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Trolleybus photo album

IVB_805_Technik_West_010702.jpg (69524 byte)

Trolleybus 805 still with the old colours pausing at Technik West, one of the three western termini of route O. July 1st 2002.

IVB_815_Marktplatz_010702.jpg (80555 byte) Although the trolleybus system is going to be closed, all the cars are been repainted in the new red/white livery, like 815, here taken in Marktplatz in service on route O to Technik West. July 1st 2002.
IVB_818_Marktplatz_010702.jpg (88995 byte) Trolleybus 818 in the same location, time and route of the previous photo, but on the opposite direction to Olympisches Dorf.
IVB_811_Marktgraben_010702.jpg (75906 byte) Car 811, route O to Olympishes Dorf, is running through the crossing of the Graben with Maria-Theresien-Straße. The track that passes under the trolleybus was at that time just built (the overhead wasn't laid, yet) to permit the diversion of tramways 3, 6 and STB during the interruption of the Stadtschleife. July 1st 2002.
IVB_818_Museumstrasse_010702.jpg (79601 byte) Trolleybus 818 running through the busy crossing of Museumstraße with Meinhardstraße, route O to Technik West. Route R crosses this point from left to right and viceversa. July 1st 2002.
IVB_804_Bienerstrasse_010702.jpg (81965 byte) Car 804 with an R service to Rehgasse (the route table "Reichenau" is wrong) is approaching to cross the tram track of route 1 at Bundesbahndirection stop. July 1st 2002.
IVB_804_8xx_Hbf_020702.jpg (93236 byte) Two trolleybuses from the first series with the two liveries: at left, car 804 heading to Rehgasse on route R; in the background, an undefined car on the same route to Reichenau. July 2nd 2002.
IVB_8xx_Triumphpforte_010702.jpg (92080 byte) Route R to Reichenau passes under the beautiful Triumpfphorte, July 1st 2002. This passage was used also by tramway 3 until December 31st 1964.


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