feel highly honored, Your Majesty.
ANTOINETTE: Well then, I will be you host…


Marie Antoinette could not endure that suffering anymore; the tears were running down her face. “I wish you all the happiness…” she said and walked away from them quickly. Fersen wanted to follow her, but managed to hold himself back somehow. He only called her name in his mind… Oscar did not say or move. After a while she looked at her fiancé. The only thing she could see was a lost man. He had lost all his hope… Then the voice of Andre came into her head over and over again.


There were not only the three of them in this difficult situation. Andre was really suffering from that also. The first time that he had got to know about the wedding, he felt his body became paralyzed. How could Oscar marry Fersen? How could she marry a man who was deeply in love with someone else? It was strange that she had a lot of patience towards Fersen, but Andre’s patience was even bigger. Even though he knew Oscar’s feeling, he still loved her.


Andre walked without any aim, until reached the bridge in Paris. He looked at the Seine River. He felt that all his energy was lost, he was really tired and he needed to rest at that moment. He walked down the steps and sat under the bridge. He heard someone calling him after he had sat there for a while. Alain came and sat by him.


ALAIN: Haven’t seen you for a while, young man!
ALAIN: Hey, what’s going on!? You look more depressed than last time!


Andre did not say anything. Alain looked at him carefully.


ALAIN: All right, if you don’t want to say. You seem to want to drink more than to talk. There is a good bar nearby here, I will take you to that place. Come!


Alain pulled Andre up and walked across the bridge. There were two French Guard Members looking for him.

MEMBER: Hey, Alain! That is enough! We are still on duty!
ALAIN: Are you pretending to be a good boy or something!?
MEMBER: But we are on a special alert tonight.
ALAIN: All right, a job is a job! Well. Youngman, we will do it next time.

ANDRE: See you later.
ALAIN: Yup, don’t forget next time!


Andre nodded his head before he left. Alain shook his head slowly. There was only one word that could explain everything about Andre at that time… He was in the depths of despair…


Andre went back to Jarjayes’ mansion the next day early morning. He did not come inside, he stopped at the stable. He was feeding the horses in the stable when General Jarjeyes came in. He asked Andre to ride horse with him. They took their horses and went out of the mansion. Andre followed General Jarjeyes without saying anything until they reached a grove quite far from their place. Then General Jarjeyes started a conversation.


JARJEYES: Andre, how do you think about Oscar?
ANDRE: Master!?
JARJEYES: It was my mistake. I realized I should have raised Oscar naturally as a woman. I want her to be happy as a woman, that’s why I don’t object to this wedding!


General Jarjeyes was stopped talking for a while, he looked at Andre with his tender eyes.


JARJEYES: Frankly speaking, I don’t agree with their wedding. But if Oscar thinks Count Fersen is suitable for her, I have nothing to say… Andre, I want you to be her friend. I want you to stay with her after she gets married.


Andre did not say anything. How could he see Oscar in the embrace of another man? If General Jarjeyes knew that Andre had such strong feelings towards Oscar, he wouldn’t have asked him that. “Master, I…” He did not answer yet, then General Jarjeyes asked him to go back home and practice fencing with him. Andre was really surprised about his master’s acting. The first time (in his life) since he had been at the Jarjeyes’ mansion, he practiced fencing with him. It might have been the way General Jarjeyes chose to release himself from worrying or dissatisfaction or whatever, so Andre did not want to deny him. General Jarjeyes was serious with this practicing whereas Andre was not concentrated. His head was still busy with the conversation in the grove, his mind thinking of his beloved Oscar, and his eyes were starting to blur.


Andre was brought back to consciousness when his sword fell down and General Jarjeyes stabbed him with his sword. Suddenly he found himself on the ground and felt a sharp pain he first could not localize.


JARJEYES: Andre, how are you!? Hey, is there anyone around here!? Come and take care of Andre!

ANDRE: I am fine, Master. I am not seriously injured.
JARJEYES: What’s wrong with you? You have to concentrate when you use your sword, otherwise you will be hurt.


At that moment Oscar was watching her father and Andre from the window in her room. She was quite amazed when she saw them practice fencing together. Then Andre’s sword fell on the ground and he was stabbed by her father. She ran out of her room immediately to see a young servant and Nanny take Andre inside the mansion. “Andre!” Oscar called him when she saw him walking into the house. Andre looked at her, then he could see the worry in her eyes when she saw the blood on his shoulder.


