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Milano Metrotramvia Sud opening

ATM_7010_vialeTibaldi_081203.JPG (64581 byte)

Eurotram 7010 is stopping at traffic light in viale Tibaldi (interchange with trolleybuses 90 and 91) waiting to turn in piazza Bibbiena where once there was the southern terminus of the old route 2 replaced by bus Z, then 65, on November 11th 1957. Now, after 56 years of bus service, this corridor has come back to the trams. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.

All the photos taken on December 8th 2003, first day of service of Metrotramvia Sud.

ATM_7007_piazzaFontana_081203.JPG (60184 byte) The suburban route 15, the service that uses the entire Metrotramvia Sud, ends in Milano in the rebuilt piazza Fontana reversing loop. Eurotram 7007 is turning from via Larga in one of the two tracks of the terminus. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
ATM_4971_viaSanClemente_081203.JPG (68377 byte) The new loop passes in via San Clemente that sees trams for the first time. Jumbo 4971 is preparing to turn in via Larga heading to Rozzano. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
ATM_7007_viaLarga_081203.JPG (65284 byte) Another shot of Eurotram 7007 in via Larga heading to piazza Fontana. On the right, the point of the track coming from via San Clemente. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
ATM_4958_viaGiambologna_081203.JPG (76895 byte) Jumbo 4958 is running in via Giambologna with a route 15 run limited to Gratosoglio. From a theoretical pojnt of view, this run should be indicated as 15/. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
ATM_7004_piazzaBibbiena_081203.JPG (98616 byte) Eurotram 7004 is the first Eurotram with an overall advertising livery, although the sponsored company is ATM itself. The car has just left piazza Bibbiena stop. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.


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