Who is Colapsydo ?

I am Colapsydo and No-G is the website where I share my video games and game development projects.

In 2011, I decided to learn programming on my own with the aim of becoming a professional developer. I choose AS3 since it seemed to be the language that suited me best (script, OOP). Working on personal projects, I acquired a good foundation in PHP/mySQL and data security. I also started to explore Haxe and Javascript.

I like creating innovative game mechanics and game engines which possibly imply a bit of physics or sound. Regarding graphic arts, let's say that I take every new project as a way to learn and improve. However since 2005, I am a music composer better-known as Maetell.

I am currently looking for professional experiences or collaborations to consolidate my knowledge, and work on more consequent projects.

You can contact me via E-mail or Twitter.