OSCAR: Andre… 

NANNY: He is fine, Mademoiselle. He was stabbed in his shoulder, too far from his heart.

OSCAR: Andre, why was father fencing with you!? How could he hurt you!?
ANDRE: It was my mistake. We were just practicing, but I was too careless.
Just practicing! He shouldn’t be serious! I will talk to him!

ANDRE: Oscar, I’m all right! You shouldn’t pay too much attention to this event. You have many things to do… especially… your wedding.


There was only silence between them; both just looked at each other. Nanny felt something was unusual, something had happened between them.


NANNY: Mademoiselle, Andre, what’s the matter?


“Nothing!” both answered at the same time. And then Oscar told Nanny to clean his wound immediately, and let him take some rest. She said she had a lot of things to do.


After meeting Marie Antoinette on that day, Oscar and Fersen became estranged little by little. They had rarely met each other. One day Oscar went to Fersen’s mansion after she finished her work. On the way to Fersen’s place, a flashback of the conversation she had had with Gerodere at her office came into her mind.


GERODERE: Regiment Commander, I heard Andre was wounded, how is he right now?
OSCAR: He is fine, thanks so much for asking.

GERODERE: And how about you? Are you fine?
OSCAR: I am fine, Gerodere. Why do you ask?
GERODERE: I apologize for the nonsensical question. You ought to be happy, you will be marrying soon.
OSCAR: Am I looking unhappy?
GERODERE: Well, you’ll better know yourself than everyone else.


The old man who was Fersen’s servant was surprised when he saw Oscar, since she rarely came here. And he felt uncomfortable while she asked about his master.


SERVANT: Lady Oscar, you might not want to meet him now.
OSCAR: What’s going on?

SERVANT: He… Well…he…
OSCAR: What’s happening!? Fersen is all right, isn’t he!?
SERVANT: Ah… Ah… I … I will take you to the living room.


Oscar was silent when she walked into the living room. She saw Fersen sleeping on a big cushion. There were many bottles of liquor around him. She took her coat off and put it on his body. She was ready to leave but Fersen held her hand: “Please… don’t go…” he said without consciousness. He held her hand tightly and called “Lady Antoinette.” Oscar could not explain her feeling at that time. She realized that the man in front of her at that moment was the real Fersen, who was deeply in love with Lady Antoinette. Oscar walked out of the room silently. She turned around and looked at Fersen again “Fersen, I’m not Lady Antoinette…”


Andre came back to Jarjeyes’ mansion quite late at night. He was surprised when he opened the door of his room. In the room were many bottles of alcohol, some were empty, some were still full. And then he saw Oscar standing behind the door.


OSCAR: Hey! Where have you been!?
ANDRE: Oscar, did you drink all of these!?
OSCAR: You can drink as much as you want with everybody everywhere! Why can’t I!?

ANDRE: Oscar, stop drinking. You already got drunk.

OSCAR: I’m not! I need a friend to drink with me! If you don’t want to drink I’ll go and find someone else!


How could he let her go drunk? She needed someone to be with her and she came to him. “All right, I will drink with you” he said finally. Oscar had known he would not refuse her. “Great.! We’ll drink until we lose control!”


Both had drunk together. They did not realize how much they had taken. Andre tried to pour out liquor from a bottle, but nothing remains. “It’s all gone, I will take more” he told Oscar and walked to the door. Suddenly, Oscar snatched his arm and forced him to stop.


OSCAR: Don’t go anywhere! Stay here!


Andre turned back and met the eyes of Oscar. “Stay with me” she said tenderly. They looked at each other’s eyes, both got closer and closer. Slowly, Andre kissed her lips and put his arms around her. Oscar returned his kisses. She laid her hands on his shoulder and moved to caress his hair. Then everything that happened got beyond control. That might be because of alcohol or the atmosphere or their desire or anything else, even destiny… was leading both of them.



Oscar opened her eyes. She drank too much so she had a head-ache when she woke up. She was so confused, everything around her looked different. After a while she realized that she was in Andre’s room. Then she found herself was lying in his arms. She tried to think what had happened. She had asked Andre to drink, they drank together, and then…the stupefaction in her head was suddenly disappearing. Oscar felt she had stopped breathing. Whole her body was so numb and her brain stopped thinking at all. It took her a lot of minutes to regain consciousness. How could she let it happen? Why couldn’t she stop it in time? She looked at Andre, he was still sleeping and his face looked calm. Neither he nor she did not intend to do it. She was ashamed when she thought about the warm feeling in his embrace. Then she thought that was because the contiguity between them. That mistake has happened because they both were so close. Oscar got out of the bed with carefulness, tried not to wake Andre up. She dressed herself and walked out his room silently.


