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The project have two objectives, to build a small and compact freeware amp and a class foundation to reuse for other amps or mm applications.For all requests or informations e-mail at

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Project features

Project Status
Delphi Language
Beta 7 release

Object Oriented
11200 lines of code (Amp + Plugins)

Open Source (GPL)
Updated 18/03/2003


Audio Object Source Binary 0.8.7


NEWS Audio Object Source Code 0.8.7



Audio Object SDK 0.8


Player features

Player Main Skin

  • Pls and M3u Playlist support
  • Drag and drop from shell
  • 10 equalyzation bands
  • 7 visualization types
  • Hi speed decoding (MMX)
  • mp1/mp2/mp3/ogg/wav streams
  • mod/s3m/it/umx/mo3/xm/mtm modules
  • wma/cda with plugins
  • Systray or task bar visualization
  • Skins support
  • File finder
  • Keyboard short cuts
  • 11/22/44/48/96 kHz playable samples
  • ID3 1.x and 2.x tag editor
  • Mouse whell support
  • Internet Streaming
  • Input PlugIns (WMA and CDA and DivX)
  • General Plugins
  • Fade IN/OUT
  • PDF and TEXT Playlist Export format
  • Wave Writer
  • Export playlist in XML, HTML and M3U formats
  • Windows XP Theme Styles Compatible
  • Video Object DivX Streams (Plugin)

Minimum system config
  • OS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP
  • P2 300 with 64MB of Ram
  • DIrectX 8.x
  • Audio Card :-)

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