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Tramway 3 photo album

IVB_33''_Burggraben_160803.jpg (83913 byte)

Because the closure of the track in Südtirolerplatz, since July 21st 2002 the trams coming from Amras are diverted via Museumstraße – Burggraben, here with Bielefelder GT6 33 still in the old red/cream livery, (August 16th 2003)...

IVB_4x''_Anichstrasse_150803.jpg (92351 byte) ... to continue in Marktplatz – Bürgerstraße, where a Bielefelder GT6 is turning in Anichstraße, (August 15th 2003)...
IVB_75_Maria-Theresien-Strasse_150803.jpg (90924 byte) ... to reach the terminus in Maria-Theresien-Straße, in this photo with Lohner GT6 75 (August 15th 2003)...
IVB_75_Burggraben_150803.jpg (80869 byte) ... that after a minute or so starts its way back to Amras. August 15th 2003.
IVB_42''_Hbf_020702.jpg (88339 byte) An image of the today closed terminus of route 3 at Hauptbahnhof, with Bielefelder GT6 42 running a driving school service on July 2nd 2002 (at that day route 3 was replaced by buses).


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