Sunlight was shining into the room, touched Andre’s face and woke him up. He was stupefied and had a head-ache when he got up. There were many bottles of liquor in his room and all of them were empty. He had recognized that Oscar was drinking when he came in, and what was happening after that? He drank with her, he wanted to get more alcohol but she stopped him, he looked into her eyes and then… “God… no!” What had he done? How could he do such a thing? Andre almost stopped his breath when he thought about Oscar. How was her feeling? What would she do? And what should he do?


Oscar was sitting in the garden when Andre came. She had seen him coming, but could not face him at this moment. Andre felt guilty when he noticed her discomfort. He could not find the words to explain his feeling for her. He did not know how to say but he had to…


ANDRE: Oscar… I apologize about last night…Everything that happened was my fault. You were too drunk…


Oscar shrugged by the mention of that event and bowed her head in shame. She was silent for quite a while. She knew it was not only Andre’s fault and she felt sorry for him now. She did not want to hurt him, but still there was no other way out of this. Things had changed drastically between them.


OSCAR: Andre, what if… last night never happened? I stayed only in my room. I didn’t even know when you came back.

ANDRE: Oscar…

OSCAR: Also, I can’t depend on you any longer. Sooner or later I’ll quit the Royal Guards, and move to Sweden. I’ll be marrying soon. So you don’t have to accompany me after today. You can do whatever you wish.

That was Oscar’s answer and he had to accept it. Andre nodded absentmindedly. He knew it was best to do what Oscar suggested, but he nevertheless could not suppress the desperation in him. He felt his world was absolutely broken. Oscar did not care at all. And she did not need him. Tear-drops were running down from his eyes against his will. What did he expect to hear from her? She wanted to push him away; she could not think he had been her friend. She could not forgive his sin. They both could not tune back the time anymore...


Oscar looked at Andre’s back while he was leaving. The sorrow has come in her mind when he was out of her sight. She thought that this thing has happened because they both were so close. So the best way for them was to try to avoid seeing each other…



Fersen came to Jarjeyes’ mansion after he had not been there for a while. He looked better than last time Oscar had seen him. However she still saw the sadness in his eyes.


FERSEN: Oscar, it seems a long time that I haven’t seen you. Sorry, I was so busy.

OSCAR: I see.

FERSEN: How are you doing?

OSCAR: I’m fine. How about you?

FERSEN: Well. I’m doing well.


Oscar took him to the garden. She had kept quiet while they were walking together. Then she stopped at the big oak tree.

FERSEN: What’s wrong with this tree?

OSCAR: I just think… Nothing. It doesn’t really matter.

FERSEN: Tell me Oscar. What are you thinking? I would love to hear.

OSCAR: Fersen?

FERSEN: You can tell me everything, Oscar.


She was surprised. Fersen was so strange; he had never acted like this before. Was the man beside her really Fersen?


OSCAR: I think… It’s strange…  I have been seeing this oak tree since I was young. It was always the same every time I watched it, until now. I just notice that it is taller and bigger, also has more branches and shadows than in the past. Why haven’t I seen it before?

FERSEN: That what you are thinking… All trees are growing everyday. I think because you have seen it everyday, you didn’t pay attention about it that much. But today you stop and look at it carefully and now you can see the difference. If you had noticed that before you wouldn’t be surprised.


Yes, Fersen was right. His point was really relevant. She sighed and kept looking at that oak tree. Fersen noticed that Oscar was in a different mood than usual. He wanted to know what had happened with her.  She was inert and apathetic; she had never been like that before at least when they were together. However, he decided to keep the doubt in his mind.


Fersen had left before sunset. He said he had many things to do so he could not have dinner with her. Oscar went back to her house. Madame Jarjayes and Nanny were waiting for her. Their eyes were shining and their smiles were so kind. She was wondering what made them so happy: “Is there anything good?” Nanny gave her a big smile, and then showed her a white dress, decorated with moonstone and pearls.


OSCAR: What!?

NANNY: It is so beautiful. It is your wedding dress!

