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Milano Metrotramvia Nord opening

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After more than four years of works, finally Niguarda has a tram service: the new Metrotramvia Nord provides a fast link between this important district with Maciachini metro M3 station and the city centre. Sirio 7112 is running on the tram roadway in via Ornato operating one of the first runs of the new route 4 piazza Castello (Cairoli M1) – Parco Nord (Niguarda). Photo © Luca Zambianchi

All the photos taken on December 8th 2003, first day of service of Metrotramvia Nord.

 ATM_7112_piazzaCastello_081203.JPG (85909 byte) The city terminus of the new route 4 is set in piazza Castello on the counterclockwise reversing loop that remained unused for a long time. The clockwise loop is now used by the extended route 7 to largo Mattei. The car in the photo is Sirio 7112. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
 ATM_7110_piazzaCastello_081203.jpg (94119 byte) A dusk view of Sirio 7110 in piazza Castello. The car hat to run to Parco Nord, but it was hit by a breakdown. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_7114_vialeMontello_081203.jpg (96617 byte) In viale Montello route 4 hasn't a segregated right of way. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_7110_viaFarini_081203.JPG (49107 byte) Sirio 7110 running in via Farini on the overpass over Porta Garibaldi railway station. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
 ATM_7114_7109_viaFarini_081203.JPG (65343 byte) From piazza Castello to the crossing of via Farini with via Bassi routes 4 and 7 run on the same way. Then route 4 continues in via Farini to go to Niguarda, while route 7 turns in via Bassi heading to the Metrotramvia Bicocca. In the photo, Sirio 7114 (route 4) meets Sirio 7109 (route 7) both running to Cairoli M1. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
ATM_7116_piazzaleMaciachini_081203.jpg (111886 byte) In piazzale Maciachini there is a reversing loop. Sirio 7116 has just ended a limited run of route 4 from piazza Castello, probably because it was in late, and it is ready to come back in the city centre. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_4726_OspedaleMaggiore_081203.JPG (84431 byte) From Ospedale Maggiore to Parco Nord also route 5 uses the new light rail. In the image the six-axle 4726 in service on route 5 is coming off the Metrotramvia Nord turning in viale Ca' Granda where until December 7th there was the old terminus of the old tramway 4. Photo © Alessio Pedretti.
 ATM_7112_viaOranto_081203_1.jpg (95295 byte) Sirio 7112 is running on route 4 to Parco Nord in via Ornato where the old interurban tramway to Desio had an intelaced track section. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_4719_viaOrnato_081203.jpg (92335 byte) Another view of via Ornato, the centre of Niguarda district, with the six-axle 4719 running to Parco Nord on route 5. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_4731_ParcoNord_081203.jpg (86549 byte) Six-axle 4731 has just leaved Parco Nord terminus and take service on route 5 to via Milesi (Ortica). Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_4728_4727_ParcoNord_081203.jpg (89957 byte) Two six-axle, both on route 5, resting at Parco Nord reversing loop: from left car 4728 and 4727. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.
 ATM_7110_ParcoNord_081203.jpg (81156 byte) Sirio 7110 has just started its trip on route 4 from Parco Nord to piazza Castello turning on the reversing loop. Photo © Luca Zambianchi.


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