MP Log Traffic Daemon
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  • Welcome to mpltd home page

    mpltd stand for Massimiliano Piccinini Log Traffic Daemon.
    mpltd is a little daemon that sniff all the traffic that pass thrugth a network interface. Every packet is analaysed and accounted to a counter following rules written in a configuration file.
    I use this rules for analyse how the internet bandwidth is used.

    This version of mpltd is rrdtool oriented (see for details). rrdtool is a very beautiful tool to create graphics for monitoring application.
    mpltd compile and run under linux with libpcap, but i think it will run on other type of unix compatible with libpcap.

    mpltd is released in freesource format and i hope it will be useful for monitoring and for learning the use of libpcap.
    If you find some error, make some implementation or have some suggestion, please let me know (see contacts).
    Last update 02/10/2006 11.08