OSCAR: What!? You say it is mine…

MME JARJAYES: Fersen brought it; he said it is a present from his father.

NANNY: Mademoiselle, I would love to see you dress up today!

MME JARJEYES: Fersen also said his father is really excited. He wants to see his daughter in law as well!


Oscar did not reply anything. Madame Jarjayes noticed her daughter was inactive; she did not even look at that dress.


MME JARJEYES: What is wrong, Oscar!? Why are you looking careless? You don’t like it, do you?

NANNY: Mademoiselle!?


Oscar looked at both of them. She saw a worry in their eyes. So that she turned her face to the white dress. Finally, she said: “Well, yes, I like it. Yes, it is beautiful!”



Day after day Oscar rarely met Andre since she said he did not have to accompany her any more and he could do whatever he wanted. But all he wanted to do was just being with her. Although she knew it or not, he was still keeping his eyes on her.


The wedding was getting closer. Everybody was so excited, except Oscar. She did not pay attention to her wedding that much. She let her parents manage everything. Nanny was so worried about her. Why did Mademoiselle look so inert? That was her wedding, and it was really important for her. She did not wear her dress even once…


Nanny knocked the door and came in Oscar’s room. She saw her looking at the white dress. She felt quite relieved; finally Mademoiselle was interested in her wedding day or at least her wedding dress. But she had seen only her back. If she could only see Oscar’s face, she would know that she had thought wrong.


One day, it was the day before wedding day. Fersen was surprised when Oscar came to his mansion. When he looked at her, he saw only sadness in her eyes. And then he saw a white dress in her hands, the wedding dress that his father gave to her. “I shouldn’t take it” she said and put it tenderly on cushion.


FERSEN: Oscar! What’s wrong!?

OSCAR: I think I’m not suitable for this dress.

FERSEN: What’s going on, Oscar?

OSCAR: Fersen, are you really sure about the wedding? 

FERSEN: What are you talking about!?

OSCAR: Maybe…you still need more time to reconsider…

FERSEN: What do you mean, Oscar!?


Oscar stopped her words for a while; she looked at Fersen’s face. Finally she said: “I am so glad to have you by my side. But it is time for reality… Fersen, are you happy now? When we ever spent time together, what are you thinking? Or who is you thinking of?


Fersen could not breathe easily when he heard those questions. He did not realize that she had known it all the time. He said nothing so that Oscar kept saying: “How are you feeling, are you feeling tired when we are together?” She took a dept breath before saying the words: “I am so tired.” That was clear enough. Fersen had never thought about that before, why was he so careless about her feelings? The relationship between them was collapsing. How could he stop it? What kind of words should he say?


Oscar kept her eyes on him. With all her heart, she had thought Fersen was wonderful, even at that moment. For many years, she had wished to be beside him. But while he was standing in front of her, she decided to gave up and let him go. Oscar did not want to find the answers why she had made this decision anymore. All that she wanted was just to get out off there. Fersen seemed to understand that she was ready to leave. He held her hand.  


FERSEN: Wait Oscar! I… I love you.

OSCAR: I do either. But, Fersen, you also know…sometimes only love is not enough.


Fersen called her name, which made Oscar stop. She had stopped just for a few seconds, then she walked away. All he could do was just watch her leave. He wished he could make her change her mind and give him one more try. But she did not even turn back her face. There was no remedy between them.


Oscar felt really depressed at that moment. She did not go back home when she left Fersen’s mansion. She rode horse into the nearby grove. She stopped abruptly when she saw Andre standing under the big tree in that forest.


OSCAR: What’s going on, Andre!? I told you not to accompany me any more!
ANDRE: I’m not accompanying you, Oscar. I’m just horse riding and stop by here. OSCAR: Do whatever you like!


She tried to ignore him. She went down her horse and walked to the river bank. Even though Andre said he had only stopped by there, in fact, Oscar knew he was waiting for her. He had always looked after her all the time. He had known everywhere and every place she would go, and he had always been there for her. She had known that if pleasure or suffering had occurred, he had always been her friend. Finally, Oscar called his name, walked to him. Then she leant her head against his chest. “May I borrow your shoulder?” She said softly.


