Government free cars programs

Free cars? How should this work? The principle is very simple: Companies that want to do car advertising leasing a new vehicle, provide it with advertising and make it available as an advertising vehicle for free to drive! Benefits that we would like to see are: the free car is available for 2 years. the vehicle is free and fully comprehensive. Taxes and inspections are taken over. Insurance and advertising costs are covered the car will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge. Cars for free - For whom is this offer suitable? Free cars from government Persons in possession of a valid driving license can register in our online inquiry system. There your data, as well as information about the desired vehicle are stored. Interested companies can then contact you directly and make you an offer for a free new car. If a car is delivered to you, no fees or other payments are due! Driving cars for free - completely free? A variety of companies advertise on cars as this form of advertising has been shown to be of interest and resonance to the end user. However, companies that do not employ fitters or field staff usually have no representative company vehicles. So far, it was common in such cases that private cars were provided with advertising and the driver received a monthly fee. As a private vehicle owner, however, it is very difficult to lucratively rent your own car as an advertising medium for companies, if not almost impossible. But how could it work anyway? We have developed a direct principle and assume the following sequence: Companies that want to do car advertising, lease a new vehicle (can be deducted from the tax), provide it with advertising and then make it available to drive for free. Free Car From Government - The Principle Behind It! You personally would not earn money by advertising on the car - but would have the opportunity to drive a free new car! The advantage for the company in turn would be obvious, because it would thus be possible to carry out free car advertising. The contracting company would have no costs for the leased vehicle, as this could be deducted completely from the tax. It would have to be paid by the companies no wages to the respective driver of the car advertising, because the corresponding "reward" yes, the free use of the vehicle would be!

Free Cars From Governments

Can anyone sign up for the online query system? Anyone who has a valid driver's license and moves the car at least 3 days a week. Do I have any influence on the equipment of the car? Probably not. For cost reasons, the models are probably only available with basic equipment (and all-season tires) . What happens if I have an accident? You should make sure that the car is fully insured. Can I install a better music system? As long as the car is not damaged, probably no problem. Do I have anything to do with the lease? No, for our idea to work, the car should definitely be leased by the appropriate company . Can I buy the vehicle after the lease expires? If desired this will probably be possible. Then ask your responsible contact .. When am I in their online query system? You can easily register online with us. After receiving your data and paying the one-off fee, we will immediately redeem it for the online query system . You can then be contacted immediately for all interested companies . Can I arrange individual details with the companies? For gluing, motif and duration probably not. This is probably laid down in framework contracts and would certainly be disproportionately expensive for the individual case. With good advertising results, we assume that for individual actions, additional stickers and contract extensions, the companies will often have an open ear. Are the films insured (accident, theft, car wash)? In the case of third party debt, the obligation to pay is borne by the perpetrator as usual . In the case of own negligence one should fall back on his liability insurance. Does the vehicle have to be approved for me? No. It would be conceivable that the holder countersigned only in the contract, so that you can drive with the vehicle.