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The trams type P

MVG_2019_3013_Johannisplatz_100803_(3).jpg (68718 byte)

Altought today München is a city with a lots of low-floor trams, there are still some old trains with a motor car and a trailer, called by MVG type P. Here one of them (P 3.16 2019 + p 3.17 3013) in Johannisplatz. August 10th 2003.

The trams type P were built in 1966-68 by Rathberger, AEG and BBC. They are four-alxe articulated motor cars (P, numbers from 2003 to 2044) and trailers (p, numbers from 3003 to 3040) with two bodies on two bogies, a scheme used on a great number of cars in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Type P tecnical characteristics
 Type P 3.16 p 3.17
Year 1967-69 1967-69
Original amount 42 38
Present amount few few
Classification 2003-2044 3003-3040
Length 16 700 mm 16 700 mm
Width 2 350 mm 2 350 mm
Height 3 180 mm 3 180 mm
Mass 23 300 kg 16 200 kg
Seat places 40 40
Stand places 111 111
Body builder Rathberger Rathberger
Axles 4 4
Engine amount 4
Total power 320 kW

Trams very similar to the München P are used in Bremen and, until the discontinuing of the tramway system on July 30th 1982, in Bremenhaven. Old Bremen and München trams run in Timisoara (Romania).

Timisoara_2039_PiataTraian_0804.jpg (91450 byte) An ex München P + p train in Timisoara: motor car 2039 with a trailer in Piata Traian in Summer 2003. Photo © Németh Zoltán Ádám, from the page Timisoara.

Today only the suburban route 25 Max-Weber-Platz (Johannisplatz) – Grünwald is operated by these trams, always with the P + p scheme, together with the most modern R 3.3 units.

All these photos were taken on August 10th 2003, when I saw only two trains in service: 2012 + 3012 and 2019 + 3013.

MVG_2019_3013_Johannisplatz_100803_(1).jpg (98597 byte) The train 2019 + 3013 has just arrived in the passing loop in Johannisplatz, the city terminus of route 25. In the background the R 2.2 car 2168 in service on route 15 to Großhesseloher Brücke.
MVG_2019_3013_Johannisplatz_100803_(2).jpg (92395 byte) Another view of the same train in the same place, this time from the rear.
MVG_2019_3013_Franziskanerstrasse_100803.jpg (61834 byte) In Franziskanerstraße there is a beautiful section of the line 15-25 bordered with tall trees, the last extension of the network inaugurated on November 11th 1997. The train 2019 + 3013 is running toward Grünwald.
MVG_2012_3012_Ostfriedhof_100803.jpg (90044 byte) The train 2012 + 3012 running on the quasi-grand union at Ostfriedhof stop, heading to Grünwald. Before of November 11th 1997, route 25 trams came from right, from the reversing loop in Sankt-Martin-Platz.
MVG_2012_3012_Suedtirolerplatz_100803_(1).jpg (78298 byte) The same train has just arrived at Südtirolerplatz stop...
MVG_2012_3012_Suedtirolerplatz_100803_(2).jpg (79044 byte) ... After some second, it resumes the run to Johannisplatz.
MVG_2019_3013_Geiselgasteigstrasse_100803.jpg (108648 byte) The train 2019 + 3013 is running at full speed in Geiselgasteigstraße between Krankenhaus Harlaching and Theodolindenplatz stops.
MVG_2012_3012_Menterschwaige_100803.jpg (78780 byte) The stops in Geiselgasteigstraße have beautiful old wooden shelters, like this at Menterschwaige with the train 2012 + 3012 ready to leave to Grünwald.


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