Andre was standing still and had not made any movement. He could feel all her feelings; sadness, depression and tiredness. After a while, Oscar raised her head. He saw calmness in her eyes, then he knew she was getting better. “We better go back home now” she said to him. Both walked to their horses. There was a group of men with swords that attacked them suddenly. But they could not fight against Oscar. Those men lost the battle. Unfortunately, Oscar felt she lose control and needed to vomit at that moment. Her face was pale. Andre was frightened, but he could not run to her immediately. He had been attacked by some of those men. Then one of them threw gun-powder towards her. “Be careful, Oscar!” Andre pushed her away. The strong explosion hit Andre’s body so that he fell and sank into the river. The water became reddish by his blood. That event made shocked Oscar deeply. She shouted his name before she lost consciousness.



“Be careful, Oscar!” Andre had said before his body fell into river. “Andre!” Oscar shouted, and opened her eyes. She found herself lying down on her bed. Then she saw General Jarjeyes, Nanny, Doctor Lassonne and Gerodere standing around her.


JARJEYES: Good! You woke up! How fortunate, Gerodere was riding and found you unconscious!
OSCAR: Andre! Andre fell and sank into the river! Did you find him!?


None of them said anything; they looked at each other’s eyes. Then Nanny started crying. Their action drove Oscar crazy; she forced them to tell her where Andre was. General Jarjayes looked at her, then Gerodere, and nodded his head.

GERODERE: Please stay calm, Commander.
OSCAR: Tell me, Gerodere!  

GERODERE: There are groups of people that really hate nobles. They try to kill all nobles.
OSCAR: Gerodere, I had known it before! 

GERODERE: There were 4-5 men around you when I reached there. The explosion made injured them and some died.


Gerodere stopped and looked at her carefully. Oscar was waiting for his information. He could not imagine how she would act after she heard that. Somehow, sooner or later she must know.

OSCAR: Gerodere! 

GERODERE: I didn’t see Andre, Commander. But you said he fell in the river. If he was injured and sank into the water, I’m afraid… he… he did not survive.

After she heard his words, Oscar felt her breathing had stopped, her head was so numb and her body was paralyzed. She was stunned for long, then tears came out her eyes and ran down her face. Gerodere did not feel good, since Oscar just recovered, that news might make her get worse. He touched her shoulder gently. Then he called her name, which was the first time he called her name. After a while, Doctor Lassonne asked everybody to leave her, she needed to rest. When everybody had gone he came close to her and said in a gently tone: “Lady Oscar, please take care of yourself. You need to rest and nourishment…”


Oscar cried out suddenly, while she was alone. Everything has happened very fast. Andre was not here with her anymore… How could he, due to the hard situation?


Day by day, Oscar was getting better; however she was still keeping herself in her room. Gerodere came to visit her every day. As usual, he came to Jarjayes’ mansion after work. Although she told him that she was fine, he was not necessarily worried about her. He came in her room after he had visited General Jarjeyes.


OSCAR: Gerodere, I’ve told you that you don’t need to come here everyday. 

GERODERE: Am I bothering you?
OSCAR: No, you aren’t. I think you have a lot of things to do, right? I don’t need to take your time that much. 

GERODERE: That’s all right. I can give you all of my time, Oscar.


She was suspicious about him at that moment. Since when had he called her name instead of ‘Commander’?  


GERODERE: Actually, I came to visit your father, General Jarjeyes, for a private request today.
OSCAR: My father? I see.

GERODERE: I told him that I would like to marry his daughter. I would like to marry you, Oscar.
OSCAR: What!? What kind of joke are you talking about!?


Gerodere looked at her. He came close to her and took her hand. “I am serious, Oscar. I am not kidding! I was frightened when I saw you unconscious. I had heartache when I saw you cry on that day. And I realized that I love you!”


She was stunned by his words. She had not even thought about special feelings to him. How did he dare saying that to her? Oscar tried to pull her hand from him, but Gerodere held hers tightly, and he still kept saying: “It isn’t time to propose you yet. I know you are in a really difficult situation. I would love to share all of your pain and suffering…”


Oscar felt something struck in her head. “Gerodere, you have known…” Gerodere gave her a tender smile and nodded his head “Let me be the arms that you can run to.” He kissed her hand and said “With all my heart, I promise you, I will always love you.”   


That was a surprise again. There were many suspicions among all nobles in Versailles. Because they knew that Oscar would have got married with Fersen. Now Gerodere had replaced him. Nevertheless, the wedding between them was arranged immediately. Their wedding was very grand and adornment, that was the best superb ness of the year.



To Be Continued…


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