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Tramway STB photo album

IVB_82''_Hbf_010702.jpg (87298 byte)

Just some image of the urban section of the Stubaitalbahn. All the cars in service are Hagener GT8 series 81-88, like car 82 ready to leave to Fulpmes from Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof. July 1st 2002.

IVB_82''_Maria-Theresien-Strasse_010702.jpg (84204 byte) After running on the souther part of the Stadtschleife, the same car turns left in Anichstraße. July 1st 2002. Since July 21st 2002 route STB comes from right and turns back the photographer to reach the provisorily terminus in Maria-Theresien-Straße.
IVB_85_Buergerstrasse_150803.jpg (82972 byte) Also the Hagener GT8 are under repainting in the new white livery, but lukily none of them carries overall advertising. Car 85 in Bürgerstraße, heading to Maria-Theresien-Straße. August 15th 2003.
IVB_86_Pastorstrasse_160803.jpg (62357 byte) Car 86 has just left the Konzertbrücke and it is running in Pastorstraße preparing to stop at Stubaitalbahnhof, the last stop in Innsbruck on its way to Fulpmes. August 16th 2003.
IVB_88_Stubaitalbahnhof_010702.jpg (90521 byte) A curiosity of route STB is the crossing of the depot at the junction of the urban and the interurban sections. Here car 88 has just leaved the depot and prepares to cross the tracks of routes 1 and 6. Behind it, the old Stubaitalbahnhof, now home of the Lokalbahnmuseum, terminus of the line until 1983. On the right of the photo the trolleybus house. On the Bergisel's crest, the famous Bergisel Stadion. July 1st 2002.


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